We have a theme song!

A few years ago, Jamey Bennett took a leap of faith and decided to take the October Unprocessed challenge. Being the kind of guy who approaches everything he does with an intense enthusiasm, he fully embraced the challenge. Not only did he change how he eats (losing weight and getting much healthier in the process), he also started a Facebook Group that has since grown into our official group. In 2014, he shared the story of how unprocessed eating changed his life.

Jamey just took it upon himself to create an October Unprocessed theme song for us. How cool is that?! Take a listen below (it’s freakin’ awesome!), and then check out the other music Jamey creates as part of the unconventional hip-hop duo, Royal Ruckus.

And, if you’re so inclined, you can buy a high-quality download of the song, naming your own price, to support Jamey and his music. Then listen to it any time you need a little extra encouragement to help you stay on track!

Lyrics and vocals by Chunjay of Royal Ruckus. Music by Grizzly Beatz.
Cut out the junk food, start reading the labels
Consuming real food, realigning the staples
October Unprocessed, once a year
But it trickles on out when you get into gear

I’ve got some Eating Rules and I’m going to tell
It’s a rap food school I’ve got nothin’ to sell
But what you pull off the shelf down at the grocery
Affects yourself in your mouth and then your health mostly
More than other things health comes from your greens,
Fruits, meats, and things and the quality screams
Genetic codes to your body—call in the A-team
Your body responds to your dietary scheme
So the first tip is: could you make it at home?
With real ingredients? not some synthetic clones?
Is it a whole food? How was it produced?
And what are its benefits when it gets used?
Another great tip is: shop perimeters in style
Most processed foods are up and down the center aisles
When you’re trying to choose, why don’t you log on?
Read the nuances at Eating Rules dot com

October Unprocessed 2016

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