Bold New Look, Same Great Challenge


Announcing October Unprocessed 2014!

I finally did it!!  Late last night, I ditched my circa-2009 WordPress theme and the logo that I had slapped together during another late night session, and replaced them both with a snazzier, cleaner new version of…everything!  I hope you like the new logo and the airy new layout.  It should be simpler, faster, and work better on more devices (hello, dear mobile readers, I love you too!).

I’ve still got a few tweaks to make here and there, but it’s finally on its feet and I’m super-duper excited.

Also exciting, I’ve dropped Feedburner (what’s that, circa-2005?), and replaced it with Mad Mimi for sending out new post notifications.  I’ve copied over the email list, so hopefully everything goes smoothly with that, too.*

And now, an even more important announcement (drumroll please)…

October Unprocessed is back, now in its fifth year!  

As you probably know, each year I lead October Unprocessed, challenging people to eat no processed food for the entire month.**

I took the first challenge with my friends Dana and Lindsey, back in 2009 before I started blogging. Since then, I’ve led the challenge here, while sharing guest posts from other bloggers, authors, and experts on a range of “unprocessed” topics throughout the month. It’s been a life-changing experience for me and for so many people who have decided to take the leap and participate.

I’ve set up a separate page for the challenge, which includes how I define “unprocessed” and the pledge itself. If you haven’t done so already, please jump over to that page, find out what it’s all about, and take the pledge!


* If you run into any issues with the new site design or emails or whatever, please let me know. Thanks!

** I encourage everyone to participate at a level that’s comfortable for them, so if a month is too much of a commitment, that’s okay. Read more on the main page.




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Oakley @ Frieda's

YAY!!!!! Congrats on the new look!

(Mad Mimi, eh? We’ll have to look into that here too.)

The new look is great and we’re excited about the 2014 challenge. I participated (therefore my husband participated unknowingly) for the first time last year. I thought we ate pretty healthy and it would be an easy challenge. I quickly realized it was not. I learned so much in that month! We were eating fairly healthy but it could be so much better. Change doesn’t come easily or quickly but realizing there needs to be a change is the first step. I accepted the October 2013 challenge and not realizing at the time……began a new life. Life after October 2013 began the discovery of fermenting, pickling, raw milks, cheese making, what organic really means, what factory farms are and that I am the only one that can control where my food comes from. I vote with my dollars, buy local, support farmer’s markets, eat what’s in season, can, freeze, dehydrate… Read more »
Melody Canterberry

Yay, looks very nice!


I’m loving the new look, Andrew :). I’m so excited to take part in this year’s October Unprocessed challenge. It’s my fourth year doing this. I hope more people will participate this year :).


Nice article in Eating Well–congrats!

Nancy B

Got the email for the blog post… your copy and paste of the old list to the new toy… I mean service… worked 🙂

Greg Henry

It’s all fab. Congrats. I’m making the mobile transition too. I hope mine goes as smoothly as yours (I checked yours is fast). Start resting up. It’s bound to be a wild October. GREG


I signed up for the challenge over a week ago, but today was the first email I’ve received. No coupons or anything for signing up. However, I am excited for the challenge–I’ve got to figure out what works for me and how to fit it into my boyfriends life (we live together).

Staci W

Hello! I don’t remember how I initially found your site and info (possibly “One Hundred Dollars a Month”), and while I’m intrigued and terrified about it, I signed up for the challenge. 🙂 I love KitchenAid, too and I think the first thing I’d make in a new mixer, if were lucky enough to win one, would be bread dough. Thanks for the chance and the challenge.