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Is this food high in Sodium?

Most recommendations are that you eat less than 2,400mg of sodium per day (that’s about one level teaspoon of table salt), so if you eat about as many milligrams as you eat in calories each day, you’re doing pretty well.

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Decide Once

Decide once

Last week I wrote about changing the way you eat by deciding upon just a few critical rules, and then followed it up with the idea of a cheat meal. I want to expand on these concepts just a little bit more today.

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Whole Grain Stamp

How to choose 100% whole grains

Manufacturers use lots of verbal sleight-of-hand to try to get you to think their food is healthier than their competitor’s. That’s nothing new, and they’re incredibly good at it. So arm yourself with this information next time you’re reading through the ingredients list at the store:

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