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Homemade Butter

How to Make Butter

Jen Hoffmeister is a 30-something foodie who thinks both food and life should be sweet and spicy. She shares recipes on her blog, Piccante Dolce — I’m a big fan of her Meatless Mondays recipes, in particular. Today she shares her technique for making butter at home, which, as it turns out, is surprisingly simple. If you just discovered October: Unprocessed, go here to find out more and take the pledge. Don’t worry if you missed the start date! You… Continue Reading How to Make Butter

Eat Fat

How much fat should I eat?

The Dietary Guidelines on fat are not at all user-friendly, since they require you to know how many total calories you should be eating, and to know how much fat you’re eating, and to know how many calories are in that fat, and to calculate those calories as a percentage of your overall calories. Continue Reading How much fat should I eat?