PepsiCo Rules… April Fools!


Gotchya!  Nothing in my post from April 1, 2012 was true, except I did hear Indra Nooyi speak last summer.  (Well, that and the fact that most Americans don’t actually eat enough fiber).

No, I don’t think breakfast cookies are a good idea.  No, I don’t think Trop50 is a good idea (umm, just add some tap water to your O.J., okay?).  And no, they’re probably not going to be making Chia Cheetos anytime soon.

Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone!

(And to the PepsiCo lawyers: If you’re reading this, please don’t sue me.)

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Liz from England

You got me!


You got me.

I thought, oh boy, now Andrew’s going to endorse eating cookies.

Happy April Fools to you, too…



You got me, I didn’t think this was you with Pepsi, so I let it go, then I decided, what the heck, let me take a look. Good job!!!


You got me, I saw it this morning and thought is this true? I let it go and it just got me again. So I thought I would try it.
Good job!!!

Julia @ juliecache

what a relief to hear.


You got me too. I just couldn’t decide if you’d lost all your marbles or some alien had come down and body swapped you. Glad to see your still the same healthy Andrew we all know and love.

Laura @MOMables

wow. great job! i totally thought you sold out! although i found it fishy when you said… with ingredients that are “generally recognized as safe”.. hmmm 🙂

Cassidy Stockton

So I just got around to reading this and I had definitely saved it in my “to read” pile because the initial line made me feel sad and worried about you! What is this world coming to if Andrew has to partner with PepsiCo? Tsk Tsk. Congrats, my friend, you’re the only one who got me with an April Fool’s joke this year. Although, I did catch it out around the part about a breakfast cookie. That’s so unlike you.