There should be a calorie symbol

Calorie Symbol

I just came across a brilliant idea on Brandon Schauer’s blog, which is subtitled A Designers Guide to Strategy.  He suggests the creation of a universal symbol for the calorie.

Currently, the official symbol is just “cal” — pretty boring and unwieldy.

He also wisely points out that with the new federal mandate of calorie labeling on restaurant menus, there’s going to be a lot of wasted space and clutter with all those extra letters.  It can really add up — just like all those calories themselves!

Brandon writes:

From looking at other symbols like the at (@) or the pilcrow (¶), it seems important that the symbol be able to be handwritten as well as flexible for different typefaces. I thought the simple dot inside the upper case C implies eating or gestation.

As far as I can tell, this idea is originally Brandon’s.  I think it’s brilliant and we should adopt it.  How do we make that happen?

Calorie image and design by Brandon Schauer.

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