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Nutrition Scale Weighing Apples

Nutrition Scale Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I found the Perfect Portions Nutrition Scale for sale over at ThinkGeek.com. I immediately contacted them because I thought this could be a great tool for healthy eating, and I wanted to share it with my readers. They agreed, and the very next day a free sample was on its way.

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Salt Shaker

What’s the big deal about sodium?

If you’ve been following my restaurant menu reviews recently, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been harping on the extreme amount of sodium in many of the foods. That’s led a few people to ask me, “What’s the big deal?”

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Eat Fat

How much fat should I eat?

The Dietary Guidelines on fat are not at all user-friendly, since they require you to know how many total calories you should be eating, and to know how much fat you’re eating, and to know how many calories are in that fat, and to calculate those calories as a percentage of your overall calories.

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