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Sugar Cubes

What is the healthiest sugar? (Part 1)

There’s plenty of confusion, hype, and crazy anecdotes surrounding sugar these days. Heck, it seems the type of sugar you eat even reflects on the kind of person you are (or perhaps more accurately, the type of persona you want to project).

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Nutrition Action Healthletter

Nutrition Action Healthletter, published by the non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest, is a highly readable, incredibly informative monthly newsletter will help you stay up to date on the latest in nutrition.

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Nutrition Guide Sample

Guide to the Nutrition Facts Panel

Every so often I like to geek out in Microsoft Visio and put together a one-page guide that I think might be useful, complete with lots of squiggly arrows. In a similar style to my Smoothie Flowchart, but perhaps with a bit more substance, I’m pleased to offer the Eating Rules Guide to the Nutrition Facts Panel!

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Lifesavers Candy

Natural & Artificial Flavors

Erin Coates, RD, LD, writes about the importance of staying healthy through the foods we eat at The Healthy Apron, sharing delicious recipes along with diet and fitness information. I’ve asked her to write about Natural and Artificial Flavors, those ubiquitous and vaguely-defined ingredients that seem to be in almost every processed food.

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