Get The Official Guide to October Unprocessed

Get the October Unprocessed Official Guide

I get lots of questions about specific foods, ways to prepare them, how to make the most of the challenge, and more. To help answer many of those questions, I worked with my friends and health coaches Stacy Spensley and Suzanne Elizondo, MS, RD, to create The Official Guide to October Unprocessed.

It’s a free PDF download that answers many of the most common questions about the challenge. But more than that, it’s got lots of great information on how to help you get the most from the challenge, ways to avoid common “speed bumps,” advice for specific dietary restrictions,  and tons of other unprocessed goodness.

So download the free guide [900kb PDF], grab a mug of your favorite unprocessed beverage, and dig in!

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Lori B.

I have done this before and the hardest for us was no deli meat. Problem solved by grilling, poaching or baking chicken and putting the meat into a food processor. Pulse that meat and then mix with mayo (homemade) or not, and add to wrap or regular bread. Easy for the little ones to eat and ultra cheap for you! You can freeze part too. Want different flavors? Marinate! You can also do this with beef! I know…. amazing!

Christine Kelly

The free guide is AMAZING!!!!!


After going thru cancer treatments & surgeries I’ve been trying to adjust my diet but with an ostomy its a daily challenge. I’m doing 95% dairy free & about 50% gluten free so this is the next step on my journey. I’m looking forward to learning all I can from Andrew & others doing this challenge!!


Terrific idea – kudos to you and Stacy!


Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to show some coworkers that they can read on their own!


Sorry, this may have been covered already, but where does Stevia fall in all of this?


Ever since signing up for the challenge, I have been thinking about what foods to eat and it is not always that clear cut. This guide will be really useful. Thanks!


I wish I had found this list a year ago! My husband has been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease of the bladder. We have been on a journey to eat healthier this year. We learn a little more each day and are amazed at how resilient our bodies with all the garbage we have fed them for years. Great work! We are looking forward to the October challenge.