Not every meal needs to be an epicurean delight

Not every meal needs to be an epicurean delight

This morning, while I was eating a bowl of oatmeal, I violated our “no screens at the table” rule and scanned through my Instagram feed.

It was picture after picture of stunning, mouth-watering, decadent dishes. (I follow a lot of food bloggers.)

My oatmeal started to look pretty bleak in comparison.

Then I remembered that food doesn’t always need to be the Best. Thing. Ever.

Sometimes food is just fuel.

And, even if it’s not pretty, a bowl of oatmeal with peaches, raisins, flax seeds, and hemp hearts is some darn good fuel.


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Sounds good

Althea MC

I agree. I enjoy my am oatmeal and want it to be filling. Dinner — a pretty plate defintely adds to the eating experience. Funny how that works??!?



Dana @dbuenovida

Couldn’t agree more!! My sentiments exactly =))


I think you may have a blindness to the beauty of your oatmeal that comes with familiarity… that is some very pretty oatmeal!


I so agree! I am one of those my meals have to be pretty tasty and outstanding but one day I realized “I am tired and I just want something simple and good to eat.” Like today I made my own hamburger. Nothing epic just a hamburger and it was good too! Simple and good!

Greg Henry

The trouble with your theory is good oatmeal is The. Best. Thing. Ever. GREG


That’s probably because most food bloggers only post pics of “the best” meals, or ones they have plated/arranged/lit properly- not the functional unglamorous day to day eats. Sounds like a great oatmeal combo- i’ll put hemp hearts on anything lately!