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Sad, Plain Spaghetti

Twenty ways to get out of a food rut

With the busy-ness of the past couple of months, I’ve been finding myself in more and more of a food rut. I’ve been eating reasonably healthfully in general, but I feel like I’m eating the same foods over and over again. I need to get excitement and variety back into my meals!

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Farmers Market Loot

Farmers’ Market Confidential

I have something embarrassing to admit. Although I’m a huge fan of farmers’ markets — and have promoted them quite a bit on this here blog — until today I had never actually been to my local farmers’ market.

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Roasted Beet Salad with Avocado and Orange

Let’s Get Creative

Diane Eblin encourages people to eat real food by shopping for “ingredients, not food.” Today she offers some ideas to help if you’re making changes in your diet, whether by choice or necessity.

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