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Food Trucks

Outdoor Cinema Food Fest

The food trucks are all lined up, and we’ll be chowing down while watching The Princess Bride in the park tonight. There’s a salad truck way down there… But this sure seems cheat-meal worthy to me. Going to try Dosa and Komodo instead. Yay!

Eating Well on a Road Trip

I left town yesterday for a week of road tripping and camping with friends. It’s definitely a challenge to eat healthy while in the car for five or six hours a day. We picked up baby carrots, low-fat string cheese, and a few other healthy snacks, but the yogurt-covered pretzels were impossible to resist. And the Mucho Sabor “Delicious Appetizer Mix” (spotted at a Chevron outside of Bakersfield)? I can skip that one — no problem.

Artificial Food Dyes

CSPI takes on food dyes

This morning CSPI released a report entitled Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks, and they’re pushing the FDA to ban all artificial coloring in foods. They assert that many dyes pose risks of cancer, hyperactivity in children, and allergies, and that many contain known carcinogens. Continue Reading CSPI takes on food dyes