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Bitter Dandelion Greens with Lemon and Olive Oil

Radiki, or Why I Brake for Bitter Greens

To the average American, dandelions are simply weeds, but to my mother they were a nutritious meal. Bitter greens are consumed regularly in Greek households — they’re a staple. “Radiki,” as we call them in Greek, are mostly a combination of mustard greens, herbs, and dandelions.

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Yogurt Margherita for Redwood Hill Farm

Yogurt Margherita

Redwood Hill Farm recently invited me to join a few fellow bloggers in creating our own yogurt flavors. Instead of the typical fruit-on-the-bottom (yawn), we were encouraged to think “outside the cup” and come up with fun new twists on yogurt mix-ins. I decided to go savory.

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Cooking Oils Compared

The Cooking Oil Comparison Chart

Some oils are very healthy, others not so much — and for different reasons. How do you know what’s really important when choosing a cooking oil? And how do you keep track of them all? Why, with this Cooking Oil Comparison Chart, of course!

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