The Sodastream Bar

Sodastream Bar

From L to R: Peychaud’s Bitters, Fee Brothers Bitters, Maple Bitters, Pure Vanilla Extract, Pure Almond Extract, Prickly Pear Cactus Syrup, Lemon & Lime Wedges, Cucumber, Crushed Raspberries, Chopped Mint, Chopped Basil, and a liter of Sparkling Water

Last weekend we had a few friends over to celebrate Matty’s birthday. In addition to the BBQ bonanza (tons of balsamic-marinated veggies, citrus-cilantro shrimp, and soy-sesame halibut…), I thought it would be fun to set up a “SodaStream bar.”

In case you don’t know of the SodaStream, it’s a killer countertop kitchen gadget that lets you carbonate your own water. One CO2 cylinder (refills for $15) will carbonate about 60 liters of water. (Read my full Sodastream Home Carbonator Review).

When we first got the SodaStream, we tried their flavor syrups — and enjoyed them. That is, until we realized that they all have artificial sweeteners (if they used only sugar, it would require too much syrup).

Instead, we’ve been experimenting with other home-grown flavors. I’m a fan of adding a dash of Fee Brothers Bitters (the original “Old Fashioned” variety), which have a refreshing cinnamon flavor (Note, nothing’s perfect: The bitters include food dyes).  But take it one step further — say, a bit of Fee Brothers along with a dash of Almond Extract — and now we’re getting somewhere!

For the party we put together the SodaStream bar and encouraged folks to try some recipes — or to experiment and create their own. (I’ll be honest: Just about everyone added booze.)

Start with some sparkling water and ice cubes.  Then try some of these recipes…

The Slow RC Cola Up Against A Wall

8 Drops of Almond Extract
Dash of Fee Brothers Bitters

The Lemon Limey

Lemon & Lime Wedges
Dash of Peychaud’s Bitters

The Cucumberist

Scoop of Cubed Cucumber
Chopped Mint Leaves

The Cucumberico Italiano

Scoop of Cubed Cucumber
Chopped Basil Leaves


Scoop of Raspberry Pulp
6-8 drops Vanilla Extract

and, finally…

The RaspberPeach That Gave Andrew A Headache The Next day

Scoop of Raspberry Pulp
Chopped Mint Leaves
Almond Extract
Dash of Fee Brothers Bitters
Absolut Peach Vodka

Have your own favorite Sodastream recipe? Please share in the comments!

This is a product I personally use and enjoy, and think you will too. If you click on the affiliate links in this post and then make a purchase from Sodastream, I’ll earn a small commission. Thanks for your support!

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Carol CG The Foodie

Oooh I am loving your ideas! I also am not a fan of the artificially sweetened syrups. I like to make tea concentrates and use that instead. I will have to try your ideas now too. Thanks!


What a great idea! I was interested in SodaStream until I saw that their syrups all use Splenda (I am mildly allergic to it, to some forms more than others). I didn’t realize you could flavor it yourself!

Carol CG The Foodie

I was just told by a coworker that Soda stream is introducing a naturals line in May… hmmm would love to try it or hear reviews!

Jayne (@jaynerly)

I love your drink ideas! Since October unprocessed I don’t drink diet coke anymore! I have been drinking carbonated or “fizzy” water. From a healthy point of view Is carbonated water ok?


GENIUS. I have a sodastream penguin and I will be trying some of these. Mmm cucumber-basil. That’d be nice with some Hendrick’s gin…


Love this & all of your creations….think we had one these when I was a kid.

Kristina Vanni

Hey there Golden Pinecone winner and fellow Wildcat! It was great to meet you at Camp Blogaway last weekend. I have to say, I am obsessed with this blog entry. I need and crave bubbly beverages. I just saw the sodastream at Williams-Sonoma yesterday now I know that I MUST buy one. Love all your ideas and recommendations here!


ok, silly questions here:
I’d love to find more “organic/natural” drinks but I just don’t get the whole cucumber thing. Do you put the pieces in (if so how do you get the taste?)? do you puree it? What do you do with the raspberry pulp etc? I’m just not getting it. Any ideas for oranges?


1.5 cups boiling water with 2 cups sugar dissolved in it.

Add the juice and zest of 5 oranges (or lemons) and 4 tsp of citric acid.

Dilute 5:1