Halfway Through the Challenge

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Today marks our halfway point!  Incredibly, nearly more than 6,000 people have taken the pledge! If you found out about the challenge after October 1st, it’s not too late. (It’s never too late.) Please sign the pledge, and join us for the rest of the month (or for 30 days starting today).

I’d like to give a huge thanks to all the guest authors so far, and to the ones still to come. Please be sure to visit their websites, show your appreciation in the comments, and befriend them on Facebook and Twitter.

Before I ask you how you’re all doing, I have a few housekeeping details to cover. So here we go:

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Checking In

Okay, so how’s everyone doing? Is the challenge easier or harder than you expected? What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned so far? Anything else you want to talk about? Questions or concerns?

Leave a comment, and let’s support each other.  Ready… go!


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I’m loving the challenge and I’ve found so many times that I’m going for items and then having to think more about my choices. I do give myself a day “off” and I’ve ventured outside my comfort zone with condiment options and created some new recipes. I really love the concept and will attempt to continue it in my everyday eating after the 31st.

Julie Moore

Well, it seems like every time you make a commitment to something, all the sudden there are challenges that weren’t there before! I’ve found that it’s been a little harder in some ways, but I’m still not regretting a moment of my decision. 🙂 I’ve had my “breaking the rules” days…and those end up horribly health-wise and make my Fibro go nuts! The days I do great, I feel great. That in and of itself is reason to keep on keeping on, and to keep trying to do better the next day if I mess up. Thanks again for the challenge! It’s my extra motive to stay honest in my eating. 🙂


I have had a complete lifestyle change over the last 5 years. I’ve naturally dropped 182 pounds by eating whole foods and exercising, so this pledge made sense to me. I don’t think it’s been that hard, but it has me looking at labels more, and I was surprised to find things like high fructose corn syrup in my whole wheat bread, and there were things in my hummus that i didn’t recognize… so it’s been eye opening.


Still here 🙂 Been challenging but loving every moment. forcing me to get out of my rut and cooking every aspect of what goes in my tummy again. Plus I have more energy to start canning and running around the house.


For the most part I am doing great and allowing myself an off day. The days I have as off days my body doesn’t feel as well. It is frightening how much the preservatives make you feel awful. I would like to continue eating this way after the challenge is over. I feel so much better.


I had an incredibly stressful weekend and when I hit Barnes and Noble I could hear the voice in my head that said I deserved a cookie. But I have given up sugar in all forms, not just refined, so I really struggled and finally walked out of the store without that cookie. It was hard, very, very hard. I had to remind myself that cookies don’t solve stressful situations.


This isn’t nearly as hard as I thought. I’ve always agreed with the idea, just needed encouragement to make it happen. I’m not totally unprocessed yet but I am making better choices such as whole wheat pasta over regular. Changing the way my kids eat comes next.

I passed cinnamon rolls in the grocery store this weekend and the craving never kicked in. Now they look like chemicals to me instead of pastries. That’s a win.


I stumbled acorss the Challenge by chance and I could not be more happy that I did. I adopted a mostly ‘clean’ eating lifestyle nearly a year ago, but the Challenge has helped me refocus in areas where I have slipped a little. The daily emails have been very informative and eye opening! In 15 days, I’ve learned I have a lot more to learn about healthy eating!


Thanks for checking on us, Andrew! I’ve done pretty well with this challenge. It’s made me think ahead about food and get organized! I’ve made my own hummus and almond milk, and tried the Casamiento Wraps and Healthy Protein Pancakes. I’m going to try baking my own bread next! I also haven’t done perfectly, but I feel good about the changes I’ve made. Some days have been HARD! (I watched my co-workers eat lasagna, garlic bread and chocolate cake at a staff meeting while I ate my salad.) But, thanks to the support and encouragement here, I’ve made the right choice 99% of the time, even turning down warm chocolate chip cookies! Thank you for your hard work giving us tools to succeed!!


I’ve found it very difficult to make the changes, not because of me, but my family is just not into it. Plus we live in a very small town with a tiny grocery. Not much in the way of whole foods there. But I am not going to quit. Instead I am saving recipes, and will just have to use a bit of craftiness to make our meals healthier without the family even realizing it. Thank you for the motivation, and all the wonderful articles that make me more aware of what we eat and where it comes from!


Hi Alice, I have the same problems. My husband and friends think I’m crazy and even make fun of me when I talk about it and we live in a small southern Tenn. town where it is hard to find things also.


A lot of the the processed foods I was eating were carb and wheat-based. But not of the healthiest variety! By cutting those out, I’ve found that I don’t crave carbs in general nearly as much, and fill myself with raw veggies instead! I rely on oats (steel cut slow cooker oats FTW!) and 100% whole wheat (and usually homemade) bread, on occasion. I feel so much better now 🙂

Diane Jones

This challenge has made me more aware of the choices I make, even when I’ve decided to eat that small bag of naked popcorn in the theatre. I knew what I was doing and ate it anyway. The last two weeks have not been as difficult as I imagined they would be.

Jonie Spetter

Over the last year, we have gradually changed our pantry to unprocessed foods, but tended to eat out a lot because it was easier than figuring out what to eat at home. This challenge has definitely helped me focus and plan meals. We even had a college football tailgate on Saturday and 80% of the food was unprocessed. I found I didn’t crave the sweets like I usually do. I’m thinking Unprocessed October will turn into Unprocessed Life!


I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I have found it easier than I thought it would be for my self.

But, I took the challenge to improve my families eating habits (being a good example is not as motovating as I had hoped)One of my sons read “Fast Food Nation”, another saw “Supersize Me” , I do believe neither one will ever eat at Mc Donalds ever again. I loved employing my childrens help in the market and in the kitchen, but having 3 birthdays this month didnt help and we havent even thought about Halloween yet. We will continue to eat unprocessed and incorperate healthy eating more and more. Thank you for the great ideas and motovation.


Um, just because you finally find a bag of tortilla chips that meets the definition of “unprocessed”, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to immediately eat the whole bag in one sitting!