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Candy Corn

My take on the High Fructose Corn Syrup rebranding

With the recent uproar about the Corn Refiners Association’s goal of rebranding High Fructose Corn Syrup into the supposedly more appealing “Corn Sugar” name, and considering that avoiding HFCS is one of my three cardinal rules, I thought I might spend a moment today to chime in

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In the news

I thought it might be good to do a “news briefs” kind of thing every once in awhile. If you find this interesting or useful, please let me know!

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Whole Grains Council Founder K. Dun Gifford dead at age 71

K. Dun Gifford, pictured above, passed away last Sunday from a heart attack. It sounds like he led a truly rich and amazing life: He survived the wreck of the Andrea Doria, witnessed first-hand the assasination of Robert F. Kennedy, served in the Navy, successfully navigated the Constellation to an America’s Cup victory, started a cookie company with now-Senator John Kerry, was friends with Julia Child, founded the Whole Grains Council, and was founder and president of the Oldways Presidential […]

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