When life hands you lemons, make Diet Coke


Yesterday morning, I shared a meal with my friend Jesse, whose day job is at an Italian restaurant in downtown Culver City, California.  We were chatting about healthy eating and some of his experiences with his customers.  He told me that he often encounters patrons who ask, “Is your lemonade fresh-squeezed?”

When he informs them it’s not, they say something like, “Oh. I’ll just have a Diet Coke then.”

How the heck do they make that leap?  What an amazing disconnect.

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A photo of Andrew Wilder leaning into the frame and smiling, hovering over mixing bowls in the kitchen.

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December 24, 2012 1:08 am

So, he often encounters patrons who would order homemade lemonade but the restaurant continues to serve something so inferior that people choose a diet coke instead?

September 15, 2011 5:09 pm

Andrew, I was browsing your blog in preparation for signing the 2011 October Unprocessed pledge (I’m gonna do it — yipes!) and I stumbled across this post. I know one way that people who are more weight-conscious than health-conscious can easily make this leap. If you are going to spend calories on a sugary drink, you want it to be special. If it’s not, you default back to your diet choice. It may not be the best choice, but I understand how it happens — in no small part because I’ve done it, too.

P.S. I’m the one who stabbed you with the giant fork at last year’s BlogHer photo booth. 🙂

April 23, 2010 9:55 am

i have made that leap, but i usually leap to regular coke. minute maid lemonade is terrible. if you are going to serve minute maid fountain lemonade, it isnt really any better than a coke. sure, maybe a bit less on the HFCS, but its the same goop with a different food coloring.

fresh lemonade for the win.