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Decide Once

Decide once

Last week I wrote about changing the way you eat by deciding upon just a few critical rules, and then followed it up with the idea of a cheat meal. I want to expand on these concepts just a little bit more today. Continue Reading Decide once

When life hands you lemons, make Diet Coke

Yesterday morning, I shared a meal with my friend Jesse, whose day job is at an Italian restaurant in downtown Culver City, California.  We were chatting about healthy eating and some of his experiences with his customers.  He told me that he often encounters patrons who ask, “Is your lemonade fresh-squeezed?” When he informs them it’s not, they say something like, “Oh. I’ll just have a Diet Coke then.” How the heck do they make that leap?  What an amazing disconnect.… Continue Reading When life hands you lemons, make Diet Coke

Advertising spend sums it all up

The food industry* spends more than $33 Billion — with a B — each year on advertising and promotion.  In contrast, the National Cancer Institute spends $1 million a year to promote fruits & veggies. Surely, the NCI isn’t the only one on our side, but still… this imbalance paints a clear picture of what we’re up against. Source: Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, p.438. Image found in a rather roundabout way from this MySpace page.  I think it comes from… Continue Reading Advertising spend sums it all up