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Oscar Mayer Beef Bologna

Unprocessed FAQ: Meat & Eggs

Our supermarkets, with their sterile, plastic-wrapped packages of pre-butchered meat, do an effective job of shielding us from the reality of where our food comes from. That means that the meat you’re eating may not be as unprocessed as you think it is (vegetarians, that goes for you too!). Hopefully, this post will help you walk into the grocery store with eyes wide open so you can better decide what’s right for you. Continue Reading Unprocessed FAQ: Meat & Eggs

Easy Egg Drop Soup - A fast weeknight comfort-food meal

Easy Egg Drop Soup

This easy Egg Drop Soup has become one of my favorite weeknight dinner recipes… and what better time of year to share this recipe? Not only is it in keeping with the time-honored Jewish tradition of Chinese Food On Christmas, but it’s also a wonderful, warming comfort food on any chilly winter night. Continue Reading Easy Egg Drop Soup

Kuku Kadoo

Kuku Kadoo

I’d like to challenge all October Unprocessed pledgers to use this time to break old food habits and to freely discover new ones. Let this month be the catalyst that brings you your new perfect meal or a cleaner, healthier way to prepare an old favorite. To help you on your journey and to introduce Persian cooking, I’ve got here for you an exquisite (and super-simple!) recipe for Kuku Kadoo, an Iranian-style frittata with zucchini. Continue Reading Kuku Kadoo