The October Unprocessed Participants

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First NameLast NameLocation (City/State)Comment
Sheridan Colbourn Danville/ CA
Jay King Florida
Michele Pitts Spring Valley
rachel campbell acworth, ga
Mayra Garcia Chula vista/CA
Karen Forbes Ontario, Canada
Letta Laux Twin Falls, Idaho
Natasha Udy Washington
Allison DelGallo Pa
Jaymie C Los Angeles, CA
Laura Bergstrom Annapolis, MD
leslie french san francisco ca
Ann Kiff Cornwall Love this! As a Typec1 diabetic who tries to educate diabetics how great your own home cooked meal can taste with good ingredients .. you've hit it spot on with this yearly pledge. Let's hope many continue all year round!!
Amy Ali eastvale haha, you have a Hersey Kiss add at the bottom of the page for an add. love the challenge
Jill Jones Canada Ontario don't forget Canada
shanah backman newport RI
Renee Simmons Hillsboro, OR
DaY Roberson Buffalo, Wyoming
Alicia Daniels Washington WV
Samantha Martin Mount Sterling, Kentucky Thank you !!
Chris Rider Slidell, LA Getting a late start but am looking forward to the challenge. Love to cook with Whole Foods.
Cindy Gould Worcester MA I know that I won’t be able to do this 100% for the next month, but I will aim for 2/3 of my meals & snacks to be unprocessed. For me, that’s a huge change!
Kim Myers Columbia, SC
Ashley Russell Chicago, IL 4th year participant, ready to roll!
Vicente Mackellar Great Britain, Sundon Park Super share it is really. My friend has been awaiting for this information.
Jenna Giosi San Francisco, CA
Jake Bray IN
Joanne LaBarge Martinez, CA I want your blog in my mailbox everyday but didn't see anywhere to do that on the pages of your blog.
Marilyn Meagher Dundas,ontario
Cami Valenzuela Thermal
Deb MacDonald Beverly Hills, MI
Sandy Sherman Lake George NY
Laura Causey Edgewater md Well I'm getting a late start but just found out that I have stage III kidney disease so I have to start doing something this is a good start
martha welch Yorktown, Va Fun!
Jennifer Keating Shippensburg/PA
Melissa Fascione Manchester,NH
Toni Granacher Bella Vista, AR Unprocessed is exciting to me
Jenni B L.A.
Jen Vanvurst Vashon WA
Sandra Lea Massachusetts Love this!
Judy Persson Vancouer, B.C., Canada I cook 'clean', or so I think....this will be eye opening
Lauren Burke Grants Pass OR
Wendy Crowley Lakehurst, ON
Michelle Abell Beverly, MA Thank you!
Andrea Morrow London, Ontario
debra angell syracuse,ny i try to eat as much fresh as possible
shelli hunter london, ON
Jen Stanley Round Lake, IL Please teach me!
Dawn Castiglione Williamstown/NJ
Stephanie Grant Dover, AR

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