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"Are you still working on that?"

These six words could change how you think about food

Lately I’ve noticed one question that’s asked by nearly all waiters. It’s just six words, but they speak volumes about how we, as a society, think about food. It’s a phrase so common you probably haven’t even given it a moment’s thought. But it’s also so common that it’s probably also affected your perception of food, whether or not you realize it.

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Grower Pete's Wall of Butter Lettuce

Signs of Spring

Quite frankly, I’ve been a little burned out for the past couple of months. But then something happens – even if it’s a tiny but impactful moment – and it kicks me in the pants and gets me to log back in and start writing.

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Moderation and Balance in the Real World

Moderation & Balance in the Real World

Can “moderation” and “balance” go together, when it comes to healthy eating? This is certainly a timely question, considering tonight is the last of the holiday gantlet (hey everyone, happy new year!), and I’m betting most of us (self included) haven’t been as successful as we would have liked at either moderation or balance over the past few weeks.

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When Naturally Fresh... Isn't.

An Orwellian Reminder

With all the Orwellian “Doublespeak” surrounding our foods, we pretty much have to assume that packaged foods are “guilty until proven innocent” when it comes to labels and claims.

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