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Why Organic Matters

Why Organic Food Matters, Beyond Our Plates

When it comes to organic foods, we often tend to hear most about the benefits they may provide to our personal health. But it is important to understand other reasons why it is important to support organic agriculture – reasons that go beyond our plates.

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Jesse LaFlamme with Piper, Brock, and their hens

Responsible Farming is Sustainable

So rather than becoming a large, centralized farm, we’re recruiting small family farms to join us as suppliers. We now have more than 35 family farms producing eggs for us in seven Northeastern states. They’re all good, hard-working people who are committed to family farming.

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Choosing what type of milk to drink

“What Kind of Milk Should I Drink?”

For the sake of this particular discussion, let’s assume you’re not asking whether or not you should drink milk at all, just that you are a generally healthy adult who likes to drink milk, and you’re wondering about which particular type of cow’s milk is the best way to go.

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Book Review: Deliciously Organic

As a self-proclaimed healthy foodie, I believe we can — and should — look for both “health food” and “delicious food,” and then focus on the intersection of the two. With her new book, I believe Carrie’s done just that.

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