Eight Great Halloween Recipes

Happy Halloween, everyone!  For our last day of October Unprocessed, instead of showcasing just one recipe, I’m bringing together some of the “greatest hits” of Halloween recipes from previous years. These are some of my personal favorites, and if you’re still looking for something to bring to a party this evening, hopefully some of these will strike your fancy!

(I know you can’t give out any of the above homemade treats for your trick-or-treaters, since they’re not sealed packages, but that also doesn’t mean you need to give out the HFCS-laden junk, either. Here’s a great list of candy-alternatives, and another one here, from Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food.)

Apple Pecan "Mummy" Dumplings

Apple Pecan Mummy Dumplings


Vampire Pie Bites

Vampire Pie “Bites”


Unprocessed Caramel Apples

Unprocessed Caramel Apples


Petrifying Pecan Pumpkin Shake for Halloween

Petrifying Pecan Pumpkin Shake


White Chocolate Pumpkin Dip

White Chocolate Pumpkin Dip


Mini Purple Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Mini “Monster” Purple Sweet Potato Cupcakes


Maple Popcorn Balls

Maple Popcorn Balls


Maple Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Unprocessed Maple Spiced Pumpkin Pie


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