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Halloween Unprocessed: Date Cocoa-Nut Candy

Amber Stott haunts the streets of Sacramento, California, and bedevils her readers by Living’ La Vida Locavore and blogging about it at Awake at the Whisk, which celebrates conscious eating that’s good for the planet and good for you, too! Today she shares her Halloween memories,along with a devilishly-good recipe for Data Cocoa-Nut Candy (unprocessed, of course)!

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Dairy Free Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Pudding

Three Healthy Dessert Recipes

Alexandra Jamieson’s passion is helping professional women enhance their ability to excel and achieve, using healthy food as a catalyst. Today she shares three easy, healthy, delicious, and unprocessed desserts that you’re sure to love.

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Baked Apples Thumbnail

Baked Apples

I met Lillian Medville a couple of weeks ago at a food blogger’s conference, and when I learned about her myriad food allergies — and her desire to help others learn how to cook for themselves — I immediately invited her to share her story and one of her videos.

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Whole Grain Oatmeal Maple Spice Cookies

Oatmeal Maple Spice Cookies

Kristin Smith is the owner of SweetChip, a custom-crafted cookie company based in Lawrence, Kansas. She offered to send me a complimentary batch of her 100% Whole Grain, Unprocessed Oatmeal Maple Spice Cookies. I happily accepted, once we confirmed that they passed the Kitchen Test.

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Teiglach Crumble

100% Whole Wheat Teiglach

Teiglach is a traditional Yiddish treat, usually made by deep-frying small balls of dough and then cooking them in a honey and nut mixture. They are then allowed to cool, making for a sticky, gooey mess of a dessert.

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