A really, really big breakfast

McDonald's Breakfast Billboard

This morning, at the intersection of Fairfax and Beverly, I noticed a McDonald’s Billboard with the caption “if breakfast had an all-star team.”

The ten-foot-tall plate of food contains three pancakes (with syrup and butter), a biscuit, scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, and hash browns — all of which is what you’d get if you walked in and asked for a “Big Breakfast with Hotcakes.”

Seems to me that’s a lot of food for one meal — unless you’re actually an all-star athlete — so I thought I’d look up the calorie content.

Before I reveal the magic number, I thought it might be fun if everyone took a guess.  (Let’s give Mickey D’s the benefit of the doubt — ahem — and assume it’s a regular, not large, biscuit.)

So… How many calories do you think are on that jumbo plate?

(Bonus points if you can correctly guess the saturated fat and sodium content.)

Post your guess in the comments!


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1100 cals….
56g fat….(19 sat)
90g sod


840 calories. Big breakfast w hotcakes.

Alex H