A Tour of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery (Part 2)

A Tour of Redwood Hill Farm

After our tour of Redwood Hill Farm’s Creamery, we said our goodbyes to Jennifer and headed down the road to the farm to meet her brother Scott, the farm manager.

Scott and Jennifer both live on the idyllic property. Scott’s front yard is overflowing with vegetables, while Jennifer’s home was the original creamery, and still shares a wall with the milking room.

Redwood Hill Farm

Scott and I are strolling along the main road through the ten-acre farm.

June, one of Redwood Hill Farm's Goats
I was a bit surprised at just how friendly and personable the goats are. They all ran to the fence, eager to meet us. Here’s June, an Alpine yearling, saying hello.

Happy Goats

Certified Humane Raised & HandledRedwood Hill was the first goat dairy in the United States to be Certified Humane Raised & Handled, which is considered the “Gold Standard” in third-party certification for humane animal treatment. Their goats have plenty of space, shade, and ample opportunity to engage in natural behaviors.

Even with 300+ goats, that’s not enough  milk for their needs at the creamery, so they buy milk from other local farms. They personally verify that their contributing dairies also treat their animals humanely. Even better, in 2012 they helped all of them earn the independent Certified Humane status as well.

I’m proud that every time I purchase Redwood Hill’s products, I know for sure that I’m supporting humane treatment of animals.

Amber introduces me to the goats

Amber, the assistant farm manager, walked us into the barn, where I was quickly surrounded by very affectionate goats.

The goats flocked to me

See that sweet goat under my right hand? She started chewing my shirt immediately, and wouldn’t let go. I took it as a sign of affection, for sure. Several others were rubbing their heads against me so enthusiastically they nearly knocked me over!

Lounging Goats

It was quite warm in the sun, so they’re just chillin’ in the barn.

Korena playing

Korena, an Alpine kid, stands proudly at the top of the “hill.”

Jim grills Scott with very many goat questions

Scott (facing us) answers all of Jim’s goat questions. I think it was at this point that Jim decided he absolutely needs goats on his new farm.

Petting the baby goats

And this was the point at which I decided I needed goats, too.  (O.M.GOSH THEY’RE SO CUTE!!)

Lots of room to roam

The goats have a lot of space

The goats have lots of space to run, rest, play… no overcrowding here!

Redwood Hill Farm's Milking Room

The milking room is just around the corner from the barn. Scott and his team milk the goats twice a day. He was telling me which goats prefer which stalls, which are the first to line up, and so on…he knows all of them by name and can tell you about all of their unique personalities.

Picnic tables in the shade of apple trees

A few years ago they purchased the ten-acre property next door, instantly doubling the size of the farm – and gaining an apple orchard, too!

Scott shows us the Olive Trees

They’re using some of their new space to experiment with olive trees and a few other projects. They recently produced their first batch of olive oil!

Redwood Hill Farm - Beekeeping

Two beehives help keep everything well-pollinated. (Those aren’t bits of dust on the camera lens, they’re bees in-flight.)

Fresh peaches!

There’s nothing quite so delightful as a ripe, juicy peach, eaten just off the tree.

Enjoying the view at Redwood Hill Farm

Admiring the view…

Solar Panels at Redwood Hill Farm

The solar panels are just uphill of the milking room and Jennifer’s home. Both the farm and the creamery are 100% solar.

A very curious goat

Although we didn’t want to leave, it was time to end our tour and get back on the road. Chocolate, an American LaMancha, sent smiles our way as we said goodbye!

Huge thanks to Jennifer and Scott and their entire team for spending so much time with us and sharing their home and business with us.  I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did!

Redwood Hill Farm’s products are available nationwide. Use this handy tool to find the store nearest you!

Support Certified Humane Farms

I Choose Certified Humane

Show your support and help raise awareness for the growing number of producers dedicated to providing a humane environment for their animals!

Share an “I Choose Certified Humane” digital badge on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The badges are free and available for download here.

If you download a badge by Sept. 30, you will be entered into a prize drawing for the chance to win one of two goody baskets filled with Certified Humane products from Redwood Hill Farm and Green Valley Organics!

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November 4, 2018 3:53 am

I really enjoyed the journey through the farm! I’m also glad that two local stores near me sell some of their products. I will definitely try some this week!

Karen D'Amato
September 30, 2013 9:04 pm

I’m totally impressed with these goats. I raised seven myself in the CA desert, and I thought they were clean because I cared for them so well. In all these photos, I did not see one goat that was soiled or disfigured. Red Hill gets my vote… and their product is the best I’ve tasted!

August 15, 2013 8:33 am

I’ve used goat milk products for many years for myself and my family, including yogurt from this very farm. Now I feel even better about buying their products! Thanks so much for this lovely article and cute photos of goats!

August 14, 2013 4:08 pm

I grew up on a farm and had every animal except a goat. I know my life will not be complete until I own one of those amazing creatures, For now, I will have to settle on buying the fabulous cheese they make.
Beautiful post.
Wonderful company.
Fabulous products.

Jennifer L.
August 14, 2013 11:03 am

Now I want goats, too! Love your 2tour posts, Andrew. Quite charming to this Portland OR city chick! And no, I will not be moving to a goat-sanctioned neighborhood, so I will need to revisit your blog. Thank you. I will keep my eyes open for some Redwood Hill Farm delights, fo sho!

August 14, 2013 9:52 am

Great post(s)! Will definitely pick up some Redwood Hill Farm cheese the next time I’m cheese shopping. What an awesome place!