Weekday Vegetarianism

Have you ever considered becoming a Weekday Vegetarian? Check out this short speech at TED by Graham Hill, the founder of Treehugger.com.

Instead of a “binary system” of with two choices (“vegetarian” or “not”), it’s a structured alternative in which you decrease your meat consumption by 70%, but don’t give it up altogether.

You’ll get most of the benefits of vegetarianism, without the (perceived) austerity! Plus, when you do eat meat on the weekends, I bet you’ll enjoy it that much more.

It also matches my love of clear-cut, absolute rules.  When there’s a gray area, it’s really hard to follow…  But decide once that you do not eat meat Monday through Friday, and you’re all set.  (Note I say “do not” instead of “will not” — a subtle but important distinction).  That’s much more manageable than choosing vaguely to eat “less” meat.

Do you think cutting out meat 5 out of 7 days will be too difficult? Consider switching it around:  Become a Weekend Vegetarian first, and see how it goes!

Here’s the video and a full transcript.

Thanks to Christopher Willett for sending this my way!

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