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The Eating Rules.

Homemade Granola

Dad’s Homemade Granola

My dad’s been making his own granola for quite a few years, and I think by now he’s perfected the recipe. At least, he’s got it exactly the way he wants it.

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January Rules Wrap-Up

Realizing I needed to kick my game back into high gear, I suggested the January Rules plan: Go back to the three rules, follow them strictly, and truly enjoy my weekly “cheat meal.” By inviting others to participate, it helped keep me on target — if I’m leading the charge, I’ve got to be doing it, too!

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Good Food Served Here

Guest Post: A Real Food Journey

Today I’m pleased to share a guest post by Renae Porter, one of our official January Rulers! She offers some thoughts on her own eating rules, my January Rules, and how to put it all together.

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