Is this food high in Sodium?


Most recommendations are that you eat less than 2,400mg of sodium per day (that’s about one level teaspoon of table salt), so if you eat about as many milligrams as you eat in calories each day, you’re doing pretty well.

So here’s a quick trick when reading nutrition labels:

If a food has more milligrams of sodium than it does calories, avoid it.

For example, if you read the label and it has 250 calories and 350 mg of sodium per serving, it’s high in sodium.  100 calories but only 80mg of sodium?  Good to go.

This is just a shortcut, of course.  Obviously you can make exceptions; in fact, you’ll have to… most foods with labels, if they have any sodium at all, have too much of it.  Some foods will have significantly less sodium-per-calorie, and some will have more.

Finally, the disclaimer:  Adjust your sodium intake as you and your doctor deem necessary.

“Table Salt“ © 2005 parl, used under creative commons license.

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