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scallion cucumber raita with fresh pomegranate anvils

Scallion-Cucumber Raita with Fresh Pomegranate Arils

Raita is a side dish in Indian cuisine that is meant to cool the palate and soothe the stomach after eating the spicy main course. Prep the ingredients in advance and mix in just a few minutes before serving for a crisp and refreshing side dish to your festive platters.

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Yogurt Margherita for Redwood Hill Farm

Yogurt Margherita

Redwood Hill Farm recently invited me to join a few fellow bloggers in creating our own yogurt flavors. Instead of the typical fruit-on-the-bottom (yawn), we were encouraged to think “outside the cup” and come up with fun new twists on yogurt mix-ins. I decided to go savory.

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How to Make Yogurt

I tend to get a little pushy when it comes to making your own yogurt. Frankly, I think everyone should do it! If ever there was a homemade yogurt pusher, it’d be me.

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Green Valley Organics Interview & Giveaway

One of the joys of organizing October: Unprocessed has been the relationships I’ve been cultivating with both readers and companies. I’m also happy to connect my readers to like-minded companies who I believe are doing good work to improve the foods we eat. One such company is Green Valley Organics, which offers lactose-free, organic dairy products.

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