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Oliso SmartHub and Smart Vacuum Sealer

Win an Oliso Vacuum Sealer and SmartHub Cooktop

October Unprocessed sponsor Oliso makes smart kitchen appliances to help you be a better cook and make your life easier in the kitchen at the same time–and they’re giving away some of their products to help you go unprocessed next month. Three lucky winners will each receive their Smart Vacuum Sealer, a $150 value! AND, one lucky GRAND PRIZE winner will receive both their SmartHub Countertop Induction Cooktop and a Vacuum Sealer — a grand prize package worth $650!

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The October Unprocessed Simple Meal Plan Guide

Get The October Unprocessed Meal Plan!

To help you make your month of unprocessed eating easier, I’ve partnered with my friend Stephanie Stiavetti from Fearless Fresh to create this ebook with more than 50 simple, unintimidating recipes that all pass the kitchen test. That’s an entire month of knowing exactly what you’re going to eat, setting you up to make almost no in-the-moment decisions about food.

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Get the October Unprocessed Official Guide

Get The Official Guide to October Unprocessed

Get the Official Guide to October Unprocessed! It’s a free PDF download that answers many of the most common questions about the challenge. But more than that, it’s got lots of great information on how to help you get the most from the challenge, ways to avoid common “speed bumps,” advice for specific dietary restrictions, and tons of other unprocessed goodness.

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Mighty Nest October Unprocessed Giveaway Items

A Mighty Nest D.I.Y. giveaway to help you Go Unprocessed

When Annie at Mighty Nest asked me how they could support us again this year, it was clear that many of their products would be tremendously helpful for people taking the challenge (and beyond, of course). We decided to do a giveaway with a do-it-yourself theme. Why D.I.Y., you ask? So many foods are not only healthier when you make them at home, but also tastier and infinitely more satisfying. Also, it’s fun!

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