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What's Your Absolute Worst Regular Meal? If October Unprocessed's leap seems too far, why not commit to taking just one tiny unprocessed step a month?

What’s Your Absolute Worst Regular Meal?

I know Andrew wants us to go wholly October Unprocessed, but I’m guessing that even for many regular readers that’s a loftier goal than we’re ready, willing, or able to meet. Well I’d like to take my guest posting opportunity and offer you an easily doable, no-excuses way out.

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Stevia Plants

Stevia, Truvia, and PureVia

Stevia is a perennial shrub with sweet-tasting leaves that has been consumed by native populations in Paraguay for centuries. In that sense, true Stevia has a lot in common with honey or maple syrup – it is a minimally processed sweetener.

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