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Mighty Nest October Unprocessed Giveaway Items

A Mighty Nest D.I.Y. giveaway to help you Go Unprocessed

When Annie at Mighty Nest asked me how they could support us again this year, it was clear that many of their products would be tremendously helpful for people taking the challenge (and beyond, of course). We decided to do a giveaway with a do-it-yourself theme. Why D.I.Y., you ask? So many foods are not only healthier when you make them at home, but also tastier and infinitely more satisfying. Also, it’s fun!

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MightyNest October Unprocessed Giveaway Items

Five Materials for a Healthy Kitchen

Once you’ve made the commitment to detoxing your diet, you might be wondering how to make your kitchen a healthier place to prepare, serve, and store real food. Now—as you prepare for the challenge of a month without processed foods—is the perfect time to think about finding safe, durable kitchenware to prepare homemade meals for your family and friends.

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