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Turning vegetable scraps into stock

Making Vegetable Stock From Scraps

A few months back, I was called out for using a prepared vegetable bouillon in a recipe, rather than making stock from scratch. Reader David wisely pointed out that “Homemade is easy, flavourful, healthy, and sustainable.”

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Prepping Pasta-Less Lasagna

No Pasta Winter Lasagna

I love experimenting with traditional recipes and finding wholesome substitutes for the regular pasta or bread. I really like making lasagna, because you can make a large amount at once so we will have food for several nights, and I substitute the lasagna noodles for slices of potatoes.

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Good Food Served Here

Guest Post: A Real Food Journey

Today I’m pleased to share a guest post by Renae Porter, one of our official January Rulers! She offers some thoughts on her own eating rules, my January Rules, and how to put it all together.

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French menu board

The French Paradox

The food in France is incredibly rich across the board, but everywhere I look people are fit and trim — at least compared to the U.S. I’m not the first to take notice, of course, as it actually has a name: The French Paradox.

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