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The Power of One Small Change - on eatingrules.com

The Power of One Small Change

We actually have the power to create a shift in our thinking toward better general health just by making small changes in our daily decisions – simple things like choosing to cook at home more, adding more fruits and veggies to the grocery list, swapping out one processed food for an unprocessed alternative. Continue Reading The Power of One Small Change


(Un)Processing It All

We made it!! I’d like to thank everyone who participated. I’m thrilled, humbled, and incredibly grateful at the outpouring of interest and support this little experiment has generated. By the end of the month, 415 people had signed the pledge and we shared 41 fantastic guest posts! Continue Reading (Un)Processing It All

Expanding Choice

Expanding Choice

Today’s post comes from Lisa Lucas Talbot. Lisa is the coleader of Slow Food Los Angeles and Slow Food USA’s governor for its southern California region. Slow Food promotes the production and consumption of good, clean, and fair food and works toward a world in which good food will be a right, not a privilege. Continue Reading Expanding Choice