Making Vegetable Stock From Scraps

Turning vegetable scraps into stock

A few months back I was called out for using a prepared vegetable bouillon in a recipe, rather than making stock from scratch. Reader David wisely pointed out that “Homemade is easy, flavourful, healthy, and sustainable.”

So I started looking for an easy way to make an unprocessed vegetable stock to use in our cooking, and I learned that vegetable scraps make terrific stock.

When Kimberly from Poor Girl Eats Well recently asked if I’d write a guest post, I immediately thought this stock would be a great one to share with her readers.  It’s effectively free, since you’d presumably be throwing those scraps in the trash or compost bin otherwise.

So head on over to Poor Girl Eats Well and check out my guest post: How to Make Vegetable Stock from Scraps.

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