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Books On My Nightstand

What I’m Reading Now

Okay, so the title of this post is a little misleading. Perhaps it should be “Let me share with you the big pile of books on my bedside table right now.”

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Book Review: Deliciously Organic

As a self-proclaimed healthy foodie, I believe we can — and should — look for both “health food” and “delicious food,” and then focus on the intersection of the two. With her new book, I believe Carrie’s done just that.

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KitchenAid Past Cutter

Gifts for Healthy Foodies

Although holiday gift guides are just about everywhere on the internet, most of them seem to have the same tired suggestions. With the Christmas deadline just one week away, I wanted to offer up a few gift ideas specifically for the healthy foodies in your life. I hope at least a few of these are a bit more creative and unique than you’ve seen before!

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