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Label our food

Terry Bird

I signed it! I know what if feels like to get sick from medication that had the aspartame in it so BURIED in the ingredients list that it took my husband with a magnifying glass to discover it. Thera-Flu has this awful ingredient in it and a couple of the new Robitussin cough syrups do too. I am very sensitive to aspartame and I know the symptoms I get from anything with aspartame… so luckily I was able to stop taking these before I became more ill than I already was… thanks for this link, Andrew! I try to check your site as often as I can, however I just do not have much time to be on line these days.

Julie leboeuf

No more chemicals, no more sugary food, no more pesticides or processed food. The food is killing people just like medicines. Chemotherapy and the radiation treatment kills some cancer but doesn’t kill the stem cell of the cancer cells! Please stop lying to the public!