A Daily Meditation to Help You Stay on Course with October Unprocessed

Want to keep your 30-day promise to stay the course with October Unprocessed?  It only takes 9 minutes each morning and it will help you leverage your willpower and help your subconscious mind enjoy eating in this clean and unprocessed way even more!

Why our mind works against our making healthy choices

Whenever we start on a focused healthy eating journey, we are excited and focused on keeping our promise to ourselves and our goals. However, along the way, life interferes and often our good intentions fall by the way-side.  Too often, we find ourselves slipping back into old unhealthy habits.

As a clinical hypnotherapist who is an expert in the psychology of weight management, CONSISTENCY with healthy eating habits is the biggest challenge my clients face when they come to see me. “I know what to eat, I know what I shouldn’t be eating—why am I still making bad choices?”

12%-88% — The conscious-subconscious power struggle

The good news is that you are not really to blame for falling off the path of health. It turns out that our conscious mind, the part of our mind responsible for setting goals is only about 12% of our brain power—the other 88% of our mind is our habits, behavior mechanisms, and our beliefs—basically the part of our mind that is set in its ways and has ZERO DESIRE to make changes.

So, when we are “trying” to get healthy this 12% makes the goal and the other 88% eventually overpowers the goal in favor of the status quo—no matter how unhealthy or fattening that status quo is.

How to use a daily vision meditation to stay on track

Both hypnosis and meditation are relaxed mind tools that help access the resistant subconscious mind and get it on board with our goals.  If our deeper mind can see, feel and believe the value of the change we want to make—chances are it will come on board and you will become more successful with achieving your goal.

The morning is the best time to create a vision meditation—our mind is fresh and open to the day.

Here is an easy way to start a vision meditation:

While in bed in the morning take a moment to tune into your breath and get mindful.

Close your eyes and imagine how good you are going to feel getting back into bed tonight feeling fantastic for having eaten only Unprocessed foods today.

Imagine going through your day and making those healthy unprocessed choices at all of your meals.

Imagine how great you are going to feel at the end of your 30-Day Process.

Believe in yourself–you can do this–OPEN YOUR EYES and have a great Unprocessed day.

I have made it super easy to try.  Just click on the link below and listen to me as I walk you through it—and you can even sign up for the vision hypnosis to be delivered to you every day of your October Unprocessed.

Try out this free hypnosis session that focuses you on making healthy choices each day. Just click play:

Sign up to have this free Daily Vision Hypnosis delivered to your email box every morning for 21-days – enough time to build a solid habit. Have a great October Unprocessed!

About the Author

Rita Black is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, author, seminar leader, speaker and an expert in the psychology of weight management and smoking cessation. For the past two decades, as the director of Shift Hypnosis, Rita has become renowned for helping clients from all over the world with her hypnosis-based Stop Smoking in One Session and her Shift Weight Mastery Processes.

Rita knows the struggle with weight personally. For almost 20 years she struggled up and down the scale 40+ pounds. She finally found freedom from the pain, frustration and weight with the use of hypnosis. Her mission is to help people shift out of their struggle with weight (and themselves) and into slim and healthy “Weight Mastery”.  Her best-selling book: From Fat to Thin Thinking: Make the Shift in 30 Days, is available on Amazon and includes her renowned 30-day hypnosis-based weight loss program. Rita’s smoking cessation program, Smoke Free 123, will be available online in November.  Visit her website, Shift Weight Mastery, on reach her on Facebook or (877) 221-7251.

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