Creating New Holiday Traditions

Whole Roasted Garlic

Are you someone who doesn’t fit in perfectly with the standard holiday traditions? Perhaps you’re vegetarian, or gluten-free, or just don’t like Turkey. Many of us break the mold – or at least put some pressure on it – but we also don’t want to inconvenience our friends and family around the table.

So…what to do?

I’ve found that it’s far better to focus on what I can have instead of what I can’t. Even better, I see absolutely no reason why we can’t redefine our traditions. After all, traditions are a product of our culture, right? They’re developed by those who came before us, and now it’s our turn to add our own spin to the party.

Two years ago, I took it upon myself to create a new family tradition at Thanksgiving. It’s a simple one, and it integrates remarkably easily into our Thanksgiving Meal. To find out what it is (and yes, the picture above is a clue), click over to my guest post the Attune Foods blog!

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