October Unprocessed 2011

October Unprocessed 2011 was a tremendous success! Over 3,000 people took the pledge, and we shared 55 guest posts! Thank you to everyone who pledged, posted, and participated in any way.

Many Thanks,

Unprocessed Produce at Pike Place Market

In October of 2009, I was struck by a simple idea:

What would happen if I went for an entire month without eating any processed foods?

This question would have been laughable (rather, nonsensical) just a few decades ago. Nowadays, it seems that almost every food that comes with an ingredients list on it is likely to be laden with extra sugar, fat, and salt.  And preservatives.  And flavorings.  And artificial colors.

I’m not okay with this.

So I tried it, along with a few good friends: A month of no processed foods.  

It was revelatory. My expectations and sense of taste were re-calibrated.  I started to identify individual ingredients in the foods I ate.  I didn’t crave those salty snacks.  I found myself often in the kitchen, excited to see what I could cook next. Above all, I simply felt better.

We took turns hosting small dinner parties, and shared our stories and experiences.  It brought us closer together.  Funny how real food does that.

Last year, I decided to try it again, in a bigger way. I had started Eating Rules just a few months before, and I reached out to my fellow foodies, bloggers, and friends, and issued the challenge again.  In October 2010, 415 people took the pledge and we shared over 40 guest posts!  (We also made the news a few times!)

Although it’s a ridiculous amount of work to make this project happen, I want to do it again. It’s just too important not to. And I want to share this experience with as many people as possible.  Not just my experience, but our experience.

Together, let’s see how many people we can get to eat no processed foods whatsoever during the month of October.

And then let’s see what happens.

The “Kitchen Test” Definition

Of course, this begs the question:  How do we define “Processed?”

Obviously there’s a wide range of implications in that word, and we will probably each define it slightly differently for ourselves.  My definition is this:

Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients.

I call it “The Kitchen Test.” If you pick up something with a label (and if it doesn’t have a label, it’s probably unprocessed), and find an ingredient you’d never use in your kitchen and couldn’t possibly make yourself from the whole form, it’s processed.

It doesn’t mean you actually have to make it yourself, it just means that for it to be considered “unprocessed” that you could, in theory, do so.

Here’s the discussion from last year on the definition, and we’ll continue exploring it as October approaches.

So, Let’s Do It!

Commit to eating no processed foods whatsoever during the month of October by signing your name below.

This is an exercise in awareness. If an entire month is too much of a commitment, that’s okay. Maybe it’s only a week? Maybe just a day? Sign the pledge, and indicate your support!

Maybe you’re not comfortable with my definition of “unprocessed.” That’s okay, too. Decide what it means to you and take the pledge on your terms.

Need an exception? Sure, no problem. Just make sure it’s a deliberate choice, not just because of a habit.

Whatever your level of commitment (even if it’s for just one day, please sign the pledge), and discover how it changes you, your family, your community, and the world.

(Update, December 2011: I removed the pledge form, but am leaving the signatures of everyone who took the pledge. Thanks!)

The following people took the pledge:

Andrew Wilder, Santa Monica, CA
Thank you to everyone who is participating!

Rita M., Anthem, AZ
Love this idea! How many recipes, ideas are out there? Please share!

Jenny Sayre, Maine
Whoa, this will be hard! Hope I can make it through! Gonna be tough with Halloween, and subsequent parties, thrown in there, but I'm game for the challenge.

Anna Shadley, Ohio
Bet this will be tougher than I realize. But I'm excited to give it a go!

Wesley, Los Angeles
The wife and I did it (more or less successfully) last year and I'm looking forward to doing it again.

Jean Layton, Bellingham WA
Love to be able to do this again, although this October will be far crazier than last. Thanks for letting us join together.

Alanna A., Pennsylvania
I did it last year and I was hoping that you would do it again this year! It was a really fun and informative month! I've found my eating habits going down hill so I hope this will jump start me back in the right direction! Can't wait to get started!

Carolyn N., Bellingham, Wa

Joel Ankeny
I'm gonna be moving to a temporary residence before moving out west to New Mexico next month so eating unprocessed is gonna be a challenge but I'm going to my best to make it happen. Since doing this last October my diet has remained 75%-80% unprocessed so hopefully getting that last 20% won't be too hard.

Chloe French, Ocean City, MD

Aimee @ Simple Bites, Montreal

Amy, Houston
I'm in, and I'm going to share on my FB page. Thank you!

Megan Yarbrough, Washington, DC

Karen, Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Raeanne, Payfitforward.net
I love this!!! I was thinking of starting a clean eating challenge and this is perfect!!!!

danielleruckus, nyc
This was eye opening last year! Excited for October!

(Name Withheld), hamilton ON

So excited!

Judi knight, Atlanta
I have been doing this for two months already. Lost 20pounds so far. Feel great.

Melissa Lanz
The Fresh 20 is on board!!

Jenn, Niles, MI
YEAH!!! After watching Forks Over Knives the other day — I'm totally in!!!

Aimee Porter, Rio Rancho, NM
Can't wait! Looking forward to participating with my family of six!


Gluten Free Gigi, Atlanta, GA
Last October was fabulous! Thanks, Andrew, for hosting again this year! Can't wait and will post it on my site to share with my readers, too! :)

Kimberly, Denver,CO

Sean Perez, Firebaugh, CA
Time to Put Healthy back on top :)(:

(Name Withheld), South florida
I am traveling and celebrating a lot this month but will try my best!

April Smith, Seattle

Beth Aiken, Wasilla, Alaska
This will be an eye opener as I consider us a *mostly* unprocessed family already… but we are IN!

Laura @ The Art of Cooking Real Food, Upper Midwest
I'll play!

Karin Ralph, Enfield, CT
I'm just about there anyway, might as well go totally unprocessed!!! Thanks for the push!

Betsy, Glen ellyn
This should be interesting, I'm up for the challenge.

Ann W, Idaho
Love it!

(Name Withheld), NY
This ought to help out with the biggest loser competition we are having at work too!

Lillian Medville
I'm in. :)

beth, berogue@hotmail.com

Trina, Auburn, WA

Brenda Anderson, Saskatchewan, Canada
Did this last year and wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Definitely makes you aware of everything you put in your mouth.

Rachel, Houston

Shaina @ Food for My Family, http://foodformyfamily.com/
Love this, Andrew. I am so excited to see you doing it again this year.

Laurie P., Hershey, PA
Andrew inspired me to go unprocessed last October and my little guys are eating healthier thanks to a little extra effort. I'm not saying they don't get the occasional mac-n-cheese from a box, but when my boys want snacks now, they ask for things like cucumbers. I'm all in!

emily, Farifax, VA
I'm in baby. October.

Ellen, Northern California
I'm really looking forward to doing this. I've been trying to limit my ingredient list on most recipes so I think I might do pretty well.

Swati Rane, Nashville, TN

Kim, Houston,TX
Love this! Can't wait to try it again this year!

Mike Schechter, Seattle
Bring the thunder!

Renee T., Culver City
Can't wait to do this again! It has changed the way I eat.

jenne griffin, gainesville,ga
this should be easy for me but we'll see.

Cathy Elton, Brooklyn, NY
I'm in, Andrew! I feel better already.

Chrystal Nelson, Airdrie, AB
Looking forward to it!

Beth Sheresh from kitchenMage, evenTinierTown, midCascadia, N America
I'd toss out a casual, "this should be easy" because I eat so little processed stuff but I know better. Having spent the last two years ill and with a horrible diet, this will help me recalibrate my eating. Thanks for the challenge!

Kathie, Los Angeles – West Adams
Seems very doable. Lots of produce in the pantry I've been canning and am planting the fall garden this week

Suzy Brusca, Sacramento
Cool! I'm going for it! (Is candy corn processed? Just kidding!!)

Kristie, CA
I'd love to do the whole month, but I think I'll keep weekends off for my first attempt.

Kimberly Robertello, Pullman, WA
This is how I try to eat all the time. I lost so much weight when I first started. It's so much better for your body.

Elizabeth, California

Donna, Colorado
The only exception is if someone else is serving. I'm not going to be rude to a host/hostess.

Lynn, Seattle

Kath, Seattle
I pretty much do this on a regular basis, but this will make me more aware and there may be some areas in which I could do better.

David M., Anthem, Az
Happy to see a movement like this started. Thank You!

Angela Watts, Maine
I was at the grocer tonight and saw a carton of Bright&Early Juice product. Artificially flavored drink, no juice content. Made me sad.

I think this could be fun as its something I've been wanting to work towards in my home. Lack of space in the fridge/freezer and pantry normally limits my ability, as does budget and time.

But I know at least part of October I can manage this. Since Jenny and I will be going apple picking we'll have applesauce and apple butter, and apple crisp from scratch with unprocessed ingredients.

Not so sure of the definition as something I couldn't possibly make myself….I'm a chemist. I've made TNT before….lol

JJ @ 84thand3rd, Sydney, Australia
Love it! We've been eating like this since Nov of last year, so more than happy to support. Instead of explaining to people what we eat these days, I'll just send them to your definition page now, ha! Would love to share some recipes too.

Nicole, Fresno, CA
Let's do this!

Stacy, San Diego

Miya, Los Angeles, CA
I did this last year. Love it!

erika kar, mazama, wa
i'm in!

Leanna B, www.eastvalleylife.com
I enjoyed it last year – count me in again!

Lori L., California
Did the challenge last year. Loved it. Excited for another unprocessed October

Katreena Strode, katreena_strode@yahoo.com
This is how I normally eat, au natural.

Rebecca @ Sweet Baby Yams, Southern California

jessi, Medina, WA
Bring it!

Vegandrea, Mesa, AZ
Looking forward to it.

Phillip Cross, Fresno, CA

Kasia, Colorful Colorado
I'm totally in! There may be some amendments to your definition of "unprocessed" but for the most part, I plan on following. Thanks for putting this together!

(Name Withheld)

Michelle DeHaart, Vancouver, WA

Sabrina Modelle, San Francisco
Hey Love, I'm signing on for the entire month! I love this challenge– wait, am I giving up chocolate?

(Name Withheld), France

Bonnie K., Sacramento

Randy, Chalabre, France
I try to do this as much as possible, but ,akin it a conscious choice will be an interesting challenge. My guess is that it's easier to do here in rural France, since so much of the food I buy is already locally sourced and produced. And, European regulations are stricter than American ones on many things.

Pam, Texas
Definitely on board for the month (although that might kind of be cheating since we rarely eat process foods anyway!) 😉

Jayne, London, UK
Brilliant, SO looking forward to this! It was such an eye opener last year!

Jessica Mitchell, Louisville, KY
Very excited!! Please share more recipes…I LOVE the Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole recipe you have posted. It's fabulous!

Jessica, Louisville, KY
Let's do it!

Valerie Williams, Sugar Land, TX
We try to eat real food as much as possible, but I'm sure there are lots of processed foods that sneak in because we're not carefully watching. This will be a great way to get more aware!

Erica, Pennsylvania

Brynna, Buffalo NY
As a broke University student with zero time, I'm betting this is almost impossible… but I like a good challenge! And I need to reset my slipping eating habits. Bring it on. :)


Heather Halliburton, Delaware
I'll give it a try though, to be honest, it does seem impossible.

Amy @ PushPlayFitness.com, Mississippi
I will be prepping for this and starting a recipe collection and inviting all of my free clients to this challenge. Thank you!

Amy P, Des Moines Iowa
Maybe this will inspire me to finally try making my own almond milk!

EllieJo LaFever, Ames, Iowa

Jean | Delightful Repast, US
Andrew, I'm glad you're doing this again. It's something that really makes people stop and think.

Mary Ellen, Little Rock, Arkansas
Excited to take the pledge again! Last year was a real eye opener.

Danielle Kennell, Ocean City, MD
I'm sure this is not easy but I would love to try!

Jenn Kropf, Canton, PA
I am excited to see how I feel @ the end of October!!

Maureen, Edmonton, Alberta
My daughter is on yeast free diet for a month and we have had to illiminate most processed foods. So i guess we will be doing it for 2 months What I noticed was the lengthy list of ingredients (nothing that was a food) even on the most simple of pre-prepared food.

Becky, Lampasas, TX
I'm a pretty decent clean eater with moments of mishaps but I'd love to be in the challenge because I think it would grt me back on track of pure clean eating. Maybe through the sharing, some of my friends will "clean" up their acts as well.

Lindsey, Pennsylvania
This sounds like a good challenge. I've already found myself cutting out more and more processed foods from my diet, but there is still lots of room for improvement, and doing this should help!

Robert Volpicelli, Big bear
Sweet, October unprocessed 2011 can't wait!

Naomi Bindman, North Bennington, VT
This is already pretty much how I eat, so it won't be a stretch, but I love the idea of making it cool and catchy to do! Bravo.

Sanela K
I am vegetarian and I have "turned" my kids into the better healthier them too. This is going to be fun.

Natalie, Columbus, OH
I have been slowly moving my family of 3 to an unprocessed diet. I think an entire month will kick it into high gear!

Susan, Jensen Beach, FL

Shannon, Washington, D.C.

Melanie, Colorado
Can't wait to get started!

Becky L., Madison, WI
The hardest part is going to be all the eating en-route we all do, but I'm pumped to get started!

Stephanie, Arkansas

Natalia Morales, Houston
Love this!

Cassidy Stockton, Portland, OR
Count us in! A month of eating consciously is a month that brings us closer to our food. My goal is to keep it up through the month and apply it towards the year.

Cristina @ An Organic Wife, Oklahoma City, OK
What a great opportunity! Please visit me at http://www.AnOrganicWife.com to learn more about organic, real foods and a healthy lifestyle! :)

Jilly, Moscow, ID
Can't wait to use this pledge as motivation to not only cut out processed food during the month of October, but also to become more aware of my tastes and senses when eating.

(Name Withheld), Seattle
Excited to be a part of this

Rebecca Johnson, Sacramento, CA

Lori Carter, Overland Park, KS
Have done a 3-week whole food cleanse many times – easy enough to add another week!

Monica Lucas, burlingamecatlady@yahoo.com
I've been vegan for almost two years, but because I work full-time, I eat a LOT of high-fat/carb convenience foods. This will be a great kickstart to a healthier life. Thank you for challenging me!

Sylvia Alvarado, Los Angeles
Great idea. Watched Forks over Knives, Food Matters, King Corn. It's time for a deliberate change. The definition of processed helps. I'd better get some friends on board so we can support each other. We can do this!

Becky Reyes, Bisbee, AZ
I will commit to this with one exception. I'm not giving up my 85% cocoa chocolate bar. I have a few squares every evening with a few raw almonds.

Danijela, NYC
Awesome !

Hettie/CelticMommy, Los Angeles, CA
This is going to be wonderful! I'm really looking forward to it!

Zoe, Bellingham, WA

TANYA H., Black Diamond, WA
I'm committed to doing this forever…lets change the world together!

Mary Platis
Let's Do It Again!

Jen, Maine
Looking forward to it!

Geneva Byers, Nashville, TN
This is going to be so hard, but absolutely needed! I've already weened myself off Pepsi and most breads, but I love cheese!!! Im ready to push my limits with food and money. I hope my 6 y/o doesn't mind. 😉

Heather, Chicago
No processed foods + (my addition) no animal foods.


Traci Lewis, Pasadena, Texas

Elizabeth Sanders, Little Rock, AR
I think this is a great idea, and I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Heather T., Los Angeles, CA
I'm weary of my resolve and that of my husband but we'll try our best!

Sheena, Miles City, MT

randjm, intoxicatingeats@wordpress.com
Pledging for at least Oct. 16-29. Much traveling is happening the first two weeks with many of my meals being prepared for me by others, not just restaurants. Start with two weeks and go from there!

Hasty Danger, Philadelphia, PA

Jenny B., Petaluma, CA
Sorry, but I can only pledge 30 days for October. Though I would love to skip the Halloween treats altogether, the family would revolt!! I will make some yummy homemade goodies to detract from the shiny lure of packaged candy though.

Amanda L. Swan, amandalswan@gmail.com
I work for Whole Foods, so I have no excuse to eat as much processed stuff as I do. I will hold true to this as much as I can, but I'll be visiting Boise, Idaho for a wedding in early October, so may have to 'cheat' at that time. I will also allow myself natural stabilizers in things like yogurt, etc.

Lisa, New Brunswick, Canada
Very exciting!

Shawna, Minot, North Dakota
YAY! Lets do this! I haven't been so good with this lately, but I usually strive for whole food and plant based food and plant based protein. Count me in!

Robin, NYC


Lindsey Poss
Year 3!! :)

Michelle, PEI, Canada

Liz the Chef, San Diego
Ready to roll, baby – just informed my husband he is in on this too…

Shannon Lagasse
Looking forward to this! 😀

Kori Tonsmeire, Denver. CO
Not always easy with kids. But my husband and I have wanted to do this for awhile so now we have the commitment to DO IT!

Angie Ford, Memphis
I have already been doing this for 27 days and I feel better than I have felt in years!

Dana, San Diego, CA
Unprocessed OG! Three years and accounting (and recruiting)!

(Name Withheld), Maryland

Christine Dyer, Ohio
Nervious, anyone who wants to help me with meal planning hot me up on facebook.

Renae, Nebraska
I'm already eating REAL food the vast majority of the time but I'd like to go an ENTIRE month with absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, etc entering my body! Anxious to see how it goes!

Chris, Colorado
I've already made this commitment, even before I saw this post. I'm trying to go unprocessed forever, not just for one month – it's been difficult, planning ahead is key!


chris, alabama

This is perfect! We'd been reading Lisa's blog over on 100 days of food and had been planning on trying out a "real food" pledge beginning October 1st. :)

Lisa, Baltimore, MD

Kate K, New York, NY
Alright dude, you got me this year. Let's go!

Macaela, mhshaughnessy@gmail.com

Jennifer, Redondo Beach, CA
I'm a little scared but also excited to give it a go. Any recipes would be greatly appreciated.

Carmen, Sacramento, CA
Looking forward to taking the challenge! I've recently found out that I need to go gluten and dairy (gulp) free, so this will be a great way to get me started.

(Name Withheld), Lincoln,NE
With children in grade school and junior high this will be a great way to get them them thinking broader and at great ages to teach them about proper nutrition.

Aidelis Duran, Sparks, NV

Angelina, Cloverdale, CA

(Name Withheld), KY
I'm doing this for my health…and the health of my children.

Teresa, Virginia
I'll do my best! Looking forward to it.

Cara J, NE Ohio

Joan W, Los Angeles
As you know, this is going to be difficult for us, but we're going to try!

Kevin Ballard, Seattle
I have been working the past few years on trying to eat less proceed foods. So, thanks for the great motivation to try 100% for one month.

Aesha M., Bronx, NY
Wow! I've been trying this off and on but I'm excited to try and be consistent for the full month.

Vanessa O, Perth, West Australia
yay so excited to be trying this. i just completed a month of being vegan and realised how much better i felt but alot of food was replaced by processed foods so it'll be nice to try and do a month of unprocessed

Mae, California

Caren, Charlotte, NC

Lori, Chicago
Love this challenge! Makes me think about foods being natural or processed. Eliminates a lot of junk from my diet.

Jen Havard, Northern IN
Eating to live!

Renee, California

(Name Withheld), Mobile, Alabama
I need this.

Ron E Ginsberg, San Francisco, CA
Thank you! Thirty days it is, and hopefully a long-term project!

Jessica, Bakersfield, CA
I want to commit for October and carry it out for the 100 day challenge from 100daysofrealfood.com Starting with the thirty day challenge in October will give my mind time to process and as i get used to the new style hopefully i will be able to continue to the 100day challenge!

Sarah, Upstate NY
Very exciting- hopefully many people will take the pledge!

Rachel Lagomarsino, Sacrametno
I love this idea! Im not a particuarly healthy person but Im always looking to improve my eating habits, thanks for doing this!!!

Terri, Austin

linda l, latrobe pa
Hope I can get some of my friends to take the pledge too

Michelle, San Diego
Looking forward to all the October posts!

Kathy J, Los Angeles

Tiffany, California
Although we are far from perfect on this, this is the direction we are leaning more and more toward… quite a stretch for a girl who was raised on Kraft Mac n' Cheese and Pasta Roni. But I have come up with more and more menu items like this, and it will be a good way for me to stretch myself to do more. Thanks for the idea!

Rachel simkin, Sherman oaks, ca
We are so excited to go through our cabinets and purge ourselves (at least for the month!) of processed foods! What a great challenge and way to raise awareness and even build community.

Sue H, London
This is something that I try to live by, but it will be good to take the final step and give up processed foods 100%

Dennis Wilder, Los Angeles
Yup, I'm related but am doing it out of my own free will. No coercion. It's going to be difficult but I hope I won't feel too guilty when I can't.

Kristy, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Maria Marsela D., Athens, Greece

Rosanne Hadlock, Michigan

Tiffany, Orlando, FL

jason abbott, metro detroit
if i can juice fast for 10 days i can go a few without processed foods.. count me in.

Tracy B, Georgia
I hope my family will commit to this as well!

Stephanie H, Columbia, PA
October Unprocessed was a success for our family last year. Looking forward to trying it again to get our eating habits back on track.

John, California

(Name Withheld)
I'm thinking that I do this already but curious now!

Sharon, Kentucky
I'm in! Nearly there already, but this will finally get me to make my own pasta. Maybe I'll try cooking some for my cats, too.

Mary Buetow, Rhode Island
I eat this way 99% of the time anyway, so it won't be difficult for me. I love to cook and that is key here..you really have to cook and make from scratch.

Petal Schimmel, Hephzibah Ga
My husband and I feel so much better when we avoid processed food. Thank you for a great web site!!

Chef Asata, Atlanta GA
This is great! I'm going to spread the word.

Ashley, Ohio
I'll shoot for an easy week. I'll post it for my change of the week during the first week of October on my site, 1week1change.wordpress.com I'd love for anyone to check it out and offer tips!

Tracey Geronimo, San Francisco, CA
I usually end up eating my cat's food but for October it's only unprocessed Fancy Feast for me and Mr. Bojangles!

Suzy B, Florida

Gina Pollock, Lancaster, PA
My family has been eating no processed foods for 20 days so far and we feel great! This little challenge will be a nice boost to our commitment!

Kirsten, Texas
I'm in for the whole month!

Jessica G, CA
Im at 70% now. Heres hoping for 100% in October!

Paulette, Alaska

(Name Withheld), Lakewood, California
I am in….I truly believe this will make a huge impact…I love to cook and there is no reason why I can't do this. I want to share with my younger daughter once I get it down pat!

catalina ventura

Jayne, Stockholm, Sweden

Jennifer Martinez, Austin, TX
Can't wait! Good luck, everyone :)

Libby, Baton Rouge, LA
Here goes nothing!

Holly, Montana
We do eat quite a bit of unprocessed food, but to consciously decide to eat NOTHING processed for a month, that's a big commitment. We'll take it a day at a time and see where we end up!

sue, NH

Liz Bates, Buffalo, NY

Gayle, Michigan

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), Washington
Looking forward to the challenge. It will be interesting to see just what portion of my diet is processed however I think that it's not all that much.

Cindy, Portland, OR

Diane Var, Windsor, CT
I like this idea very much. Thank you.

Jasmine, Halifax

Amanda A., Seattle
Im excited for this challenge! I would love to kick my bad habits and be a processed free home. My bigger challenges will be my boyfriend and 1 year old daughter!

Janet Foster
Great idea! I'm almost done with Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food so the timing for this is great.

Mindi, Phoenix AZ
Just what I need to shake things up and get me back in the kitchen!


Karli Silacci, gilroy, ca

Karina Cabrera, South Florida

Justin, London, Ontario

Sarah G., Santa Clara, CA
This will be a great way to keep on track heading into the holidays! It's never too late to feel better than ever before!

Lindsey Corley, Illinois

Shae | Hitchhiking to Heaven, Northern California
Last year, I wasn't ready. This year, I say bring it!

Suzanne J, San Diego/Irvine
It's going to be difficult as a college student, but I would love to try!

Mary Anne, Murray, KY
My family eats mostly unprocessed foods already. I'm excited to commit fully to a unprocessed diet. For a month, anyway.

Kim Dillon, Ohio
I've been thinking about doing this for some time. Looking forward to the challenge.

Paola, los angeles
I hope my boyfriend wants to be on board with this. Excited :)

Dave and Anna, Cherry Hill, NJ
Great Idea, We are In!

Ravdeep Jaidka, Brooklyn, NY

Kristi Rimkus, Snohomish
Read your bio and love your food rules.

Anne M, Long Beach, CA

Tenaj Ferguson, Baltimore & The Bahamas
I love this commitment! Such an awakening challenge. Thank you

Kim gerber (Out of the Box Food), Los angeles
I am SO inn…and so is my family. It's what we strive for everyday.

Kim Gerber (Out of the Box Food), Los angeles
I am SO in and so is my family. This is the goal we strive for everyday! Too much garbage in processed food.

Sarah Ferguson, California! :)
I cannot wait to do this! It sounds amazing!

(Name Withheld), Israel
I want this for my husband,my children and my own long,active,beautiful life!

Piret, Tallinn, Estonia
It's been a while since I did something like this. Looking forward to it!

Erica McClanahan, New York

Anna Ba, Florida

Amanda A., Atlanta, GA
Starting with the pledge and hoping the habit sticks far beyond the month!!!

Alia Alvani, Jacksonville, FL

Alli Reid, Miami, FL

(Name Withheld)

Shari Thomas, Northern Indiana
Glad to be a part of this…..been eating this way for a years.

Dani Spies, Santa Monica CA
I just found your blog via FaceBook and absolutely LOVE this idea… what a cool thing to do! I'm on board an will be sharing this idea with my readers as well. I would be beyond excited to share a agues post if you are looking for any this time around. Here's to deeeelicious, unprocessed foods!!

Kazandra De La Torre, New York, New York
It is amazing that so many people can come together and do something like this! Thanks Andrew! The HealthCorps team (www.healthcorps.net) is joining the challenge, with 10 coordinators signing up so far!

Melissa Horne, NJ
I'm excited to see how I feel at the end of the month!

Kim M, Houston, TX
Game ON! I love a challenge! Even if I slip here and there (going to my folks house in Oct – home cookin') it will be better than nothing!

Michelle Stephens, San Diego

Frances Stoterau, El Paso, TX

Ben Coburger, Calgary
That is in deed a great idea. I would join. Let me know when. And great idea of Rita to share recipes as help and motivation to try new things.

Melissa, Dayton, Ohio
Great idea. I got on board with Meatless Mondays one time and after the challenge, never went back!

Michelle Prosek
I have already been eating unprocessed for at least a year now, and it makes a world of difference!

Linea, Oregon
This is such a great idea. I have a toddler and I really don't want him to get used to processed foods. My family is IN. Yay you for coming up with this!

Sara Roberts, Atlanta, GA

Andrew S., Atlanta, GA
I'm a recent vegetarian convert so excited to try this out.

Judy, Texas
Great idea!

Tori @ The Shiksa in the Kitchen
I'm in! :)

Janine, Seattle, WA

Claire Sledge

Meline Joaris, Pretoria, South Africa
This is going to be a tough one in South Africa, where everything seems to have a lot more chemicals in it than necessary! I'm up for the (cooking) challenge!

Trina, Iowa
How cool! I've always wanted to do this. Glad I have a few weeks to plan it out.

Molls, Wilmington, DE
I see you, Team HealthCorps! Here we grow :)

Shannon Hoffman, BOULDER, CO
I've cut A LLLOOT of processed foods out anyways!

Jenny O., LA area
I did the January challenge and it was great, even though I was far from perfect in my adherence. I can't believe it's been so long–it's so easy to get "re-processed."

Courtney Briones, Las Vegas, NV

(Name Withheld), Melbourne

Stephanie, The Recipe Renovator, San Diego, CA
I'm in! And I've posted it too. Thanks for inspiring us!

Dianne Etmanski, Toronto, Canada

Linda Fleck, Carlisle, PA
I've been slowly getting rid of processed foods from my diet. Now is the time to get rid of the remaining few! Love this idea!

Ikwuoma udeaja, United kingdom
Can't wait!

(Name Withheld)
this is perfect

Ali Seiter, Madison, WI
A wonderful concept. It'll be interesting to scour my pantry and see what little (if any) processed foods crop up and to have an even greater awareness of avoiding it. Thanks!

Sarah Frank, New York, NY
As a HealthCorps Coordinator, I'm signing up for October Unprocessed to help myself and the community I work with be healthier.

Renee L., Northern Illinois
What an excellent challenge! I think I'll start practicing now!!

Suzette, Florida
I'm in!

i've been trying to weed out the crap anyway…. soda is my evil nemesis… GAH!!!!!

Sumaiya Sarwar

Lorie Rivers, Southern California

Becks cousin, UK

Susan Rayne, Massachusetts
I have tried to eat this way since the BP oil spill … no more support for oil-laden food "products"! I've lost 25 pounds and never felt better!

Kara, San Diego
This time I'm not falling off the wagon!

(Name Withheld)

Brian K., Clarkston, WA

(Name Withheld), Florida
Looking to change my family's eating habits, will need lots of good recipes!

margaret christine, Texas
I'll be blogging about it for the month, too! www.frommaggiesfarm.blogspot.com

Jessica, NC
Already about 95% unprocessed, so this shouldn't be too difficult. Can't wait to see how we do!!

Kiara Perez, Arizona

(Name Withheld), Houston, TX

Denine, New Jersey

Sarah, North Carolina
Thirty days seems like a great way to start!

Trevor, Boulder, Colorado
New house, new month, new me.

(Name Withheld), Bournemouth, UK
I have a Wife and 2 children. We started following a vegan lifestyle in March of this year, and are looking forward to following this challenge and hopefully continue with it after October.

Tanya, Bournemouth, UK
I'm excited about this journey. Good luck everyone.

sarah, georgia
so excited for this! hoping to get the ball-and-chain to participate, too!

craig wilson, scotland
where do you buy unprocessed?

Keely, Missouri

Susannah Waechter, Portage, IN

Clare L., Indianapolis, IN
Can't wait! Should be interesting since I'm a college student but I want to give it a go!

Micah Clifton, Missouri
I'm sure this will be more difficult than it sounds, but I'm up for the challenge!

(Name Withheld), St Paul MN
Let's do it…I'm in!!!

Tia Kraemer, Saint Louis
I love it! Thank you for organizing!

Andrea B, Oregon
Everyone should try clean eating…even for just a month. Be warned, you might just get hooked!

Kathy, Seattle, WA

Sarah, Northern Virginia

Janet K-F, Vermont
We will be participating as a family of four :)

Halina, Walnut Creek, Ca

Jan Hallquist Thompson, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Emilie Costello, Pittsfield, NH

Gina Snyder, Maple Ridge, BC
I am very excited, this will be a great way for us to get back on track after our move. :)

Kris, Vermont
Neat–I'm in! But I can't say that much for the rest of my family…but I'll try and get them in on it, too.

Heather, Boise, Idaho
I will do my best to go the full 30 days! We don't eat a lot of processed food as it is but you forget about things like condiments and bread! I think I can do it….not sure how my family will fare! ;o)


t mcgee, sf bay area

Debra Schramm, Americus, GA

Crystal T., Virginia
Recently I've been reading alot of information about the Raw Food diet. This may give me the motivation I need to kick start it.

Ronnie J, Etown PA
Can't wait!

Mage J, Etown PA
Looking forward to jumpstarting my good eating habits.

Lyndsay Braswell, Maryland

heidi, california
rock on!

diane cummings
All my bad eating habits are getting the best of me. I am gaining so much weight and just feel tired and unmotivated all of the time. For me, the time is Now, I can't wait. I am going to start tomorrow, Sept 20! The only exception I will probably make is protein powder for a shake right after the gym if I am not going directly home where I can get some unprocessed protein. Thanks for this challenge! It could not have come at a better time for me!

Tiffany A., Oklahoma
I love this! Super excited for October!

I am going to give this my best shot in celebration of 3 years cancer-free!

(Name Withheld), Florida
I'm starting my 30 days today (sept 20)!

Dev, Vermont

Kelly W., Minnesota
I am so excited to try this. I feel I eat clean for the most part… this will be interesting.

Danielle, Manhattan

(Name Withheld), HI ?
I will be in Hawaii the month of Oct but will try this.

Jessie, Vancouver, Wa.
Ooh… this sounds so awesome to attempt. Not sure about how my three sons feel about it or my husband having to give up his ever loved "Dorritos and Pepsi" meals.. But I will try my best.

Teena, Brentwood, CA
Love it!!

Christy, Jacksonville, FL

Brenda Bradford, Los Angeles


Jennifer, Michigan

alice, Chattanooga, TN
I'd love to be in! I'll see if I can do the whole month!

Meredith, Alexandria, VA

(Name Withheld), Chicago
Love the idea! I'm going to try going the entire month

Victoria, upstate NY

Sandra Wagner, Everett, WA
I am more than happy to do the October Unprocessed, because I try to avoid unprocessed foods most all the time anyway. This is a great idea!

April L., Lafayette, LA
How ironic I ran across this blog. Perfect timing bc I was just thinking I was needing to do something like this! Think I'm going to do a quick juice fast before I start. ….Soooo excited to pledge:)

Katelyn Demidow

Not a problem, I don't eat that junk anyway-NEVER

Elizabeth G, Louisiana

This is awesome!

Alice Peabody, SE Arizona, US
This is a wonderful idea! I'm all in.

Catherine, Sacramento

Rose, mpls, mn
living with a corn allergy (along with wheat & 8 others) makes this a year round challenge! even so, I'll spend October thinking about it further.

jolene, toledo, oh

(Name Withheld), des moines
I'm gearing up to do the Whole 30 in October and there won't be any processed food with that so I'm in. Love these challenges.

April!, Bloomsburg, PA
Great idea! I'm glad I love cooking 😀

Helen, New Brunswick, Canada
For the last few months, we have really cut down on the processed food we have been eating. Once you start it becomes almost an obsession!

Debbie Loveless, IL
Knowing that there are hundreds of others doing it with me will help keep me motivated! I used to eat this way and have never felt that good…got lost somewhere and became junk food addicted again.

Rose Huysman, Mystic, CT

Paige Bayer, Silicon Valley
I'm a blogger at canningwithkids.com and starting a new online farmer's market at svlocalmarket.com. This is SO up my alley and I am excited to take part in it with other like-minded friends and foodies.

Kim Curiel, Lafayette, CA
I've got 6 kids at home, so this will be a serious challenge, but I think we're up for it. I like the "Kitchen Test" definition! I can work with that!

Angie Whitehouse, Chillicothe OH
This will be a challenge, but I am excited to try it!

Sue-Ann Cowan, Jupiter,Fl
This is great motivation, I look forward to feeling better!

Mary, Bakersville North Carolina
Here we go!

(Name Withheld), NC
I made a commitment to better eating and nutrition in June 2011 and since then have lost 47 pounds! It is amazing what a difference preparing and eating REAL food makes.

I ate only foods I cooked from scratch for a month once… but in the first year of law school, this will be a new challenge!

Tammy Mercurio, North Carolina
I pledge to drastically reduce processed foods in my diet in October. I recently subscribed to The Fresh 20–which should be a tremendous help!

Kat, America :)

Janice Beall, Cumberland, MD

Julie, United States

Amy, Colorado

LaCinda Winders, Sumner, WA
I just bought a juicer to do a total body reboot. This was timely!

Jan Hoadley, AL
Food choices are awesome…learn about & make CHOICES!

Rachel, Sydney
oh my, am not expecting it to be easy, but should be easier if we're all in it together.

Jeff at Low Sodium Blog, Los Angeles
Going unprocessed and low sodium…I'm looking forward to feeling really good and healthy.

Kelly, Louisville, KY
I am commited to do this for the month of October. I have lost 28 lbs. since July 05,2011 eating very low carbs. I am still severely obese. I am 46 years old and have been overweight my entire adult life. I have started a diet every Monday for the last 25 yrs. and with a few exceptions I blew it by Monday night. You see, in my thoughts diet had to start on Monday (don't ask me why)When I was in my 20's & 30's it was about the way I look. Although I will admit it would be nice to have fun buying a pair of jeans NOT in a plus size…..I WANT TO FEEL GOOD and BE HEALTHY!! I have 2 grand-children that I want to see grow up. Wish me luck!! Thanks, Kelly P.S. If I feel as good as I think I will, I will continue past October.

jac klees, United States

Roxana, Lafayette, LA
OK.. for me the difficulty will be..avoiding restaurants other than whole food organic restaurants.

(Name Withheld)

Luis, Houston, TX
Lets do it!!

Amber, Texas
I did the ten-day "100 Days of Real Food" pledge and want to try and keep going!

Nadia Seeratan, Washington DC

kara m., minneapolis

lance, Texas
The only thing I eat daily that is processed is a clifbar before I workout. Can I go a month without,yea I think so :(

MaryAnn, Indina
I've been thinking along these lines & trying to make simple changes for a while. I'm game to give it a go!

Marianne DiMascio, Vermont
Gosh darn it – I will commit to doing this for at least one week, maybe longer.

Kristen M., San Diego
Yup, I think I can do this. I'm about 70% of the way there right now. Looking forward to the challenge.

Austin W, Seattle, WA
I cut most of the junk and replaced it with produce a few months ago and I'm down about 35 pounds now! I still indulge in sweets pretty often but because my diet is mostly green it's not a big deal. I will, however, attempt to clean up shop and go 100% unprocessed!

Stephanie, Ohio

Jackie Baisa, Seattle

Damon Mathews, San Diego, CA
I have lived the past 9 months without processed foods! I lost 70 pounds and feel fantastic!!! You can too!!

Kristin, Houston
I am looking forward to the challenge of getting healthier and teaching my kids what good foods can do for them. I think it will be toughest to find alternatives for my Goldfish and ritz cracker loving kids. We are going to do our best and see where we are in a month.

Tim, San Diego, CA
Love it! The whole family will be doing this.

Cathy/ShowFood Chef
Every time I read something about this I get that burning feeling in my neck that makes me KNOW I should be doing this. Dammit, I'm in! Here goes nothing (or everything processed.) 😀 Thx for the great idea (said both sarcastically and sincerely.)

Janine McGann, NC

Brendan, San Diego, CA
Interested to see how this works out

Barbara Kiebel, Denver, CO
I think I eat a lot of unprocessed foods but maybe not by these definitions so will be a challenge to find out. Very glad a party I am attending slips into the September deadline!

Christine Zorn, Moorhead, MN
Ok, I've been thinking it over and I'm in. I might not be perfect, but I'm going to do my best!

Sarah Henning, Lawrence, Kansas
I've been blogging about "The Unprocessed Life" (unprocessedlife.posterous.com) for a little over a year now and LOVE this idea!

(Name Withheld), Colorado
For health reason, 2 months ago I went Macrobiotic, and have been unprocessed since the switch.

However it's always fun to join a crowd and swap ideas and recipes 😉

Martha D., Manhattan Beach
My October goal is learning to make the flatbread called Roti (which I mastered this past summer)from a 100% whole wheat flour formula. From there, I'd like to make it from other 100% whole grain flours, or find a fabulous mixture thereof!

Dawn Houtz, Michigan
I am just starting the Paleo Lifestyle so this will be an awesome incentive and jump start for me! :)

Mary Horvath, Richardson, Texas

Megan, CA

Dara, Upstate NY
I'm having kidney stone surgery next week, and I'm pretty sure I got them from poor diet. Even though I think I eat well, I know I can do better. This will be a good thing for me so I pay more attention to what I consume.

Terri Buckley, Portland, Oregon

Meghan Finley

Chris Kosik, Carlsbad, CA

Jaime W., Louisiana
I'll start with a week!

Amber, Awake at the Whisk, Sacramento
Look forward to doing it again! :)

cas, dl

Sarah Phillips, Venice, CA
whooo hooo….you are going to have to keep nudging me. No pot stickers!!!

Bev, Woodstock
Bring on the 28 days! Can't wait to be an American Food Rebel and unplug from the industrial food machine.

Xochi, California
I'm in for the whole month of October!

(Name Withheld), California
Having trouble giving up processed cookies and pretzels. I hope I can make it 30 days without my comfort food!

Jordan Trusty, Bloomington, IN

Kathleen Wall, United States

julianne, philadelphia, pa
i try as much as possible on a daily basis to eat unprocessed. !!!

Meaghan, Florida <3

Jessica, Ann Arbor, MI

Me and my family are going to give the October Unprocessed pledge.

Liz the Chef, San Diego
I keep signing up and my name disappears :(

Tammy, Reno
I'm scared. Bye Bye Sour Skttles. We have to break up. It's not you, it's me.

Carolyn Elmore, Oregon
My biggest challenge is going to be I'm starting school at roughly the same time…. I need to come up with stuff that I can take with me so I can eat well and avoid the vending machines….and then there is pop…. why is it so hard to give up when I know it is so bad….

Chris, Atlanta, GA
I admit, I am a little nervous! But, I am game. :)

Jaimie Edmunds, PA
Just the inspiration I was looking for. Found you from Clean and Delicious with Dani Spies.

Janet, Peoria, Arizona
I love this! What a fab goal for all of us- can't wait! I will definitely share this 😉

(Name Withheld)
I'm a teen in cross country. I missed last track season because of anemia, and I felt terrible not being able to exercise. Being healthy is extremely important to me, and I want to get every edge I can in my races. Eating unprocessed appeals to me because I believe natural, whole foods not only are better for my body but also for my mind. That's why I'm taking the pledge.

My daughter adopted this lifestyle months ago and swears by it. I think I need to see for myself.

Amanda Brooks, United States
I am really excited and really terrified to do this. Do I eat lots of whole foods, yes…but I recognize all the processed foods still in my life too. I need to do this, so here's to being held accountable!

Valentina, LA
OK, so I'm doing this! With, however, a conscious decision not give up half and half in my coffee. 😉

Amanda Jones, Graham, WA
I'm in :)

Donna Singleton, Tennessee
I think I can….I think I can!!!!!:):)

Maureen Garver, Exeter CA
Hubby and I are all in!

jessica, dallas, tx.

Jeannet, Kona, Hi.
This is exciting!

Callie, NC

Mimi Avocado

Colleen, Michigan

Deanna, Florida

Taylor K., Saint Paul, MN
So excited about this! I'm up for the challenge after October 2nd, when I'm running a marathon and will have to be eating energy gels that are obviously not unprocessed :)

Robin, Raleigh
My exception will have to be our NC State Fair.

Mommaofmany, Central CA
We've been slowly changing over to this way of eating for a while. I think we are at a place where we can do it!

Emily Mandrup
I'm in!!!

Justin, Fresno, CA
Hoping I can last longer than a few hours!!!

Lisa, Orlando, FL
I was inspired by the 100 day real food challenge and I have been doing this for the past week with starting my own blog, too. I've already made the choice to do 100 days so the month of October will be easy!


Teniesha A. Kessler, South Dakota

Emily Alvers, www.EmilyAlvers.com
What a fantastic way to re-gain some clarity on the clean eating front. Count me in!

Andrea, El Cerrito, CA

Beth, Seattle, WA
What a great idea and a good challenge!

Jo Miles, Maryland
I'm excited to try this! It's been a busy summer and this will be just the thing to get us back into good habits (and then some).

Lisa Tomsha, Oglesby, IL
Sounds fantastic! I'm on-board with no processed food for the month of October.

kaitlyn, NY
This is awesome! I've been doing this for the last month on my own, so to have other people who understand and are making the changes themselves will be fantastic! I've been putting the "kitchen test" to work over the last month…making my own crackers, bagels and granola–its been a great hobby and learning experience!

Alicia, Burlington, VT
A new challenge and a great character building activity? I'm in.

Damion Smith, St. Paul, MN
I'm gonna have to figure out bread…

Christine Connors, Pennsylvania
Looking forward to being part of a community on this journey! (I have no choice due to recently learning of food allergies.) What I'm wondering most is how to reasonably balance slowing down the rest of a busy family's life to make and enjoy unprocessed foods. Good luck to all of us!

Mitch, New York, NY
I'll try the Hammer stuff, but will make an exception for endurance goods for the NYC Marathon training.

Naomi Soto, Palm Desert, CA
My life is mostly unprocessed… but I look forward to seeing it 100 percent completely unprocessed! Bring it October!

Kimberly B., Hampton Roads

Celeste M., New Jersey

Katie B., Colorado
Looking forward to this. We eat pretty well but I'm surprised by some of the stuff that still lurks in our pantry. This will be another way to build awareness.

(Name Withheld), la jolla

Trisha, Dallas, TX
Going to give it a try. Not sure how long I will make it, but we will see.

Karen H., Vancouver, BC
We already eat relatively unprocessed but this sounds like so much fun!

J. Maeda, Hawaii
This is awesome and motivating! It will be great to have a support group in a quest like this. Beginning right now and throughout the month of October, I commit to eating whole, unprocessed foods when chowing down at home and will try my best to make healthy and unprocessed choices when dining out. I may make exceptions during special occasions, however, like weddings/birthdays :O)

Lauri C, Lubbock, TX
Happy Unprocessed October!!!

Excited to try-going for a week to start, hopefully will turn into a whole month. Thanks!

brenda, sparta NJ

Alanna Bridgman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Emily W, Troy, o-HI-o
I'm starting a Paleo Challenge 10/1, this will dovetail nicely!

Melinda, Fort Worth, TX
I try to eat this way regularly but often fall back into old habits. Thanks for the challenge!

Denise, Modesto, CA
Looking forward to it. I'm hoping that my family embraces it as well.

Heather, Orlando, FL
I'm in for a week.

Jen, Texas

Tracy B., Santa Monica, CA
Looking forward to doing the challenge again! And I'm going to try to have more snacks and grab &amp; go foods prepared ahead of time this year.


Jen F, Los Angeles
This is a great idea, looking forward to the challenge!


Donette Zempel, Wisconsin
I'm committed to trying. I'm up for recipes, too!

Jackie Watson Davis, Las Vegas
Looking forward to trying some new recipes!

Marjorie V., Jacksonville, FL

Heather Bennett, Oklahoma
I eat this way already, the pledge sounds like a great way to get the husband and kids to try 100%.

Tamara, Minnesota

Diana, Bogotá, Colombia
Really looking forward to this challenge! Let's do it!

wendy reimer, ohio

Brandi Engeman
Our little family is excited to give this a try!

Tom N., Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Hard to do while going to College, but still totally worth it. Farmer's markets and community gardens are the place to be!

Katie, Georgia
I'm so excited!!

Barbara, Crockett, TX

Meghann P., Austin, TX
This is great! So excited to do this.

Valeria, Bra (Italy)
I will commit to this and share the badge on my blog! Although it is the way I always eat, maybe sometimes I forget and eat that granola bar that has a weird ingredient in it. So ok, I'll join the challenge!


Christopher Sorel, Saline, MI

lori, buffalo
LOVE the challenge…. We eat primarily organic,pure,natural as much as possible. We do however include a treat meal of takeoutfor our kids as a treat..

Heather Wenthold, Brown Deer, WI

Danita A., CA


Alix Keener

Michelle, Gresham Oregon

(Name Withheld)

Sara, Oregon

kat, ohio
We've been working towards this goal yourself and I'm excited to pledge a full month!

Jessica, West Sacramento, CA
I'm trying very hard to create healthier options for my family. It can be incredibly difficult on a limited budget, so I have to take it a day or a week at a time. Bit by bit, though, we're eating healthier.

Angie @ Crazy Country Momma, www.crazycountrymomma.com
We are going to join the challenge for one week. If I can talk my husband into it, we will go longer!

Jennifer Mansell, Oklahoma

Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

Amber K, United States

(Name Withheld), Seattle
I'm in.

eszter, san francisco
We do well on many accounts, (home made pizza, broth, cookies) but we struggle to give up sausages, hot dogs, cold cuts. That is our challenge.

kathy, Orlando fl
So excited to find you – am looking forward to trying the October Unprocessed challenge. Am going to commit to the entire month!!

Brian Gant, TN
I'm pumped for this challenge, as my wife and I have been purposefully eating less and less processed foods for some time and this challenge will help put us nearer our goal of no processed foods ever. Thanks!

Suni Ferrer, West Lafayette, IN
I'm starting this challenge with a 7-day raw detox (Tera Warner's last free one).

Beth, Logan, UT
Looking forward to it!

Joey FitVegasFoodie, Las Vegas, NV
I am going to try this for one day each week at minimum throughout October! Thanks for the challenge!

Mindy King, Virginia

Melissa Hudson-Gant, Nashville, TN

catie, Boise, ID

Starr Fesler Gordon, United States

(Name Withheld)

Karen K., Iowa

Gabriella, Ecuador

N Clark, Tennessee
We are jumping on this bandwagon and will try our best!

Tracy, Chicago
I am signing up, but not much of a challenge for me – I am allergic to sulfites so I haven't eaten processed food in a couple of years. I am really looking forward to seeing what people who are just starting down this path have to say about it – I am so used to making everything from scratch I forget how hard it was at first! Good luck all!


Jacqueline Gonzales, Escondido
I've been wanting to do this for awhile! I will be pledging to do the entire month with the exception of 5 days when I will be traveling and not able to control my food as much.

Christy Miller, Minot ND
Yeah! I am going to try this challenge and pass it on to my clients.

Jennifer, Tempe, AZ
I cannot wait! This is going to be a new food adventure!

Kristi P., Vancouver, WA
I'm looking forward to going totally unprocessed! It will be hard because I'm travelling for a week. Wish me luck!

Melissa Johnson, Columbus, Ohio

Amanda, Iowa
I'm excited to try this &amp; will be passing on the information to my friends to see who else would like to join in.

(Name Withheld), Aberdeen, MD
I LOVE this idea! I need to recalibrate my eating habit and tastebuds! I'm in!

A, 0theplaceswewillgo.blogspot.com
Love this! Great idea.

Lexi Emerton, United States
This is too easy for me. I wish everyone would do this.

Erica, Seattle
We eat mostly unprocessed anyway, but this will be good to uncover those few things that we do eat but shouldn't!

Leslie, Rochester, NY
I've been wanting to do something like this for ages, but never got around to pulling my act together. No more excuses – I'm up for the challenge!

Pamela, Northern California
Is it cheating if we already eat virtually no processed foods? :)


Sophie, Montréal
My spouse and I are taking the plunge and entering this challenge :) Were excited about it!

Leigh F., Cambridge, MA
I'm really excited to do this! I don't use a lot of processed food, but I think on-the-go food for the kids is going to be a challenge. But one I'm excited to take on.

Heather, Kansas
This is just the jump-start I needed!


Shewanna, Chicago
October is the last month for most farmers markets in Chicago, so perfect timing!!

(Name Withheld), Los Angeles

Lara, Portland, OR

Lisa, Little Rock, AR

Natasha O., Tempe, AZ

Jenipurr, Sacramento, CA
I'm guessing this isn't going to be as easy as I think, but we're already committed to eating 'real' food on a regular basis, so hopefully this challenge will give us an extra push.

Jenne Kopalek, Flower Mound, TX
I try to eat unprocessed foods all year long. This is a really cool challenge!

I'm in – this should be interesting, I like to think that we don't eat a lot of processed food, guess we'll find out.

Grace H, Seattle, WA

Debi Smith, Cincinnati, OH
Looking forward to this again. 😀

Sarah, Casselberry, FL
I am ready for this! I've been on a no refined sugar quest for the last few weeks. The hardest part will be a family that isn't on the same plan. I can make my kids eat it (I'm the mom and I say so :) but my husband, not so much (although he is very supportive of whatever I am doing). There will still be plenty of processed foods in the house.

Kara, NYC
Looking forward to it!

Austin &amp; Molly, Iowa
We're going to give it a shot!

sophia jarvis, UK
Great idea!



Mayumi, Australia

Joanna @ Cairns Manor, United States
I try to do this as much as I can already, but pushing us to 100% in October is my goal!

Mindy E, Santa Ana, CA
So looking forward to this!

Jennifer, Albany


Jennifer, Philadelphia
This is awesome! I am in!!

(Name Withheld)

Kristen, North Dakota
Great idea, can't wait to get the family in on this!

(Name Withheld)
We already had to throw out all the white flour (thanks Celiac disease!) and lots of other foods frequently found in processed foods (thanks food allergies and eosinophilic esophogitis). The last beast to be conquered is that dreaded PROCESSED SUGAR!) Wish us luck!

Dorcella Grate, Fredericksburg, Virginia
I am taking the pledege as a challenge. I am trying to eat healther and become a vegetarian, which I have done in the past. This time I am going to stick with it, because it is a healther way to eat and it makes you feel better

Mary Zekaria

Karissa, Nevada
Looking forward to becoming aware of more healthy eating.

Valerie S., Illinois

Melanie Hoffman, North Dakota
My whole family of 6 will try for the whole month.

Kimi Ceridon, Massachusetts
I have a garden at home and participate in a veggie share, a meat share and a fish share. Piece of cake at home, but I travel for work nearly every week. Let's see what happens.

D. Stoops, Anchorage, AK
My husband and I are going to do this for at least one week starting the beginning of October – maybe longer…

Kenny Baker, TN
You are what you eat…

Briita, Minnesota
I am going to try this for the month. Super excited!

Carol, SW Missouri
I strive to eat this way, but those processed foods still find a way of getting into my menus. NO MORE!

Erinn, Wisconsin
I can't wait for October 1

Esther Sato, Santa Monica
This should be easy :) Love it!

sara, orlando, fl
i have been striving for unprocessed since last winter. sure it takes planning – but gets easier each week!

Susan, Georgia
Sounds like a great idea and a good way to get myself motivated to eat healthier!

Ali, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada

Kelley, Texas
Our family of 4 is in! Great idea…glad I found this blog

Jennifer, Dallas, TX

debi, WI
This will be more of a challenge than i can imagine!

Erin, San Diego, California

Kathleen, Sandy, Utah
Eating like we should…what a unique idea!

Kristy Lynn, Victoria, BC, Canada
Super stoked! http://gastronomicalsovereignty.blogspot.com

Rachel, Toronto

(Name Withheld), Bakersfield, CA

Kylene, Chicago

Paige L., Austin, TX

Stacy Brewer, Seattle
I'm in for the whole month! www.seattleseedling.com

Helen, Hamilton, New Zealand
I'm a solo mum to 3 kids on a budget so this may be a slight struggle but in the end.. my situation alone is reason enough to do this.. just gonna figure out how long i'll do it for and go from there. Thanks alot for the inspiration

Janelle, Vancouver, BC
This will be magnificent. I'm just glad olive and sesame oil are on the list! Hopefully this will inspire us all to take it further and make even just one more thing ourselves that we weren't before.


maureen gerber
I can do this! Thanks! I will be healthier and hopefully lose weight.

amy c, FL

Adrian W., Charleston, SC; halfbakedandhomegrown.wordpress.com
love this!!

Melody, Los Angeles, CA

Shauna, Victoria, BC
I'm really looking forward to trying this! Wish I could get my husband on board, but baby steps will have to do.

Jeannie, Villa Park, IL
I'm looking forward to this!

(Name Withheld), Australia
Never done this before but am trying to clean up our whole familys diet. Hopefully we can at the very least improve things a lot.

jessica romeo, nj
Love this idea!! Wish schools would catch on and have parents and students take the pledge.

Christina Kwasniewski, La Crosse, Wisconsin
we've been on this journey for a little over a year. it is so rewarding to "nourish" my family. we certainly have more work to do to be 100% unprocessed, so i'm excited to have a bit of a push. thank you for this incredible challenge.

Jane, Maracaibo, Venezuela
I try to eat this way already – but the challenge is a great motivation to be more dedicated. I've promised our friends an unprocessed meal once a week.

Jen Hoffman, Chicagoland
You bet! I can do this!!!

Jenni Nichols, California

Tyla C Tingle, Phoenix, India, Singapore

Hugo Polanco, Phoenix, Az

Jeanne B, Seattle
I will be hoping for supportive stories…

David Zumini, Portland, OR
Count me in! I try to eat largely unprocessed food already, but I know I'm not at "100%" so to speak. This will be a great challenge to undertake, and I'm excited to be doing it with hundreds of others!

Christine, phoenix, AZ

Tamara, Maple Valley, WA
We have been unprocessed since July 4, 2011 both my husband and I have lost 40 lbs each

Kristin Overton, Prince George, BC
I'm pumped for this to get going!

Megan J., Washington state
I want to do this to learn more about all the things put in our food. It will certainly be a challenge and I know I'll have to forgo some of my favorite foods.

mina, denmark
looking forward to it. shouldn't be too hard. (:

Janice F, MA
Will post this to my blog. Great idea :)

Bobbi Cappelli, Cape May, New Jersey
So looking forward to this life changing event!!

Roberta McCormack, United States
I am so excited!!

Erin Messing, Germany

Connie, Wisconsin
Sounds like a good idea to me! I foresee some difficulty during some Packer football games already! LOL

Audra, TN
I've been thinking about this for two weeks and I'm in.

Jamie Schull, Mississippi
Love it! What a great motivator for us SAD Americans :) I am mostly eat this way now with 5 kids and a Husband and we feel so much better for it!

Nicole Callen, Oregon

Danielle, Toronto
This is just what we need. The only exception I am going to allow is cheerios! The little ones depend on it. Can't wait to update our progress over at mostdaysiwin.blogspot.com.

(Name Withheld), Columbus, MS
Wow! Such a simple concept, I can't wait to host entire unprocessed food parties – I wonder how many meals I have unconsciously made "unprocessed" already. Thank you for your inspiration!

Amanda, Philadelphia, PA
I think I'm going to give it a go – October is set to be a crazy month so I may have to slip a few times but it will be a fun experiment.

Jennifer, Ardmore, PA

Brandy, Raleigh, NC
Since my general rule is :If I can't make it I can't eat it" I tend to eat this way anyways! And this will further help me in my "lose 20 pounds by November 30th goal"!

Hope, Brooklyn, NY

Kate hansen, Sacramento, CA
Great challenge!

clare, dallas

vanessa, Vancouver, BC
I am SO in!

Amy, Goderich, ON
Really looking forward to this challenge! Just what I need!

Kathryn Wright, Alexandria, VA

Chris Bailey, Atlanta, GA
I'm for it.

Kelly, Baltimore, MD
I can do it!!

(Name Withheld), Boston, MA
Love this! It could be revolutionary to the way the US views food.

Adriann Farrell, Boston, MA
This sounds great – so excited!

Lauren Rotolo, Denver, Co

Neha Agrawal, Houston, TX
My minimum goal will be for a week. My ideal goal will be for 2 weeks. Maybe next year or during the spring, I will take on a 1 month unprocessed challenge! Thanks for starting this :)

(Name Withheld), United States
So excited for the challenge!

Allyson, Austin
This is an intimidating challenge. But I also can't resist.

Jenna, Chicago, IL
Lets see how this goes!

(Name Withheld), Long Island, NY

Erica F., Columbus, OH

Heather B, Dallas, TX

Virginia Schenk, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Fantastic challenge! Especially for us Canadians as we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Great excuse to have family over and demonstrate that real food can be fantastic! I'll post this link on my blog http://dineswell.blogspot.com/

Shannon Baffoni, Philadelphia, PA
I'm going to try and probably fail but it's better than not trying at all!

Amy Quick, Oklahoma, USA
This is an incredible idea! Love the focus on whole foods and healthy living!~ Feel free to visit my website: http://www.healthyabandon.com

(Name Withheld), Oakland, CA

Erin Rickbeil, Vancouver, BC, Canada
I think this is a brilliant idea. I am in my last month of pregnancy, so it will give me something else to focus on besides the waiting! And of course, be very good for both of us.

Nadia, Albany, NY
I'm so excited to give this a try!

Jamie Scheppers, Columbia, MO
Bring it! Since I'm already mainly unprocessed, I'm going to further challenge myself by making my own bread, tofu, cheese and almond milk.

Alexandra, Brooklyn, NY

Julia, Nashville, TN
Very excited!

Vicki Sita, Nashville, TN
I am a big proponent of this anyway, so I think it will be relatively easy for my house, but I'm excited to take part in the challenge aspect regardless!

April Lewis, Clearwater, FL
Food should be loved not just consumed!

tisa, Tennessee

missy erving, montana

Vonnie, St Lucia, West Indies
Signing to help others, by saying we are almost process free for about 70% of all foods consumed, so it's eazzy-peazzy for us here. But do try, baby steps. It also means less packaging and less stuff in landfills, so win all round.


Cecilia Canning, New Canaan, CT
I pledge to go for an entire month eating no processed foods! Is Diet Coke a processed food?? haha!

(Name Withheld)

Sandy Ruffin, Brooklyn
I can do this!

Kimberly, So Cal
We mostly eat this way anyway, but this is a great nudge to 100%. Exception for Halloween candy on Halloween only.

Nathalie, Houston
Better eat up all the Halloween candy now…

Roxscilla, Worcester, MA
I'm definitely on board!

Sharon, Austin, TX
Let's do this!

Patricia Becus, DC

Morrow Family, Waco, TX
Looking forward to it!

Laila, Nashville
I try to eat like this normally, but given the challenge, I'll make sure I do it a 100%!

Gretchen, Chicago
From the moment I read the headline, I was in. I'm excited to at least try…

Marla Meridith, OC & Telluride, CO
Eating unprocessed whole food ingredients is the way I roll. Love that you are doing this :)

(Name Withheld), Falls Church, VA
LOVE this idea! The masses out there need to know what real food tastes like!!

Tari Pie, Fresno, Ca
Looking forward to the challenge. My Mom is G-free, so we'll see how it goes.

Cindy Carlson
this can be done~


Kate H., Atlanta, GA

(Name Withheld), Camrose, Alberta Canada

Erin VerHines, Southeast Michigan


Pam McDormand, Canada


Julie Andrews, NY

Kelsey Hunter, Hamilton, Ontario
I'm so excited to commit to this challenge. I've just returned to Canada from living in Asia for a couple of years, and am excited to get back to the fresh fruits and veggies at my local farms and markets!

Jessie C., New York, NY

andrea c, New York,NY

Mary Tricario, Central NJ
Here goes nothing! What a great thing to share with my Yoga &amp; Weight Loss students! I can't wait to issue them the same challenge.

Susan Ott
I'm excited to take this challenge and will be blogging about it at www.nowweare6.com!

(Name Withheld), Delaware

Sarah K, Madison, WI

Sarah H., Philadelphia, PA

Taylor Ronne, Fort Collins, CO
GO RAMS! Colorado State University Triathlon Team Represent!

(Name Withheld), New Orleans, LA

Niki, Buffalo, NY
October is the perfect month to do this!

hanneke, Almer, the Netherlands
Great idea, I will try this as much as possible!

Laura E., Helsinki, Finland
This sounds great, so I definitely want to give it a try. I have always prefered unprocessed food myself. The trick will be to keep this up even when visiting friends and going out for dinners. A really cool challange!

Vicky, Connecticut
We try not to eat too much processed food anyway, but doing this challenge will definitely make us more aware. My local farmer's market runs through the end of the month, so I will try to think of how I can utilize even more produce.

Susan Myrick, Portland OR

Susan, Phoenix, AZ
I'm in!

Crystal Finch
Really excited to give this a try… I love a good challenge!

Krista, Duluth, MN
I'm excited to try this, although I may end up making some modifications for my lactose intolerant husband. I don't know that I could ask him to do without his 'milk' for that long. Also, I confess, I'm not sure how I'll pull off the sugar issue. Interested to see how everyone does!

Rachele, Boston

Carrie Marchand, Detroit area

Michael, Boulder, CO
A challenge all Americans should accept and one that hopefully lasts longer than a month.

Andre Racicot, Ottawa, Canada
Great Idea!

Jeanne Horvath, Ann Arbor, MI

Shannon @ Just As Delish, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This is super awesome! Thanks for creating this awareness, I'm all for unprocessed food

(Name Withheld)
I'm going to start with a week, and see how I do!

Lindsay, Edmonton, Canada
This will be the perfect challenge for me to christen my new kitchen with!

Amy, NY,NY
Great kick to clean out the last of the processed foods.

Katie, NYC
Excited to join the challenge!

Gonna give it my all!


Melissa Dale, Cobourg, ON
my whole life i have fought the belly and being large – starved/ate better/starved again-nothing worked always stayed the same – for the past 6 months i have been on whole foods – no pre-packaged or preserved to the best of my ability being a mom and cooking for the clan- still no weight loss – i saw 3 weeks ago a Dr.Ozz issue – eat by your blood type – as your blood fuels your body – so i am 0 blood type – guess what – no carbs or preserved foods – we are the natural first blood type – hunters and gatherer's – so lean meat (protein) boiled eggs – almonds, veggies to know end CLA – 3 weeks later i try pasta – sicker than a dog and lethargic – i pinned bread along time ago with going to subway once a week – now bloated feeling gone, diariah gone, never crave anything, lost 10lbs – feel light all the time – i am on my path.

Andee, Logan, UT
I'm excited to try this!

Kimberly Ciesla
Getting started is always the hardest part 😉 Let's do this!

Jillian, Denver
Looking forward to the challenge!

Tommy, san diego
just got diagnosed with prostate cancer, doc says they are 9090% sure its related to diet……….

Alexis, Virginia
Looking forward to lots of new recipes! And a healthier lifestyle :)

Deanna B., Columbus, OH
Love this idea! I'm ready for the challenge!

(Name Withheld), Boston

Rosie, DC area

Jess, Providence, RI
Vegetarian and diabetic, so I'm curious to see how I can incorporate this into my lifestyle.

Nicole, Pacific Grove, Ca
Have been trying to eliminate process foods for a while now, this is a great opportunity to kick them for good!

A little nervous but willing to give it a go!

(Name Withheld)
I'm looking forward to an awareness of just how many processed foods I eat without even knowing it.

Jessica, Bend, OR
I will do my best, whole foods is not something we regularly think about, (although I'm fully aware it should be!) have to get my husband on board… but I'm willing to try!

Kate, Houston, TX

Emma, Oxfordshire
Although I pretty much make all my food from scratch. I guess being vegan all makes this more essential than for most..but I can still improve. I need to kick my dark chocolate habit for starters!

angela, sacramento
Yay!Real Food!

Jeanie H, Oakland, CA
I'll be doing a lot of cooking!

Kristen B., Memphis, TN

Becca M, Toronto, ON
I'm in!

(Name Withheld), Northwest Florida, USA
I am already a strict vegan and only eat whole foods, but I slip up on commercial veggie burgers now and then rather than making my own.

Gretchen, Boston
I'll give it a shot, but will be starting October 3rd due to doing my 13th marathon on October 2nd. I'm interested to see how this will affect my usual levels of post-race inflammation which I usually have to deal with for a few days post-race.

Vanessa L, San Rafael, CA

Tamara, Camano Island
Excited to try this with the whole family!

Robert Cox, Sacramento, CA

Cornelius C Gloria, Chapel Hill,NC
It'll definitely be tough but I definitely want to see what I can cook up in the kitchen to surprise my wife !

Kat E., Colorado

Samantha Minnis, Mount Pleasant, MI
This is such a wonderful idea! I feel like I already eat mostly unprocessed food, but I'm excited to increase my awareness to see if that's true and I'd love to get some new recipe ideas!

Sarah Berneche, Toroto, ON

Kristi Cooper-Rigby, Ohio
I am ALL over this!!

Kaitlin Mcgavock, orlando, fl

Sarita Parks, Calgary, AB, CANADA
this could be a little tougher than expected with Canadian Thanksgiving, but I like a little challenge once in a while 😉

CarolW, Cape Coral, FL
I'm in! :))

Aly, Phoenix, AZ
Fantastic idea!

Natalie, Charleston, SC
Joined my first CSA and will be using my weekly bag of produce to aid in my commitment to eating unprocessed and local food!

Alexandra Cruickshank, Boulder
My daughter and I do a pretty good job of about eating about 75%. Here's to taking that last 25%. I love that you are coordinating this!

Megan W., Boston MA

Andree Bourgeois, Houston, TX

Mama B, Southern Ontario
This will challenge me to be far more organized than I am now. Take out is our downfall, often because I haven't planned dinner in advance.

Kari-Lynn, Ontario, Canada
I think this is a fantastic challenge! My boyfriend and I have been eating 'unprocessed' foods for the last 3 years (the occasional thing here and there) but you feel so much better and everything tastes that much better! Happy to support such a great challenge!

Shannon Steinberg, New Hampshire

Sonia AV, Munich (Germany)

Vedrana, Ottawa, ON

Robin, NJ
I am in…I pledge to make a conscious effort in October to NOT eat processed foods.

Shannon, NYC

(Name Withheld), Australia


Kat, Oakland, CA
why not?

Matt Suggs, Birmingham, AL
Get some!

Lindsay Mattson, Baton Rouge, LA

Kirsten, Sammamish, WA
I am a personal chef devoted to using no processed foods, not only for my clients but my family as well. This is a fantastic idea! I have shared it on Facebook and I plan on keeping my friends posted with more of your information throughout the month and easy recipes! Thank you so much!


Kelly @ EvilShenanigans, Dallas, Texas
I am going to participate, as I already do a fairly good job of avoiding processed foods. I know sugar will be an issue for me because of my baking. That will have to be my lone exception.

Stephanie K, New York City
I'm going to commit two weeks minimum to this challenge!!

Julia Pham, Chicaogo, IL
I already eat a lot of organic whole foods, but I would love to take on the challenge of avoiding processed foods all together. I love this idea!

Darci Webster, United States
I think we're going to try the whole month! We are close to this already with the occasional frozen pizza, 365 mac-n-cheese, and 365 "oreos." Sounds fun!

(Name Withheld), New York

Ariel Martino, Washington, DC

Maggie Joos, United States
Can't give up the soda (hey, you want me to stick with it, right?!), but this will be a great test for actual food stuff. Thanks!

Dawn M, Waldorf, MD
This is going to be very hard but I am giving it my all!

jose s sanchez, California

Allison, United States

(Name Withheld), St Louis, Mo

Margot Viola, Canada

Charlotte Govin, Tampa

Kat Hardy, Madrid

Charlotte, Firstone, CO

Katie, Ohio

Liz, Seattle
I am absolutely in. Glad to see it laid out in such a simple way- thank you!

sarah s., OK
looking forward to it!

Kelli H., Denver, CO
I'm excited and scared…I hope I can do this.

rebecca, southern USA
I already do this! It's the best way to eat.

Stephany A., Minneapolis, MN
What a great challenge. I am eager to fuel my body with solely natural foods and have my eyes opened to what I have otherwise been consuming.

Heather Baleka-Smith, Toronto

Heather, United States

Nicole Semple, Chicago

Emilie Rexeisen, Minneapolis, MN
This will probably be tougher than I realize and I already eat very few processed foods!

Amber Lummus, Odessa, TX
I've already begun cutting back on processed food. It will be hard to do absolutely none for a month, but I will try!

Mary Helen, Austin, TX, United States
I've been on a no processed food diet for a long time, but now and then I am known to cheat, especially when eating out. This sounds like a great way to "check" myself to see how well I am really doing!

Jess Mac, Boston, MA
Halloween candy time is the perfect time for this challenge!

kristen thurman, Texas
I will give it my very best shot!

Jamie, Tacoma, WA
I suppose this is meant to happen for me because I was just thinking I needed something to light a fire under my butt and then my friend sent me a link.

Mary Wachsmann www.foodjoy.org, Austin, TX
This is an amazing project. I'll be talking about it on my blog to get the word out.

Erin Harrell, Austin, TX

Libby Doubler, Tennessee
I'm with you! :-)

Stan Wilson, Austin, TX
Not eating processed foods is unpatriotic because it takes money away from a good chunk of the Fortune 1000. Ah screw it.

Jocelyn Brown, Austin TX
I'm totally in, have eaten a minimal amount of processed foods for the past several months and I am challenging myself to do this!!

Jagua Perez, Austin, TX
I usually eat processed foods now and again if they'e offered to me in small amounts Most food I make is cooked from whole ingredients at home, and this might not be too challenging for me!

Hanna, Chicago, IL
given it a shot.

Trey Lathe, San Francisco
I'm going to try to feed my family of 5.

Julia, St. Paul, MN
This is GREAT!

Erin Ostler, H2X2B2

trish, bellevue, wa
I pledge Oct 3- 13th. In between Vegas and Octoberfest :)

Molly Cumming, Austin, TX
This is so easy to do! Congratulations to everyone participating.

Alex G., Dallas, TX
Yes, very excited to start!

Rei C., Bellingham

Alexandra Landeros, Austin, TX
Real food eaters unite!

Lauren Bruno, austin tx
save your life

Karen S, Encinitas, CA
I'm all in..

Anna Kay, Colorado Springs, CO

Dana, Western Washington State

Lina N., Ottawa, ON, Canada
I've already started trying to get rid of processed foods from my diet. This will be a boost to helping me stick to it!

Miranda, Philomath, OR
I'll be cooking up plenty of unprocessed goodies over at AnAustinHomestead.blogspot.com. Processed foods rarely find a way into our kitchen, though we moved recently and i've been finding store bought bread and granola in our cupboards. Tsk tsk. I'm ready to get them outa here!

Shauna A., Los Angeles

(Name Withheld), Des Moines IA
Not sure if I can, but always willing to try!

Danielle Amari, Austin
Check out 101cookbooks.com for easy, amazing recipes. :)

Nicole Smith

(Name Withheld), Canada

Taylor Jones, Austin, TX
Doing this 100% raw!

Vanessa Tave, Jacksonville, FL
I have already made drastic changes to my family's diet, so this will prove to be an exciting challenge. I will post this on my FB page and invite my friends to join in on the fun!

Chiara, Hamilton, ON

Catt White, San Diego
As a farmers' market manager I stay pretty close to this all the time, but the pledge should be a good way to stay aware of exceptions. Thanks!

Alex Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

Meghan Joyce, Santa Barbara, CA
I have a vegan blog at http://meghantheveghan.blogspot.com, and I plan to blog about your pledge (and do it myself)! I'd love to write a guest post for you as well :) Good luck!

Kristen Kaethler, Calgary, AB
I am totally game for the challenge – something we should all be doing anyways!

Layla, Los Angeles

Melanie Hall, Austin, TX
Love, love, love this idea! Have made smaller attempts at going to more of a whole-foods route, but know that making a month-long commitment will push me further down this road. Thanks for organizing! Totally agree that it's an important mission.

Leslie, United States

Eileen Healy, Colorado Springs, CO
I'm game! This is going to be fun, and interesting. I look forward to reading about the experiences of my fellow #Unprocessed pledgers!

(Name Withheld), DC
Me and the fiance will be doing this for October!

Megan, Melbourne, Australia
I think this will be a lot harder than I think, but I'd love to give it a go.

Jackie @ Domestic Fits, Los Angeles

Amber Klein, Minot, North Dakota
I can do this!

Tara Acevedo, New York, NY

Nisha, austin, tx
i was going to go vegan for october, but this sounds like a good challenge too! :)

Kaitlyn, Spokane

Cannot wait to start. I have been looking for a group of people to do it with, now I have found it!

thank you!

Clara, Deutschland
Wow! I'm really excited for this!

Alisha Wood, San Diego

Rachel and Gus K., Lacey, WA
Yay! Such a great idea…looking forward to seeing how this plays out because we eat mostly non-processed foods but know there will be some that we don't even realize are processed…just like last month where we took a voluntary commitment to buy/bring no new plastic into the house…things I didn't even realize had plastic had plastic…bring on the unprocessed!

Tarah, Austin, TX
My husband and I did this sort of thing last summer and we felt great…gonna be hard to keep it up during the school year. (We are both teachers with a 2 year old son!)

Andrea Peters, Stillwater, OK
I am a stay at home mama of two! I am ready to change our eating habits and this is the perfect way to start!

Jocelyne, Austin, Tx
I'm in it for the month and super excited to have a catalyst for making better decisions.

Mary, Annapolis, MD

WatchTheGap, NY

Eliza, Tennessee

This is exactly how I'd like to see us teaching our children to eat! Rock on!

Matty Sterenchock, Santa Monica, CA

Leigh Ann Tatnall, Milwaukee
Love whole, fresh foods. :) Thankfully our community has an awesome Farmer Market, and I on owner in the local co-op.

Kimberly Camargo, Baltimore, MD
This is going to be hard. I will have two exceptions though: a box of cereal I just opened before reading this, and vitatops (but limited only to the days that I have clinical, due to my need for "finger food" while I'm on the unit). This is going to be tough but I look forward to it!.

Dawn Quirk, Somerville MA

Carrie Rashid, Charlotte, NC
This isn't a huge stretch for us, but even so looking forward to a super healthy month for me and my family!

Heather, CO

Kathy Gumbleton
Awesome idea, thanks for all the hard work!

Matt Thackston, Salem, OR
Looking forward to this challenge!

Rachel McAdams, Redmond, WA

Susan Stewart, Houston, TX
Already eliminated most processed food from my diet since I'm gluten-free, but this challenge is a great idea. It will keep me from eating my one very-expensive () box of GF "hamburger hepper" until November! :)

Genevieve, Bloomington, IN
What a great opportunity to eat some delicious seasonal food!

(Name Withheld), Portland

(Name Withheld), Milwaukee, WI

Katie C, Massachusetts
I'm in!

Molly, Philadelphia

Sarah, North Carolina

Emily, Cincinnati, OH

Kelsey Brown (Happyolks), San Diego, CA

Alyssa Valenzuela, Long Beach, CA

Grace Bertsch, Juneau, AK

Yoana Brecker, Florida
Looking forward to it!

Aylia Powell, Kirkland, WA
Need to cut out just a few "crap" foods left in my diet…this is the perfect reason to do so!

Nick CF., United States

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), Ashevillle, NC

rick, pittsburgh,pa
great idea, thanks!

Christine Hughey
Fantastic idea!

(Name Withheld), Montgomery Village, MD
I try to do this every day, but on more of a 'not thinking about it' level – looking forward to going full throttle in October!

Danielle, Ontario, Canada
I will be trying my hardest! I am attempting to get my family to try with me for a week. We will see how it goes!

Hailey, northern ontario

Elizabeth, Belleville, NJ
I'm turning 40 this month. Feels like the right time to grapple with this challenge.

Tina B, Henderson, NV
We're in! Excited but I need to know what is considered "processed" food. I made a Masala tonight and the ingredients seemed normal

Jenny Olson, Ankeny, IA
I've been trying to purge the processed foods from my house anyway so I might as well have a platform to do it.

Reecea Henderson
Awesome idea, thanks for sharing.

Kylie sachs

Lisa, Colorado
Piece of cake!! (home made, of course!)

grace singleton, ann arbor mi
cool challenge- It actually won't be too hard for me, but I'm sure there will be some points at which I'll be rethinking my choices of food. Thanks for the challenge!


Clean Eater Zeno, Houston,Tx
I am going to do my best at this! I know I can do it!

Pelion, Washington, D.C.
Love this idea – great way to reset your eating habits

Deb Dempsey, Golden, CO
No processed food in the house, only when we go out to eat. And we only buy organic, until the U.S. requires GMO labeling.

Sam, AK

Lenore, D.C.
Gonna be hard, in college dorm, but I'll do my best to stay fresh!


Joana Kelly, United States

(Name Withheld), Chicago, IL
I've been wanting to cut unprocessed food (mostly) out of my diet forever, so this is a great excuse to do so. It'll be *hard* with my work schedule, but I'm down for a challenge!

Terry H., Northern New Jersey
I know this will be tough, but I promise to do my best! &lt;3

Erin Brown, California

Cindy Thomas

Matthew Wygal, Salina, KS
I cook at a local and organic restaurant, this is going to be a piece of unprocessed cake!

Jennifer, Knoxville
With the amount of time I spend eating meals away from home (sometimes lunch and dinner and snacks multiple days a week), I doubt I can go completely unprocessed, but I am sure going to try!!!!!! Better read up on meal planning and recipes!

Kim, Eagan, MN
Follow me here: spinningitall.com

Cindy, Austin, TX
Yes! I love it! But I will need some education. Chips and salsa processed? Beer and wine?

Marla Ferguson, Honolulu, HI
This sounds great! I'm going to challenge my clients with this as well. :)

(Name Withheld)
This is going to be fun! A reason to get rreally creative in the kitchen!

Linda, Kaysville, UT
Going to do this. We need this challenge.

Marta, Saint Paul, MN
I'm excited!

Bonnie, Clovis CA

Christopher Krey, Provo, UT
My wife is making me do this.

Brittany H, Culver City, CA
This is great! Looking forward to try it!

Anna Krey, Provo, UT
Great challenge. I'm going to do this insofar as I can without spending more on food (living on a grad student budget right now). I think I'm counting white flour though, as I've been making lots of from-scratch rustic breads lately and they are so amazing they can't possibly be bad for me. Thanks so much for all your effort in arranging this!

Kim Wilson, Austin, TX

Robbie Kirzy

(Name Withheld), Oregon

Jo Tong

Ben Menk, Philadelphia, Pa

Ashley-Marie, Long Beach, CA
I'm looking forward to consciously eating completely unprocessed food and sharing recipes and ideas with the group!

Kari Donahue, St. Paul MN

Mollyann, Herscher, IL
Been "process-free" for 3 years!

sarah, san diego

Pratiksha, Mumbai India
I am already on this challenge since last month and will definitely continue it. I am confused about the food (mostly Indian) that I eat in restaurant should be considered as processed? I try to order the food which has no or less processed ingredients.

Lauren, Colorado
Can't wait! (I think I'll just start now)

Jake Rusby, Seattle
Looks like my brother and I are going to do this together

Lynn Cip, Phoenix AZ
yes! This is just what I needed.


Elisa, California

Li Saw
Love to do this!

Tiffany, CA

AndiRaya Gibb, Tucson AZ
I'll commit and I bet I lost 10 lbs. too.

Simon, London England
good luck everyone. I am looking forward to some tasty wholesome food :)

Leah Sherman, Northern Indiana

Zoe, Dee Why, NSW Australia
Love this idea! Already eat unprocessed 90% but this will be a great way to really go clean for October :)

beth cioffoletti
i'm in!

Diana@Spain in Iowa, Iowa
What a great pledge. I'm in!

Briony Glasgow Food, Glasgow, UK
Signing up on behalf of www.theglasgowfoodblog.blogspot.com – very exciting! Will be blogging out achievements (and failures)

Linda Hart, London, England
We're already working on whole foods eating, but we'll clean it up even more over October. Thanks for the opportunity this month!

andrea phenes, south florida


Zuzana Velkoborská, Ostrava, Czech republic
I´ve been eating this "unprocessed" way for a while now, especially thanks to a 30 days fast which really "re-calibrated" my taste and senses. I also love cooking and eating so much that I would be ashamed not to make tahini sause or mayonnaise by myself! My great inspiration is Heidi Swanson blog (101cookbooks)and Yoram Ottolenghi cookbooks, be sure to check them out during your unprocessed October .-)

I´m committed for life .-)

Genny dalton, Baltimore
I really try

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), IN
We're excited to participate!

Emily M, Toronto, On
This will be quite the challenge considering the fact that I am vegan. I'll give it a go thou.

Laura O., Tecumseh, MI
Let's get this unprocessed food party started!! I am ready!!

Jenn, Fayetteville, AR
Sounds like a great challenge!

Farrah, United States
Conscious eating

Stacey Henderson, Atlanta
I am going to take the plunge and give this a try. Pray for me.

Sarah G, IA
I'm on board ~ we'll see how well we can do with the challenge :)

Tina A, Washington DC
Always wanted to do this – this is the perfect push to really cut out processed foods!

Ann Pham, Seattle
Let's do this!

Nell Winchell, Waltham, MA

Summer, Tampa, FL
This will be a great step in my transition to Vegan!


Kate (cookieandkate.com), Oklahoma
I'm all for your challenge! I blog about cooking with whole foods and I'm excited that you're promoting the concept. Real food tastes better, too!

Lauren O., Washington, D.C.
Great idea! Challenging all my friends too.

(Name Withheld)

Tina Besa, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

kathy, Texas

Ben Edgerton, Austin Texas

Julie, Philadelphia, PA

Natalie, Chico, California

(Name Withheld)

Lori Appleman, Austin, TX
I love cooking; a month of no cheating shouldn't be tough.


Cathy, Hamilton, Ontario
I really want to give this a shot, even tho it will no doubt be difficult. Must start stock piling recipes now!

Paula, Texas

Tiffany M, boston,ma

Melissa H, Austin, TX
I'm really hoping this will recalibrate my tastes for foods and make me more conscious of what I eat day to day. Hopefully I can get my roommate to join and we can make a competition out of it. IT'S ON!

Desiree, Austin, TX
Unprocessed Plant-Strong Vegan!

joel &amp; Sharah Allegretto, Lindale, TX
This is great! Everyone should pass this on to someone!

Sophie, New York, NY
I am in my freshman year of college and eating primarily from my university's dining hall and meal plan so eating unprocessed may be a challenge, but I'm ready for it! I also do not eat red meat and pork or dairy.

Nancy G., Gig Harbor, WA
Ok – I am actually nervous, but I am in!

lena s., phoenix, arizona

Keri, Austin, TX
I've done this before and while it is a challenge it does force me to be much more thoughtful about my choices and it makes me healthier! I'm in!

Kimberly Remp, Topeka, KS

Avan, Austin, TX
I love a good challenge!

Sonya M, Austin, TX

Nicole, Hanover, PA

Terry B, Dublin Ohio
Looking forward to it

Sarah Delevan, Eat It… You\'ll Like It!, Los Angeles, CA
We make avoiding processed foods a habit around here, but I'm always up for an "official" challenge and pledge to go Unprocessed for the month of October!

Sarah D., Austin, Tx
I think this is brilliant! Hopefully I'm up to the challenge.

Kim, CT
Going to give it a try!

beverly moore, NYC
I try my best to eliminate processed foods from my diet. I will focus more for the month of October and hopefully for the rest of my life.

Dia G, OH
Been looking into this type of dietary change for the last few months. I have been slowly incorporating mostly whole foods into my diet – looking for easy recipes and ideas to get me through the day at the office.

Caitlin Bjork, Asheville, NC

Anezka Jahner, Santa Barbara, CA

Laura K, Oakland, CA
I'm looking forward to pushing our little household just that much farther towards a whole, natural foods diet. Yay October!

(Name Withheld), TX
With six kids this is going to be tough but I think we can do it!

Sara Thompson, Washington
We try hard to use as few processed foods as possible. We're not perfect but I figure a slow change is better than dumping all the processed foods in a fit and then adding them back when we're overwhelmed.

Martha Pierce, New York, NY
Although there are a few farmer's markets out here, this isn't going to be easy! Anyone else in the Manhattan borough want to meet up and swap tips/make a meal? Shoot me an email! pierce.martha3@gmail.com.


(Name Withheld), Texas

Stephanie Moore, New Hartford, NY

hannah, queens
I'm so in! I love eating healthy, this will just help take it to the next level :)

Isabel B., Boston, MA

Emily Nolan, United States

Alana M., Brooklyn, NY
I was just thinking of cleaning out my pantry and fridge, so this will be a great strategy for re-stocking both!

Laura &amp; Adam, North Carolina

paulo serrao, Portugal – Angra

Anthony Bianco, New York
Very excited to do this!

Ruth Stewart, Colorado
I'm in! This goes very well with my desire to get back to eating real food!

(Name Withheld), Washington
Right on, I'm with you!

Sieglinde Gooding, Boonsboro, MD
I am so excited to try this! I think we do this anyway, but never tested myself to see what processed foods are probably sneaking into our meals. I can't wait to see how this plays out for our family.

Tessa, Oregon
Looking forward to giving this a try. Great timing with the farmers markets full of good stuff right now.

Rachel Marie, Asheville, NC

(Name Withheld), United States

Tangie, Fountain Hills, AZ
I'm in. :)

Paula, Montague, NJ
I'm excited about this and interested in hearing others who take the challenge as well! Going to pass on the challenge to others too!

Heather, Tacoma, WA
My diet is already almost fully unprocessed, but this'll ensure that it's 100% unprocessed!

Jennifer, Long Island, New York
This is a great question to pose to myself, and definitely will be a good exercise in awareness. http://raisinquestions.wordpress.com

A. Chandler, New York, NY
Looking forward to this project — hopefully this will kick me back into healthy eating habits that were deteriorated by school.

Fuji Mama, Corona, CA
Unprocessed and proud baby!

(Name Withheld), philadelphia

Jade, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
I too will be sharing this on FB. We try to eat this way as often as possible, but sadly, it's becoming more and more difficult as processed foods are slipping into places where you'd least expect them! This'll be tough, but we're up for it! Thanks so much for this! Good luck everyone!

Kara, Austin, TX
Please share recipes!

Linda Rittelmann, Baltimore, MD
I'm in!

kellie mandry, STL
looking forward to this!


Barb @ A Life in Balance, Philadelphia, PA
Just what I needed to do a better job of feeding my family of 7!

(Name Withheld), Denver

Jeanne Fratello, Manhattan Beach, CA
It's going to be a great month!

Irma Vela, Austin,tx
I'm trying to eat heathly.

I promise to do my best.

Kaya, Santa Monica
Fantastic! I'm looking forward to it :)

Melissa H., Austin, TX

Candace L
Bring it on!

Traci Brigham, Near Ottawa, ON Canada
This is a great idea! I do well already, but I'm going to have to start making my own vinaigrette.

Rita Tomassetti, Pennsylvania
We pretty much try to eat unprocessed food and I cook everything we eat, even the pancakes I make from scratch, but some things are a little bit more difficult to not get unprocessed, like my favorite cereal. Cocoa Dynobites! :(

(Name Withheld), California

Amy, Oklahoma
We TRY to eat this way as much as possible anyway…Might as well try harder!

Kim @ The Family Practice, Eden, UT
Can't wait!

Vanessa V.

Kate, KCMO
Going to give it a try….

Chez Suzanne, http://thewimpyvegetarian.com
What a GREAT idea. Sign me up!

Katrina VandenBerg

Scotti Marie, Dallas, TX
I am so looking forward to this! Also, can't wait to serve an "unprocessed" meal for Food Day: Oct 24! Nom Nom Nom…

Karen Shepherd, United States

Alexandra Nicolas, Joplin, Mo.
I can't decide if this is going to be surprisingly easy or if it's going to blow my mind just how many scary processed foods I eat.

Suzanne, Arkansas
Sounds fun and hard to do but I shall try it

Thomas Stewart, United States
Booyah. not much of a change from my month to month but ill concentrate hard on NOT having that occasional chips and salsa crap from the store


KVcleveland, Cleveland, OH
Awesome idea!

Michaelene Weaver, Annapolis, MD
I have been using the ANDI Top 30 List as my eating guide for the past several weeks and am loving it. Thank you so much for gently educating/motivating folks with this great idea.

Sarah Parsons, United States

(Name Withheld), montreal
My family will try it even with a newborn baby!

Dawn, CO
Sounds like a great idea! Will try to get my teens involved!

Debbie, New England, USA
I'm already probably doing it, but it's always good to get a re-enforcement like this to make sure I am!

Alfredo Smith, Encinitas, CA
Don't really eat a lot of processed foods, I prepare all my meals !

Lauren, New Hampshire
Wow, this will be tough but I'm willing to give it a shot! Now to convince my roommates…

Clem S., Brooklyn, NY
Very excited!

(Name Withheld), NYC

Valerie Hall, Maine
I try to eat this way most of the time! :) Stay healthy!

Kristy Olk &amp; Family, Parachute, CO
I am dragging my family kicking and screaming into this! :)

gail, texas
I am going to try it. It will be hard but I have done hard before.

Cheryl Harriger, Morrison, Colorado
I am excited to do this and am hoping my spouse will open up to eating like this for longer than a month!

Stephanie S., Arizona
I am a 4 yr survivor of breast cancer and have been on a quest to dramatically change my eating habits. These sorts of projects are right up my alley. It challenges me to think outside the box (literally!) and it also encourages my children to think differently as well. Thanks!!

Elizabeth, Texas
so excited to be part of such an important movement. It's time we all open our eyes and realize that processed foods are the root cause of so many of America's health issues.

Alexis, Charlottesville, VA

Natalie Higginbotham, Sacramento, CA
So excited to try this!

Christin Kaiser, Colorado Springs, CO
I have thought about eating 'better' for a while…this might just be the motivating (and challenge) I need! Thanks for posting this and thanks to everyone that signed up, too!

Jen Freeland, Ladysmith BC
Doing this with my daughter – hopefully we can keep each other motivated :0) and maybe she will learn how to cook lol

Jessica Freeland, Ladysmith, BC, Canada
I am doing this with my mom so we can keep eachother motivated. She thinks i will learn how to cook – boy does she have another thing coming! :p lol


MaryLynn, Louisiana
My husband and I are in! We've cut out almost all processed food since July and have each lost around 25 pounds. Our 2 kids will be mostly doing this, too, but I know they'll sneak to their grandma's for snacks.

(Name Withheld), Cleveland, OH
Looking forward to the challenge! (and hoping my family enjoys it so much, that it becomes a lifestyle)

Heather P., Hudson, WI
Looking forward to this challenge.

karla, MInnesota
being doing our best for the last month already

(Name Withheld), Forreston,il
We are on our way. So this will be the push. Thanks


Angela, Minneapolis

Jan Davidson, Houston Texas
Trying to live better after breast cancer! Thanks for helping motivate people and educate them on the value of REAL food!

Cari Paulus, North Carolina

Izabel W., Austin, TX
Doing it with two friends. Looking forward to it.

stacy walden, columbia, sc
started this a few months ago but need to tighten the whole family up a little and take it to the next level. . . a "pledge" always helps! thanks!

Casey, San Diego, Ca.

Holly Hardge, Detroit

Stephanie S., Tennessee
Giving it all I have….


(Name Withheld), Boston, MA
Looking forward!

Jessica H., Cleveland, OH
I'm always striving for a healthier life and a friends of mine did this after reading a book, so I'm going to give it a try. Here's to better health!

Trish, ME
I a in will be blogging it all!


Peggy Poenisch, Hagerstown, MD
This will give me the needed determination not to quit. I don't eat thst much processed items anyway but this is a great way to cut them out completely plus work on doing it on a budget

Heidi, Texas

Elizabeth D.

gloria sannolo, goshen, ny

Diane Ingenito, colorado
Have been moving my family away from processed for a while now, and after watching forks over knives we are trying to move to a plant based/real food diet. This will help give my family of six the extra boost we need.

(Name Withheld)

Alejandra, Paris, France
This is hard (I exclude pasta and pastries), any processed wheat really, but thanks for putting this on people's radars. It is a commendable effort.

Mei Hung, Houston

Liz Folse, New Orleans, LA
I've been inspired by the 100 days of real food and my husband and I have been eating that way for the last few weeks. We love it. We feel better and everything tastes fantastic! When I slip,(which has happened too much this past week)I feel cruddy. Ideally, I'd like to see some weight loss but I'm just happy feeling better and setting good examples for our kids.

tina, coral gables
im gonna do it…

Chelsea, Utah
Super great idea. My little family is trying to eat like this all the time anyway so this just adds added incentive and fun. Thanks!

Veronika, NC
I will try to get everybody I know get involved in this excellent "challenge"

Whitney, AZ

(Name Withheld), Minneapolis, MN

Sarah H, Grand Rapids, Mi, USA
I've been trying to develop a "unprocessed" lifestyle already… this challange will be great incentive!

Stacy Saechao, Sacramento, Ca
This is going to be interesting.

Mary Stewart, Philadelphia

Tove Garber, Minneapolis, MN

Sarah Koenigsberg, Walla Walla, WA
This sounds awesome! Similar to the "Grandparents Diet" meaning one would ask, "Was this around for my grandparents to eat?" And yes or no, thus you eat it or don't. I look forward to the awareness this brings!

Ashanty, Miami, fl
I'll give it a try 😀

Sandra, Austin, TX
Not only am I excited, but encouraging customers at my place of business, an organic cafe, to participate as well!

Jessica, Richmond, Va
I've been wanting to do this… will be a challenge with our busy lifestyle, but as a chef I'm up to the challenge and think it's a long overdue experience for myself and my family!

Lisa Herrera, Pasadena, CA

Tara Kinchen, Baton Rouge, LA

Debra Higginbotham, Houston, TX
I've been reading books by Tosca Reno, so this fits in nicely.

Jake Canter, Bristol, Virginia
Here's to success

(Name Withheld), Ohio
1 month to forever

Amy Stuart, Richmond, VA

(Name Withheld), MA

Sherry, Oklahoma

Loreta, Idaho

David H, Northampton, England

Amanda Wadsworth, Houston Texas
I am looking forward to this

Amanda, Abilene, KS
The way we should be eating everyday!

(Name Withheld), Upstate NY
Going to give it a shot! A good exercise to become more mindful about food.

Elissa Keirstead, Gastonia, NC

Sean Hofherr, Chicago

Naomi, Portland, OR
I feel like its cheating the "challenge" part by living in Portland. Halloween will be tough though. At least November is the day after ;).

Kristen Connors, From Louisville, KY studying in Lima, Peru

Natalie Cashman, CT
Great idea! I'm excited!

(Name Withheld), Phoenix, AZ
I am looking forward to the challenge! I am going to make my best attempt to do this for the whole month of october! I have been looking for a way to change up my food and here it is!!! Thanks for the fabulous idea!!!

(Name Withheld), KINGSTON, WA

Summer, Green Leaf Acupuncture, OR
This is such a great idea! I'm in but I don't know how I will do as the Halloween candy gets closer!!

Amber j., Frisco
Bring it!

(Name Withheld), United States

Melanie, Fond du Lac, WI
I was thinking of cleansing this month anyway… Now I have even more motivation. Thanks!

Tiffany M., Fort Worth Texas

(Name Withheld), San Diego, CA
I will aim for the whole month for myself, and at least two weeks for my daughter and husband!

Lena Maurer, Mexico City

Brian, Rahway, nj
Can I eat pasta? That would be very difficult to give up for a month.

Melissa Mower, Puyallup, WA
I have been doing this at home off and on for several years…. let's see if I can make it stick for good!!

Jen Q, Islamorada, Florida Keys

(Name Withheld), st. louis

Grace Evans, Toronto, Ontario

Sarah Otto, Oshkosh, WI

Kate Boehmer, Maine


Love the challenge!!! Gonna try it – cross your fingers for my husband!

(Name Withheld), Dauphin Island, AL
I can commit to weekdays…and I will make a huge effort for weekends…I love this challenge!

Dayna, Westwood, NJ

(Name Withheld), Italy
I eat unprocessed food 70% of the time. There is always room for improvement!

Emily Haefner, Durango, CO
What an awesome challenge, it's great to have to commit for a whole month. I love whole foods!

Judi Hirst, Adelaide, South Australia
The older I get the more interested I get in where my food comes from.

Tina Smith

Steph DeMay

Joanna Leasure, SF Bay Area

Heidi, Fort Collins, CO
I define processed food as any food with ingredients that sound chemical-ly. I'm going to only eat foods where I can describe every ingredient. Cool challenge!

Alexia, Maine
I always try but this will force me to get rid of a few vices I have.

Martha and Steve Mickeriz, Maine
We just finished watching Forks Over Knives and this is great timing~thank you for the support!

Megan, Austin, TX
I'm looking forward to this challenge! I'm very excited to see so many people making the pledge to eat healthier.


Wendie Williams

Anne Stockdell-Giesler, Morrisville, NC!
Nervous…but ready!

Kirsten Shores, Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer, Topeka, KS

Darcey, Mississippi

Georgene, New Hampshire
I have already made headway in this department, whipping together lunches in a tiny crockpot I have at work! Going a month doing more of this was totally on my agenda anyway. :)

Stephanie Perry, Manchester CT
As a Holistic Health Coach, I think this is a fantastic challenge for both me and my clients. Let's see what kind of changes we can make!!

Brandi Robertson, Roanoke, VA

I've convinced two people in my office to do this challenge. :) Good luck to all.

Jacqueline Samuels, Silver Spring, Maryland

Jacqui, San Anselmo

Alexandra K, ATX

(Name Withheld)
I have cut back severely on processed foods. I look forward to the challenge!


Renee Bostain, Orlando
I was attempting to do this over the last month. This will definitely help motivate me!

(Name Withheld), Spokane wa

Joi Powell, New Mexico

Jillian Leigh, Chicago
This challenge came at the perfect time! I've been catching myself falling back into comfort food… PB&amp;J is my downfall! I need to get back into the kitchen!

Shannon, Naperville, IL

Katherine C, Wilmington, NC
No worries. I'll take the pledge, but this is something I do already. :) The only "processed" things I purchase are bread and condiments, and I always check the ingredient list first. The crazy part is how salty (or sweet) processed food tastes. Not to mention the scuz that coats your mouth when you eat it. Bleck.

Michelle, New Jersey
I am excited…being a total "convenience junky" will force me into pre-making meals and snacks..and help in my weight loss! Whoo-hoo, let's go!

Sandie, Louisville
This is great. My partner and I had already decided to do this for the month of October and then I ran across this page. YAY!

Pam Weider

Tabitha, Michigan

gardengal, Fort Collins, CO
I am looking forward to this challenge. My husband and I both enjoy cooking whole food and sharing with friends and family. Who knows… maybe we'll each drop a few pounds in the process.

Kori M., Bartlett, NH
Looking forward to raising the bar on eating healthy, local food. Thanks for the extra inspiration!

Kristy, New Jersey

(Name Withheld)

Hendrica Regez, Galena, IL
Signing up the family – I'll do the cooking. Given your definition, this should be doable. Be interesting to see if there are processed foods we can't live without…

(Name Withheld), Simsbury, CT

Mandy Lua, Lake Tahoe
This is going to be awesome. Getting my husband and 5 year old to stick with it for the whole month will be the challenge…

Meg Grandfield, Richmond, IN

(Name Withheld)
I'm starting with a week!

Jennifer Russon
I'll be sure to write about this experience on the 2 food blogs I edit, accessible via www.jorj.com.

Natasha Gorecki, Minnesota

Sunday Capps, TN


Alice, Detroit MI
I'll be trying to post my experiences at my blog farmeralice.blogspot.com

Laurie Norman, Louisville, Colorado
I feel like I do a pretty decent job of this already but we'll see. I'm glad I found this challenge!

Danielle Sheffield
I am so in on this!

Rita M, Stockton, Ca
Will be posting everyday to my Facebook also :)

Natika Shewry, Bremerton, WA
I try to eat this way most of the time, but there are a some things I still need to leave on the shelf.

Sheila McGill, Midland
How exciting…Please share recipes

Rebecca and Joe, NC


Jessica, Vancouver WA

(Name Withheld)
This one will be easy for me. I use very few processed food. I can vegetables from my garden, make my own spaghetti sauce, barbeque sauce, ketchup, pickles, excetra. I have different fruit and different nut trees, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry bushes.

Mary, Madison,WI
We can ALL do this!

Sandi, West Virginia
A great way to get people on the road to better health – although I must admit that we've been eating this way for a long time, so it's not really a challenge. Still, I look forward to everyone's comments and observations on their journey.

Melody Mendenhall, Long Beach
I thought this would be easy- and then I started taking inventory- maybe not as easy as I think! Great idea!

GiGi, TX, United States

MelanieZ, Cincinnati, Ohio
I'm in!!!

(Name Withheld), Austin, TX
I keep dabbling with this, maybe I should commit my family, just for a month.

Sharon S., Long Island
I'm going to try it for a month. Then I move onto the kids. Wish us luck!

Bobbi, Vancouver, BC

Can't wait!

Marie Kujenga, Lansing, MI
Won't be easy, we're moving this month! But I try to stick close to this rule as it is. I'll bake more bread. Oh, wait! What about Halloween candy?

Zoe W, Denver CO

Amy Schaumburg, Campbell, CA.
Great idea! I'm in for the month of October. Should be a great expirement!

Anna, Florida

(Name Withheld), Oregon
Due to digestive health issues I have now been eating this way for over a year now. I am excited to think of my diet from the processed/unprocessed point of view as I had skipped over that perspective.

Janelle F, Minnesota
I'm excited to try this! I've been slowly trying to be as unprocessed and eat as much 'real' food as possible. The biggest challenge will be to convince everyone else who lives with my to eat (at least partially) this way too.. It'll be an exciting challenge!

Colleen Janner

Bobbi, Gilbert AZ
I don't think you have to be perfect at the attempt…it's the awareness that is so important. Stop and think about what you are eating, where it comes from and the effect it's growth or production has on the earth!

Amber K., Ohio
I'm already a very clean eater, but I'm excited about not getting "cheats" for a whole month with a group who cares!

Lynn Seymour, St. Louis Park, MN
This will definitely be challenging but is worth a try!

Jennifer, North Georgia
This will be tough but definitely worth trying. Here goes!

Kitty Kirgis, Scottsdale, AZ

1greenblogger, New York

Meghan, Burlington, VT

Lindsay Nerad, Denver, CO
Excited to give it a go!

Nancy Grissom, United States
Looking forward to the challenge.


(Name Withheld), Ann Arbor, MI

Lauren Handel, New York, NY

Lory Benson, Garmisch, Germany
Let's do it!

Alicia, Vancouver, BC

jenn, massachusetts

Victoria F., Peoria, IL
Yes! Discussing with partner about our rules of acceptable/unacceptable food items for the challenge.

Janine L., Hampton Bays, NY

Aditya Raghavan, Edmonton, AB
This is a great idea! I rarely use processed foods but I still feel like it would be a challenge to do this!

Jenn, Huntington Beach, CA

tabatha, USA

Lorry, York PA

Andrea Gorman, Oaxaca

(Name Withheld)
Very excited about this!

Sandy, Maine
I'm in!!! Looking forward to the challenge and the benefits of such!

Riki, Adelaide, South Australia

Mary, Indianapolis, IN
Great idea!

(Name Withheld), New York

(Name Withheld), Maryland
I am already doing this do to a food allergy to italian seasonings. I make almost everything homemade with no preservatives.

angel, phoenix
I'm in!

Lisa Martin, Washington, DC

Steph Hoskins, Iowa City, IA
I am going to go week by week, hoping that I can make it a full month.

….. does this include wine?

Alexandra Leon
Not sure how I got into this whole foods trend, maybe because I read Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food, or maybe because this is how I grew up in Colombia, eating all whole home made meals. Whatever the reason, I decided to feed my family all unprocessed foods. I love being in the kitchen putting my meals together and my husband and my boys are loving it!

(Name Withheld), Washington DC
As long as beer's ok I'm in

Always a good idea to make conscious choices about our food. Thank you!


Michelle MacPhearson, Petaluma, CA
Participating and documenting it all at http://www.redomestication.com – thanks for the challenge!

(Name Withheld), Rhode Island

Lisa, Plymouth, UK
Count me in!

Andy Thesen, Antigua/UK
I don't think this will be too difficult in the UK we are near two biodynamic farms. In Antigua it is more of a challenge!

(Name Withheld)

Hope Zawaski, Palos heights il

Kathryn Hettler, Armstrong, BC
I've co-authored the book Real Food Real Health which is encouraging people to avoid processed foods &amp; get real!

Guy Erb, Santa Cruz

Sharon Hoffmann, Budd Lake, NJ
Fantastic idea! I'm very excited!

Steph D., maine
Gonna give it a try, to the best of my ability!!!!!!

Andrew Irvin, Orlando
My wife and I are looking forward to the challenge!

Jami D. Brown, Chattanooga, TN
Let's do it.

Kim mitchell, Newport News, Va .

Jamie Gammon, Maine

Elaina Griffin, Cleveland, MS

Loretta Cecconi

(Name Withheld), Nj

DebZ, San Francisco
time to really think about the processed stuff i eat and drink without noticing. this is going to be fun.

kate o., colorado

Shannon, Virginia Beach

Can't wait to try this!!!!8


Brandi, Costa Mesa, Ca

Stephanie, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Karen Riek, Medford, MA
I have been trying to do this anyway, so I am so glad to have YOU! :)

Looking forward to it!

Karen Lischer, Iowa
This is not impossible but it will be hard to begin. I just need to get use to it. I think it's a great idea and will do my best! Thanks for the idea!

Gabriela, Argentina
Let´s give it a try…good idea!!

Meghan Rosenbaum, Elk Point, SD

Cristin Powers, SLO, Usa
More than happy to take my wonderful family(Three wonderful children) on this journey.

Amy, Honolulu
This shouldn't be too difficult as my family already eats Paleo/Primal, but will be interesting to see what processed food has creeped into our diet.

Kayla Stratton, Corvallis, OR

Gabby G., Chicago

Amy Burkholder, amyjburkholder@gmail.com
I'm in!

Alexis Silvestri, Rhode Island
I'm in! and so is my dog! Can't wait to see how I feel come November!

kristen Rydberg, Vancouver wa
Can't wait to get started!

aejohnson @ LocalBites, Madison, WI
I'm scared!!

Robert Nicewonder, Alabama

(Name Withheld)

Sarah, Oklahoma
YES! What a great challenge! I try to eat this way as much as possible, but how fun to have a quantifiable goal AND a community with which to share the experience! Thank you!

Rebecca, Colorado

(Name Withheld), Ohio
This is an awesome commitment that will be a snap. A great example.

Carrie, Tampa, FL
I want my kids to learn good eating habits so let's do it!

Cheri, Boston, USA
It's crazy that we have to make an effort to avoid eating things that aren't real food! So, let's do it (and do it and do it) until it doesn't seem like very much effort anymore.

(Name Withheld)

Patrice C, Virginia
I am glad that you are challenging people to think about the food we take into our bodies every day. I think I'm doing well now, but I bet I'll be surprised with this new vigilance!

Jeni Dick, Chicago
This is so exciting! I have been looking for this type of challenge! Looking forward to October!


Niki, roswell, ga

Candace Carpenter, Phoenix, Arizona
Great idea! I'm in! I will probably do at least 21 days!

Cat gephart, Loudon tn
I am in!

Arie, NC
excited to try this!! does coffee count? i believe the beans undergo a certain degree of processing between being cleaned and roasted…

Florina Bacuta, Newark, delaware

Chris, Amherst, MA

Elaine, Seattle
My boyfriend opened a business this year so we haven't had time to cook as much as we used to, so this will be a fun challenge.

(Name Withheld), United States

Jill, West Virginia

(Name Withheld), Los Angeles

Osamu Ochiai, Japan
I'm trying it.

Natalie, Oklahoma

Marianne M., NJ
I started a few days ago with a raw vegan diet. I whole heartedly believe in taking the time to eat REAL food and cutting back as much as possible on processed foods. :)

Bill Clay
I already try to eat as un-processed and organic as I can, but certainly look forward to some direction.

Jillian, Arizona
can't wait!

Shelley Youngman

Margaret Floyd, Los Angeles
I fully support the notion of unprocessed foods. It's the most important dietary change one can make in my opinion. I call it eating naked – but it's basically the same thing you're talking about. Kudos for this amazing initiative!

Lynda Jensen, Redmond
Farm fresh, yes. I am ready for this challenge.

Marci Nilsen, Pittsburgh
I am so excited! I find focusing on unprocessed foods has helped me and my family branch out. We have tried so many new foods.

cara, knoxville, tn

Anna L., Alberta

Veronica, New York

Jennifer C., Charlotte, NC


Sam, United States
Excited for the challenge!

Sandra S., Los Angeles
This will be my first year doing the pledge. I have been on an unprocessed food diet for 6 weeks already, lost more than 10 lbs. and have been cooking like a fiend. I feel great, but am tired of doing dishes :). I am looking forward to doing it for one more month for this pledge!

Jennifer @ Cubbrd.com, Pennsylvania
What a great challenge! Going to share on our blog.

Nicole Leon-Guerrero, United States

Michelle Vincent, Missouri
I'm so exited about this! Our garden did well this year and I've been looking for a challenge like this. Real food tastes better!

The Carrolls, GA

lisa, centralia,wa

Kathy, Ithaca

Betsy Ayotte, New Hampshire
We just went gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free due to my daughter's health issue… so why not?!?!? I couldn't have even thought about this 6 months ago.

Constanza, Argentina

Nealie Tebb, Durham, NC
Wow! What a great challenge. I'm in and looking forward to the realizations that follow.

Caitlin, San Francisco, CA
Great idea! I just finished a Meatless Month, so now a new challenge! (Caveat: I am vacationing in NYC the first week of the month, and I don't want to restrict my gastronomic adventures too much there, but I'll join you all once I get home!)

Malia, Boulder
One month? We've been on board for the past five years! Viva la culinary revolution!

Donna Mitchell

Kathryn Knippenberg, Minneapolis, MN
Try to do this anyways! Restaurants are my demise though… not for October!

jeanna yono, grove city oh
This is gonna be tough but I love the challenge!

Will take a few days or week hopefully and work on the kids. I make most all the meals unprocessed anyway but they do have some of the kid staples that I haven't been able to switch… yet! It's been a good, learning process and the kids have been receptive. Will use your blog and challenge to see what they come up with.

Anita Hunt, Northern Michigan
I'll have my grand daughter for part of the month–let's see how she does! We will do our best, and of course she won't starve!

Joshua W., Brooklyn

Madhu, VA
We have almost stopped eating any processed food for the last few months and this is a good challenge to see whether we can completely stay away from processed food

Bonnie R., Louisville, KY
Amazing idea! Shared it with all my fellow classmates in our Community Food Security grad course.

Bernadette Kissel, 80528
This is how we live 99 per cent of the time. Love the pledge idea to get others thinking. Have a garden, do work at a greenhouse and belong to CSA. We are just about totally unprocessed but must confess to an indulgence – Kashi frozen Mayan Harvest but will even give that up!

Maria Oropallo, Columbia, MO

Monika, sydney

Kim, Boulder, CO
What a great idea. And I like the notion of sharing in small dinner parties with others who take the pledge.

Dylan, Georgia
Ill give it a try. This is gonna be a hard one

Liz, Oakland, CA

Christine Green, denver

Julie Vance, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Great idea!

Neil M., Charlottesville, VA
What a great idea! I'm not our whole household will be able to keep it up for a month, but we'll try.

Stacey L., Prattville, AL
Very excited to start pledge on October 1st. Already a member of a organic produce group. I know this journey will be tough but so worth it. Now to get my family on board.

Sue, VA

Julie Bastuk, Indiana

Deb, Western New York
Bring it! I'm ready. I hate processed food. Grrrrrr!

(Name Withheld), TX
Let's do this!

(Name Withheld), TX
All I am thinking when I fill this out is that I want a Snickers. But, change is needed, and it has to start some where.

Mary Dunlap, kappa, Illinois
Already doing this… great to be doing it with others this month.

Danielle, New Jersey
My husband and I are excited for this challenge!

Lisa G., Portland, OR
I like it!

Michael Erb, Cleveland OH
Been doing this for over a month already and feel fantastic. Cut out all chemicals and preservatives. Amazing! A friend did it with me and lost over 30 pounds in 30 days.

Mary Stuart, Albuquerque, NM
Sounds great!

Stanley Morgan, Cleveland OH
Love it!!

(Name Withheld), New Jersey
I'm up for the challenge!

Julie Mott, Little Rock, AR

Tamara Umansky, Brooklyn
Can't wait!

Coleen G, NJ
I LOVE this idea!

Tamara, Brooklyn
Can't wait!

Deanna, Fort Collins, CO

Kimberrymuffin, Maryland
My family and I are pledging a week of eating unprocessed meals!

Laura, East Tennessee
This should be easy compared to a no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no soy and no gluten diet!

Thanks for the great website.

(Name Withheld), NH

Looking forward to it!

rafael giusti, Florida
I have tried before, but no success. It's so difficult in this society :'( Together with lot of support and courage we can do it .

Michelle AB, Indiana

Stephanie Rattenborg, Iowa

(Name Withheld), Washington

Christine Geronaga

Sonya Keller, San Francisco, CA

Stephanie Boucher, ME
I tend to scavenge a lot of my food, and being a freegan tends to be heavy on the processed foods. :( I want to give this a try, though, to see how I feel!

Jessica J, New Orleans, LA
i'm READY!

Kathy, Windsor Ohio

Bella Blum, Williamsburg, VA

Danielle W, Oak HArbor, WA
I do this part time, so we will see how fulltime goes and my 9 years old said she will do it too, as long as Nov.1 she can have her Halloween candy. :)

Cynthia Lapier, Sheffield, MA
Looking forward to this challenge!

(Name Withheld), New York
I am really excited to do this. I have been hoping to do something like this for a while and this gave me the final push!

Patty Schuman, pattyschuman@hotmail.com

Joyelle Cope, SLC Utah
This is a great idea.

Theresa W., Spicer, MN
I'm in. Dark organic chocolate might be sacrificed but I'm game.

Christine K, Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Thank you for the inspiration. Glad I read this in time – 2 days before October!

Misty Thompson, Louisiana

(Name Withheld), North Carolina
Can't wait! up for the challenge. Nervous too!!

Bethany, Murrieta

Vera, Los Angeles, CA

Amy Cheronis, Chicago
I am probably only good for a day or two, but I want to try.

Michelle Summers, Edmonton
I'm a culinary arts student at nait and i believe that this is an excellent way for people to realize just how much work we (Cooks/chefs) put into making food taste great without all the added preservatives!

Emily, Dayton Nevada

Jan, DE

Sylvia Bratney, Boise, Idaho

Amy J., Salisbury, MD

Gabrielle Gallo

Christine S Eapinoza, Minneapolis, MN

Tamara Bannister, San Antonio, TX
This is so exciting! At home we eat only "real" food but it will be interesting to see how we handle Halloween candy!

Caitlin Thorrez, Salt Lake City, UT
Our energy is going to sky rocket!

Sarah, United States
Thrilled to do it!

(Name Withheld)

Joshua, Portland West
I pretty much do this already, so I'm kinda cheating a bit.

Leslie douglas, Denver

(Name Withheld), Colorado

(Name Withheld), new york
I am going to try this, but certainly going to take it one day at a time. Never tried anything like this before, but might be just the healthy change that I need. Thank you

Sarah Bauer, Athens, Ga
Awesome! Keep the posts and recipes coming!

Gueidi, San Rafael, CA
We can do it!

Allison Conover, SLC, UT

Christa, Vancouver Island
Locking my cupboard of stirfry sauces and learning how to make my own. 😮

jojo, texas

Jeremy mcgraw, Iowa
Hope many people try we need to beat this food crisis!

(Name Withheld), United States

Melissa Shettleroe, United States
Great idea! I did this a while ago as I was overseas and unprocessed food was just easier (and cheaper) to find. However, as I've been back in the US for over a year now, I've seen the creep of processed foods come back into my life. What a way to reclaim my taste-buds!

(Name Withheld), Georgia

Savannah Jo, United States

Midge Constantino

(Name Withheld), NY
I'm in! Such a great idea, and not at all a sacrifice! Will spread the word! In July I tried to start a "0 Packaging Week". Now THAT'S a challenge!

Mark P, Flint Hill, VA
Happy to join a group of eager foodies who want to encourage the idea of wholesome eating.

Midge Constantino, Carson, CA
I'm excited to do this!

Janis Scobee, Colorado Springs, CO

Zuleika B., Vineland, NJ

I plan to take the pledge and feed my 4 and 2 year old boys real food this whole month as well.

Allyson Beaulieu, Oakland, CA
A great challenge for October!

MC, Somerville, MA
I'm in. Looking forward to the challenge!

Sarah Jane, Wyoming

(Name Withheld), NH

Billy D., Tahoe Area
I hope this starts more families to cooking together

Kelly, NC

Thea, Portland

Deepa, California

cassandra midnight

Rebecca Thompson, Los Angeles, CA
Bring it on!

Terri, South Australia

Jamie &amp; Jonny Cavaner, Roseburg
We started challenging ourselves last week and we are already loving this new perspective on the way we see food, and what exactly we're fueling our bodies on! Thank you for this CHALLENGE!

Carlyn Cowen, New York

Taylor Schena, Nashville

Fred Rice, New York, NY
For a better tomorrow- for all of us.

Nora Dunning, Oakland, CA
I'm game!

Sophie, Melbourne, Australia

Deanna, AZ

F Hoffmann, Ontario

M, Austin!
I've been doing this all summer and it has made me more creative in the kitchen. Looking forward to starting again with new awareness and in good company!

Cristina, Ottawa, ON
Great idea! Fantastic motivator! Can't wait to get started! :)

Sarah W., Portland, Oregon
Game on!

Tony Kliment, Spokane, Wa
We are pretty close already sobthisnwill be a good test

Lauren M., N.B. California

Anne, Milford, CT
I am so happy to find this "support group" for eating what I believe in! Thank-You!

Jena Wood, West Chester, PA
So stoked to see how long I can last!

Cat Colwell, Australia

Rachel Layman, United States
Right now I'm swimming in peaches, pears, tomatoes, peppers and apples so it sounds like a piece o' cake! We'll see what the month brings!

mehtap gelis, istanbul

Robin, ON, Canada
This really fits with the Primal Blueprint so it shouldn't be too hard since I've been primal for almost a year now, but I am wondering about dairy products. I know I could technically churn my own butter, but what about cheese? I've been trying to cut back on cheese anyways but still wondering if it counts as processed. Oh and olive oil… could I make my own olive oil?

Sabrina S., Marina, CA

Michele M., Sacramento, CA
I lurked the posts last year….. Ready to join in this time!

Juanita Pierce, Florida
Please display my first name and last initial only…Thanks and good luck to us all

(Name Withheld), Stellenbosch – South Africa
I did it for over a year, lost 45 kg's and felt great.Fell off the wagon about 4 months ago, gained 8kg's and I feel like crap, constantly craving artificial flavorants,processed foods etc.I need to do this and get back into this habit and focus on what made 2010 such a great year.

Marcia Martin, Los Angeles, CA

Extra Virgin Chef, Singapore
Still not entirely clear what is processed and what is not but want to come on board to better understand.

I'mexcited to try this. We have slowly been changing our diet at home so this should be a great push to do more.

Theresa Bush, Grants Pass, OR
I think cereal and snacks are the only foods I'd have to delete…let's see if I'm right!

Mary Smith, Oakland, CA

Hannah Alger, United States

Ronnie, Billings, MT
Sitting here on my almost full third week of being sick with a headcold and not being able to really exercise and only eating the junk in my cabinets, this sounds absolutely like something I need. I am so excited now to make it to the store tomorrow. I can only imagine and better body and mind :) I'm sure it will be tough, especially with company coming to visit and Halloween, my favorite holiday, but I'm going for it!

(Name Withheld), Oregon Coast
Started this idea for health reasons during the summer…wanting to continue

Crystal Kaneshiro, Hawaii


(Name Withheld), Vancouver, BC
Have been trying this on my own and would love to connect with others. Not sure exactly on what defines "processed" (i.e. do I need to buy fresh pasta instead of dry pasta? eat fresh mozzarella instead of more processed cheeses?) – looking forward to learning more.

Ana Paula

Jennifer Domingo

emily wilkerson, Seattle, WA

Naima Q-B, Spokane, WA
Thank you for motivating us to take charge of our health by taking the challenge!

Jenni D, Hoquiam
Been trying to eat healthier but completely cut out processed food? And with hanging out with my guy for a week it could be a challenge. Gonna do the best I can-

Lara, Munich, Germany
That's a really great idea! I thougt about this but never manage to start it 😉

Andrea Omgard, Augsburg, Germany
Interesting challenge, especially for vegetarians, eating all these vegie-burgers, soja-sausages and sandwich-cream, being processed to a high degree.

eva johnson, kyiv, ukraine
it's going to be a challenge, but i'm excited! go figure, october is my birthday month……

Amanda, Australia
Time to do my body some good!

Aimee Ralston, portsmouth England

Melissa Zelada, Burbank, CA

My Tam, Seattle, WA

Amanda, Townsville, Australia
i'm looking foward to this experience – the hardest part for me is going to be giving up the diet coke i luv so!

Greg M, Australia
Fantastic idea! Can't wait to go shopping

Jodi Hart, St. Louis
I am a Juice Plus Wellness Consultant passionate about whole food nutrition! This is awesome!

(Name Withheld)
looking forward to giving it a try

(Name Withheld), Australia

Whitney Fields, Kentucky

Karen Shavin, Baltimore, MD
I think we already eat this way but it will be fun to check to be sure. We like Michael Pollen's food rules: Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.

A goal for this year: the year of "wellness" – including more healthy eating. Interesting challenge!

Alicia Ford, Indianapolis
I'll be trying to get as many friends as possible! Thanks for the challenge!


Autumn C., Michigan
I'm gonna try. It will be tricky with 2 kids

Carolina, Melbourne
Love this!

Michelle W., NC
I would love to do this but think the biggest problem will be time. My husband &amp; I both work full time &amp; care for ailing parents. Any suggestions on how to do this under a time crunch would be appreciated.

Sharon D, South Australia
I reserve the right to eat out without worrying, but think it's a great challenge!

(Name Withheld), London, UK

Laura, st kitts

(Name Withheld), Florida
Pretty much already do this. Been actually cooking from reAl food for a while now. This will let medo a reality check


Danielle Goulding, Lexington, KY
This is a GREAT idea!

Gláucia Prodocimo, Brazil
I'll try 15 days.

Ginny, Bellevue, MI
I already eat this way but have been cheating a lot lately. This is just what I need to help get me back on track.

Gail Quartly-Bishop, UK

Carlene Snyder, Boise, Idaho
Great challenge. Love the "real" stuff!

Sharyn Pulling, Opelika, AL
Love this idea!

Jess Posgate, Toronto, ON

Rebecca S., Illinois

Shannon Smith, San Antonio

Paul Bauer, Florida
Let's do it!

Joonu Coste, MA
My whole family – hubby and 2 kids – are in! We've been going this way anyway – making all our own rice and nut milks, etc… this will be a great push for us!


Monika, Poland
I'm going to try. A week, maybe two… and then we'll see.

MaryJane Brodeck, NJ
This is a terrific way to make people aware of what they're eating and starting them on the "unprocessed food path".

jenny, intercourse, pa
easy peasy!!

Penny, Toronto, Ontario
We have been trying to do this the last year…I can do a month solid I know it.

Drew, Tampa

Rhonda Lalia, Long Island

Stacy Luks, Richmond VA
Great campaign!! Slow Food RVA (Richmond, Virginia) supports you!

Alex Lopez, Austin,TX
This sounds awesome! As a busy cooking instructor at a plant based cooking school it's easy to teach my studetns to eat this way. No matter how exhausted I may be from a log day working I truly enjoy cooking from scratch. Today I will be making squash muffins, brussel sprouts with apple cider and maybe a nice soup.

Lynn, Montreal, Canada
I'll be blogging about my October Unprocessed journey at lescuilleres.wordpress.com and whatsheshaving.com. I can't wait to see how it goes!

Candida Brown, Sacramento, California
I will commit to at least one meal a day unprocessed and one day of completely unprocessed eating!

Trisha Baxter, Newton, NC
My exception will be my cup of coffee in the mornings with creamer…otherwise I am in.

Kathleen M, Detroit, MI

Cathi Harris, Decatur, GA
So, I actually went back and forth a lot this week about whether I thought we could do this. Although I think we (family of four) have a reasonably healthy diet, we do opt for convenience in some areas (packaged tortillas, 2-for-1 deals on dried spaghetti) that will be hard to give up. But I'm looking at this as an educational opportunity. Going to jump right in and try the whole month.

Mary O\'Connor, San P: Gray 3.63 (13 pitches, 7S, 6B) AB: Ellsbury 0-4, .312 Deck: Lowrie

(Name Withheld), Brooklyn, NY

Sue Oberle, Colorado

Stefanie, Indiana
DH and I want to start eating healthier so this is our push to unprocessed, but we're going to start with just two weeks and go from there :)

Julie V., Milwaukee, WI

Karen Steiner, MA

Rebecca, Delaware
I'm already a vegan…so soon to be an unprocessed vegan!

Sarah, Saranac Lake, NY

Melissa, Brooklyn, NY

(Name Withheld), NJ
We already feed our baby all natural food, so i think we could make the switch for the whole family. This is simple: eggs and fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, meat and veggies for dinner.

Spice of Life ~ Lori, California / www.PasoSpices.com
Great challenge ~ awesome goal!!! I've forwarded this challenge to family &amp; friends at Spice of Life in Paso Robles, CA. Let's do it!!!!

Yasemin, Chicago

(Name Withheld), Ithaca, NY

Pam Nyatsambi, New Hampshire
Great timing. I definitely need this:)

Marty Hiller, Ithaca, NY
I'm just finishing up September as Locavore Month, so what the heck…

Jodi-Anne, Edmonton, AB
As a type 2 diabetic, I've tried to watch what I eat on a daily basis, but after my daughter Michelle sent me this link, I'm very suprised at how much processed foods I've actually been eating. Going to be interesting to see what the month provides.

Teri H, Texas

Rene Llewellyn, Bloomington, Indiana
Giving full attention to my favorite cause during my favorite month of the year just feels right. :)

Amy H., Philadelphia, PA
We already try to eat this way, but there are some prepared foods we still rely on (mostly Chinese sauces and pastes with shell-stabilizing ingredients, so will likely not be allowed) — maybe this will be the month where I figure out what's really in them and figure out a substitute!

elizabeth, birmingham, alabama
i think this is going to be easier than i initially thought!

(Name Withheld), Minneapolis, MN

Cheryl, Southlake, Tx
Ready to be aware and take the dare! Wish me luck with three kids and two teenage boys to feed I am going to need all the help I can get. But oh how much better I am going to feel as a Mom about the food I am fixing.

Evelyn S, Chicago, IL

Shelley Remedis, Texas

Sara Lavelle

Tracy Robinson, New Boston, TX
Our family has been slowly going vegetarian so this is at just the right time for us.

Ashley, Denver

Carolyn, Portsmouth, NH

Liz, Indianapolis
I am really excited for this challenge. I will also be tracking my progress on http://becausealadywould.blogspot.com/

Torey, Bristol, VA
I'm most of the way there now, but I need this swift kick in the pants to get off the sugar

(Name Withheld)

Ashley, Chicago, IL

Ellen Malloy, United States
WOOT! So excited!

Jill Weber, Milwaukee
My husband and I both work full-time and we have 3 kids under 5. But we're ready to try!

Deborah, Thousand Oaks, CA
Became vegan this summer — this is my next step: reducing processed foods from my diet.

Natalia B., Florida
This is a great idea! I've been wanting to do a challenge like this for awhile.

brooke noble, ADK state park, NY
no hesitation in supporting this cause….what a GREAT idea!! everyone in the U.S. should have to do this for AT LEAST a week…!

(Name Withheld), North Carolina
thank God I am trying this before thanksgiving!

(Name Withheld), Nashua, NH

Brandi Gillie, Maine
I had already set Oct 1 as my date to get back on track for eating right and exercising so this is just the kick I need!

Kelli Gracia, Washington State

Ashley Howe, Riverside, CA
This is great! Can't wait to tell everyone I know and get started this week :)

Lori A., B.C Canada
We eat pretty much this way all the time. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and organic free range chicken. It's really not as hard as it sounds unless you are a junk food addict.

Kara Hickerson, Concord North Carolia

(Name Withheld), Port Hardy, BC
So excited!! Great way to kick off Fall!

Ali @ Sweet. Savory. Love.
Excited to do this!

(Name Withheld), Portland, OR

Jessica Hennager, Hamilton Montana
This is such a great concept. Don't give up, what you're doing here is invaluable!

Sheryl Paul, Ft. Pierce, FL

Allison fell, Ct

Teresa Ann, South West Florida
I'm excited to see if this actually reduces my grocery bill and weight.

Rubina S., Chicago, IL
So excited to get started!

Kim M., Richmond, VA
I am going to try for a week. If I can make a week, I will try another. And another. Thanks for doing this.

Ellen Quesseleit, Oldenburg, Germany
So looking forward to eating with more awareness again.

Heather Tucker, South Jersey
Aw, this is gonna be easy!

Jane Ward, Somerville, MA
I did something similar over the summer, and have a decent collection of recipes you may find helpful at http://cornfreejuly.blogspot.com/p/corn-free-cookbook.html

Laura, Ithaca, NY

Chris Peters, Stillwater, OK

Ashley Basta, Boulder, CO

Kathie Golletz, Vancouver Island

Molly, Pasadena, CA

debbie56, georgia

Filiz Ozkan, Urla, Izmir, Turkey
I livein a beautiful little town where most food is all natural, home grown and homemade. I am looking forward to the clallenge.

Dana, Iowa
I work in the nutrition department of a food distribution company and I read food labels for a living and let me tell you…it's dang scary. Especially processed foods that are "approved" for the public schools. Yikes Moms and Dads…do you have any idea what they're feeding your children??????

Kimberly Morales, Sacramento, CA

Claire, Conservative land, IA
I love whole foods. yaya

Shannon, San Jose, CA
I'm gonna try this for the month! Yikes!

Krista P., Overland Park, KS
Love this idea! Looking forward to being part of this!

Erin, New Orleans, LA
I try to incorporate this into my daily life, but slip, as humans tend to do. Thank you so much for bringing this back to my attention! I'm excited for October!

Michelle and Josh, California

Sunshine C., Sacramento,CA
Can't wait to get started and share with my housemates!

Kasondra Morin, United States
I will actually be starting on Oct 2nd…but I'll strive to do this as much as possible!

Linda Velez, Beverly Hills, Florida

(Name Withheld)
I eat pretty unprocessed as it is … but I'd like to get smarter about eating locally and seasonally. So I'm going to use this month to educate myself and prep for winter with the lovely harvest at the farmers market. And maybe kick the last little bit of processed foods out of my kitchen for good.

Heather, San Diego
I typically eat mostly unprocessed already…but I LOVE this idea! Thanks!

dee, Davie, FL
I love these challenges. Real food = real health. :)

Robin, Bay Area CA
Going to give this a try!

Caitlin Smemo, Seattle, WA

Pam, nyc
I think 100% for the whole month might be too much for me, but I'm going to aim for 75% unprocessed for the month!

Chloe, Ann Arbor, MI

Cherie Klusman, Willamette Valley, Oregon
Looking forward to the adventure!

Chris Anderson, Gloucester, MA
Been on my mind for a while now. Time to take it for a test drive.

Kristin, Houston

Betty, Missouri
I have been sick for a year and am really excited about doing this.

adella bennett, dallas tx
I can do it!

Natalie A, San Diego, CA
Let's see how many days I can go…

(Name Withheld), oregon

The Durham Family, Madisonville, KY
We've been eating a primarily unprocessed diet for a few years now, and it has had such a positive effect on our health. I hope that everone who accepts this challenge finds eating clean as beneficial as we have.

Keriba, Colorado
Sharing great healthy food with like minded people… brilliant!

Jaimie Davis, Chattanooga, TN

Tracie, Chicago
WE're going to have to make a Halloween exception!

Danny T., Florida


Renee M., Ohio
I'm excited and looking forward to feeling good!

Erika, MN

Jason and Holly, Florida
We pledge to do it 100% while at home or making our own food choices.

Ana M. DeLeon, Houston, Texas
Love this exciting and healthy challange! :)

Christy Munn, Port Angeles, WA
I'm ready to go! Been collecting ideas all week. :)

Beth (OMG! Yummy), San Jose, CA
I'm your go-to participant if you are pledging with the perspective of a practical, busy mom in a family of all foodies :-)

Geetanjalee, India
My weakness is a cookie or something sweet after every meal. My meals are freshly cooked &amp; I'm vegan. So this month I have to give up the cookies.

Ann Heard, Colorado Springs, CO
This will be interesting

(Name Withheld), New Mexico

Nora, Liberty Hill, TX
Thank you for offering this, I accept and feel driven to hold to the agreement know that so many other like-minded people will also be avoiding processed foods :)

Jean, BC, Canada
So great to have a virtual community to provide some accountability. I'm in. Thanks! Any help for those living in remote areas would be especially welcome!

Jen Rinehart, Puyallup, WA
This has been my entire slant this year! I'm super excited to see this happening with others more and more as it's ridiculous how we as Americans can eat such garbage day in and day out.

Rebecca, Texas
My husband, two children, and myself are taking the pledge! We've been looking for months at trying to get processed/preservatives/etc. out of our diet, and I googled how to do that last night at found you! My oldest son, 3 years, is also autistic, and we were hoping to see a change in some of his behaviors when we remove many toxins out of his diet. It will be an interesting journey!

(Name Withheld)
Exciting! I'm glad to see other people on board.

leni, central coast

Molly Greenwood, CA
What a great idea! Let's all eat real food!

Lisa Skinner, Wellington, FL
I'm up for the challenge!

Nicole T, Boston, MA
Good luck, everyone! This is a great idea, and can be so much fun if you're into trying to make all kinds of crazy things yourself!

Katie Galvin, Los Angeles, CA
Let's do this!! :)

Lisa, Brooklyn, NY

Heather L, Muskegon, MI

(Name Withheld), Chicago, IL
October is my birthday month and I'll be 43. Time to take control of my health and what I put into my body. Thanks for creating this challenge!

Tasia C, Denver

Cindy, Madison, WI

Nicole H, Toronto, Ontario
This is fantastic! I'm in and spreading the word!

Jen T, Hungary

(Name Withheld)
Great idea!

Loridean, Omaha, Ne
I need to do this for my health anyways, so it will be nice to have a group to watch and share with throughout the month!

Lisa, Austin, TX

mike v, austin tx
I commit to the challenge. I have been changing my diet substantially over the last 3 years and have never felt better. Usually make all meals from scratch – no boxes or pouches – fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. One rule of thumb that I follow if I can't pronounce it then I don't eat it.

Jessica Fletcher, Vancouver

Lucy, Chicago, IL

Lauren Allen, Seattle
Amazing movement.. Everyone should participate.

L. Campbell, Texas

Anh Platt, Santa Barbara, CA

Anne, Boulder, CO
Starting with 1 week

Patricia Hawley
I own an organic health food store so this aesthetic is my business! I will run a month long challenge in my shop, Fountain of Youth Organics, to bring awareness to the pleasures of unprocessed eating.

Kristen Wheatley, Auburn ME

Natalie Griffeth, Apison, TN
Looking forward to the difference this will make in how my family eats, and the subsequent health benefits. Hoping to kickstart my weightloss too.

Nancy G, Pearland, TEXAS
This will probably be tough but I'll try it.

Kealy, Durham, NC
I am so excited! This is just the thing I need to kick the soda and granola bar habits I have. And my bread maker and yogurt maker will be happy to get more use!

(Name Withheld), Eugene, OR
I've been eating this way since 1994 – this IS the way…! : )

Robin, Long Beach, ca

Jackie, Chicago , il.

(Name Withheld), Indiana
I'm in!

Veronica, San Diego, CA
After making my baby's food, I realized how much care and concern I was giving hers, while mostly ignoring my own diet. I'm in! Here goes nothing!

Michelle Nolton, Woodbridge VA

Tess, Cleveland, OH

Hera, New York
I am going to try it for the month!! Lets see how well i can do!

Neal B, Seattle, WA
As someone who already makes their own bacon, sausage, wine and cheese (I still buy all of the above, this is just a hobby…) I think this is a great challenge to do something full time that I have been doing part time. I would like to make the move to avoiding processed foods year round!

Karly L., Austin, TX

Rebecca p.

(Name Withheld), NYC
Giving it a go for most of the month except for 3 days I'll be travelling!

Val C, Ashland, NH
An interesting challenge, but might have been easier a month ago before the gardens started fading! LOL! I am in!

marianne, ga

Sarah, Hamden, Ct

JennaR, Raleigh, NC
I'm looking forward to this challenge!

Mackenzie Ferrante, Seattle, WA

Alyssa, Washington, DC

trisha, Maine
Exciting! We eat mostly whole foods anyway, but I have a feeling that officially trying to avoid processed foods will be eye opening.

Bethany, Seattle, WA
This is a really neat idea!

Kylie P., Salt Lake City, UT

(Name Withheld), Brookline, MA

Sodium Girl, San Francisco
LOVE THIS! I eat unprocessed all the time due to kidney failure and a salt-free diet, but love the chance to help spread the message. Let me know if you want me to give your readers any tips on making things they love (like bloody marys, buffalo wings, even spam) without the bottles and cans! I'm pledging this for life!

Becky Hurley, Des Moines, Iowa
Love this idea.

Colleen Christi Willett, Jersey City, NJ
I am almost there already in my daily life… here's to getting there this month!

(Name Withheld), Washington, DC
I'm excited to give this a try – setting myself a goal of at least a week, but aiming for the whole month!

Janice Jose, Honolulu
I'm in!

Marianne, Kirkland, WA

Kara, Sacramento, CA
Just the spark of motivation I need! Thank you!

Chelsea Farrell, Jacksonville Beach, FL
I'm excited to join the slow food movement this October! Should be interesting.


Natalie, san diego
Cant wait!! I want to do the whole month but will be on a vacation and I might whimp out then:( I will repost to my blog and spread the news! http://alittlebitofnat.blogspot.com/

Leah Porter-Anthon, Mesa, AZ
I love this! My husband and I already eat very few processed foods, but we're going to take the challenge to push ourselves further this month!

Garrett Anthon, Mesa, AZ

Jen, Austin, TX
:) I'm ready to try this!

Marta, Tempe, AZ

Shelly, Ripon, California
I did the 30 day Paleo challenge, so this should be easy.

dawn woodward, toronto ON

Kayla, British Columbia

Carolyn, Indiana
This will be no problem for me, as I have been eating clean, lean, and locally grown/raised food sources for over a year. I will get my team of FabFit members to join in on the fun.

Abby Gleason, Pittsburgh, PA

sara martin, iowa
im going to my first ever yoga festival in october, i thought this would b e a good tie in, that and i want to loose those 15 processed pounds…or maybe that is from the beer…?

Colleen Wisniewski, Roselle, IL
will give it a try

Megan, Chicago

Cheryl Buflod, Ashburn, VA
Great, I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Ellen C, Arlington, VA

Lila bejarano, az

Ray Thom, nj

jennifer, nashville

Angelique, Gilbert AZ
I reeeeealy want to challenge myself in this one, but not confident of how long I can sustain this in a household of 4 other very processed food eaters….I have been trying to head in a whole foods direction for months, making changes. I am going to journal daily to help me keep track. Eating out, will be my only exception, which we don't do alot of anyway.

can't wait we eat mostly unprocessed but always looking for a way to go totally unprocessed!

Summer Hansell, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
We try to live as "unprocessed" a life as we can already: I think this pledge will take us to another level in the month of October! Also looking forward to sharing some community around this.

Sophia v, London, UK
I'm a nutritionist so shouldn't find it too hard tho I'm human too!

katy everwinter, adelaide hills

(Name Withheld)

Cynthia, Washington, DC

Celeste Hayne, South Okanagan Valley, BC Canada

denise foote, VT – Vermont

JaniceT, Indiana
I have been trying to eliminate as many processed foods as I can. I don't buy food in cardboard boxes anymore. This challenge will help me get more processed foods off my plate. I am in for the whole month! :)

Elliott Van Fleet, IL

Barbara Mc, Ohio
Try to live this EVERY day!

Sarah Martin, United States

Manni Pasqualini, Melbourne
Already most of the way there but October seems a top month to try a little harder.

Debi Boone, Ga
Thank you for your efforts and getting this challenge going. :-)

Allison O., Philly, PA
I'm excited to see what challenges I come up against!

Heather S.

(Name Withheld), Los Angeles, CA
Up for the challenge!

Jeanne, Los Lunas, NM
I have cut out a lot of processed foods already and you will be amazed if

you do it long enough when you eat processed food again it won't taste near as appealing.

Sophia Tsai, Los Angeles
Challenging, but I'd like to try for a week.

Haruka Oatis, Moncure, NC
This is great! Not only do we come out healthier, we save money and put a dent into Corporate Ag's wallet. Let's do it! Support your local farmers!

Joey Mazzera, California

Melissa K, Oklahoma City, OK
This will be a challenge but I am up for it!! :)

Racheal, Australia
Both me and my partner are going to give it a go :) Thanks for the challenge :)

Jacki Lavigne, Ontario

(Name Withheld), Canada
Up for the challenge and continuing to educate myself to think beyond open the cereal box. Looking forward to sharing with my clients.

Corry, San Lorenzo, Ca

Beth Ann Guthridge, Va
I may starve!

Jeremy, Chapel Hill, NC
This will not be a large stretch from my regular diet, but I love the idea.

(Name Withheld), Wisconsin

Looking forward to it! Currently doing it but the added support will keep me doing it since this is a restart for me!

Felicia, Antioch, TN
I will try it for one week!

Steph Logsdon, Boone, NC
I'm really getting involved with Slow Food, about to start a group at Appalachian State University, and I'm looking forward to sharing October Unprocessed with other students!

Valerie, Lexington, KY

Tracy C, Raleigh, NC
great idea! I feel like I already eat this way. It will be great to really focus on it for a month and find out for sure!

stephanie king, Redmond, WA

(Name Withheld), Virginia

(Name Withheld), Athens, GA
I'm excited! I've tried something like this before, but didn't stick to it. I want to try again!

(Name Withheld)

Becky, Iowa

Jen G, Michigan
I already try to cut our all processed foods. But I will try a week with no cookies or crackers too…even if they are considered "healthy" processed foods!

Tawni, Phoenix AZ
Just finished the PCRM 21 day challenge and looking forward to taking my "diet" to the next level and becoming healthier.

Donna Russell, Biloxi, MS

Deb Cunningham

Stacey Bowers, North Myrtle beach
A month of Real Food! I am in!

Chris, Minnesota
I hope this doesn't mean I have to give up coffee.

Jalene, Portland, OR
I am excited! I'm recruiting other folks through my non-profit community group: Green Lents. Let's do it!

Alle Wells, NC
I'm in for Oct! A Southern Vegan-Southern Writer

Meg Havern, Philadelphia
Can't WAIT!

Jamie Minchin, Boone, NC
This is for the new Slow Food chapter at Appalachian State, we are so proud and excited to bring health, awareness and support of our AMAZING local farmers!!

Shawn Luttrell, Redmond, WA

Jennie, Tacoma, WA
I have gone to all organic meat and all organic foods at home. I think this will still be a challenge, but fun and worth it.

Amy Cicenia, New Jersey

Lauren, Portland, ME
We can do it!

Cec, downers grove, il

Beatriz S., Seattle, WA
This seems like a good challenge and it's good for both me and the environment. Hopefully I'll last through it all! ")

mary, minneapolis

Laura E, Vancouver, WA
So glad I stumbled upon this pledge (thanks to simplebites.net)!

Lauren, Chicago, IL

Kristie Wehe, Seattle
I already do this but want to be a part of the event.

It'll be tough, but I'm willing to try!

Amy, Lumsden, SK
I love this idea and I'm going to share it with all of our fans of ACORN eco-boutique!

Tina, Cape Town, South Africa
I am adverse to junk foods and tin foods in general, but want to change my whole eating lifestyle and needs the help. Thank you

Brie laforgia, Nj
I feel that eating this way is essential ! Know what you are eating!! Good luck everyone !

nicole white, pleasant grove Ca
I love it!!!!

Amy, Tucson, AZ
This will be tough, but I'm going to try it anyway.

(Name Withheld)
Going to give it a good try.

Jessica, NJ
Great idea! We (a family of five) try to live our lives like this everyday, with great success. It's wonderful to see others stepping up to the challenge. Best of health to all!

Kaela Billingsley, Arizona
I have come pretty close to not eating anything processed, though I don't think I did it 100% and now I'm ready to!

Nic H., Snoqualmie Pass, WA
It took me quite a bit of time to decide if I could actually get on board with this. Not because I don't want to but because of the extra time it will take and how it is really the 'step' I've been fearful to take in my current eating habits. Thanks for providing a forum for all to discuss and support one another!

Elsa Couvelier, Bellingham, WA

Laura Hargrove, Port Alberni, BC, Canadan

Breanne Shepherd, Texas

Michelle Lasley, Portland, Oregon
Save two days a week, all food eaten in my household of 3 will be made by me.

Amanda Turner, Kelowna, BC
I began my "war on food" one month ago with my family. So this is great timing for us to sign the pledge. Our adventure is being recorded at www.foodishnessblog.wordpress.com. Good luck this October!

robin, alameda, ca
as long as i can still drink beer. i think i could make it in my kitchen if i really had to…

Marikki, Finland

(Name Withheld), portland, or
I'm in!

Manasa, florida
I am excited for this!

James simpliciano, Lahaina , Hawaii

Adam Simmons, Portland, Oregon
I cannot complete my doctorate in rockin' it until I've ridden myself of processed food.

Jennifer, California
Going to try to go #unprocessed as much as I can! Definitely need to make some healthier food changes.

Liz, Victoria, BC
This is a great idea. I'm up for the challenge. I want to pass down healthy eating habits to my little one.

Lisa, Illinois

Seloua Laouikili, The Netherlands
What a great idea! I think i'm gonna be spending a lot of time in the kitchen this month, probably a lot of thinking too 😛

Justine M, Honolulu
exception: wedding/bday parties…:o)

Lisa, Toronto
Love it! I'm in.

Anthony Pickering, Melbourne, Australia
I have managed to get my wife to agree to the first two weeks in October.

Josh D, Chicago
I pretty much do this already, but let's make it official!

Gina Collier, Chicago
I will need help from you and your pledgers with suggestions and recipes!

Marcia Pinto, Lausanne, Switzerland
Great idea! More people need to know about it!!!



Linda Zukowski, Raleigh, NC

Judith @ judithalfano.blogspot.com
I'm in!

Lauri R., Ohio
It's about time! Let's do this!!

Michael Arman, Adelaide South Australia

Toni Collins

(Name Withheld), Australia

(Name Withheld), St. Louis, MO

(Name Withheld), Iowa

Bob Milstein

(Name Withheld), Albuquerque
Bring it on! My whole family so needs this. I have a child that is a very picky eater (limited to about 20 different foods, hot dogs, chicken fingers etc.) so this will be quite a challenge but we sooo need it. :)

Trudi S, Pennsylvannia

Rachel Hoff, Vallejo, CA
Today is our last year of going an entire year without buying food from a grocery store or restaurant and the last 3 months not buying any food at all which meant any processed foods we ate for that year were processed by us. We have decided to continue our no groceries lifestyle so I'll take this pledge!

Margaret Westfox, Springfield, MA
I'm making an exception for the Big E, but this will definitely be an interesting challenge!

(Name Withheld)
Could be challenging as I am on airplanes a lot. Love the challenge…Im in.

sami, 44143

Nicole Leung, Australia

Marcia Coakley, Medway, Massachusetts
As I eat and cook this most of the time…it will be good to notice what might (almost) slide in around the edges of awareness. Thank you for the creative way to raise and spread awareness.

Posting October Unprocessed on my site as well: http://danceofhealth.com

Lynda Thompson, VA
I have been doing this more and more this year to where it is pretty much everything.

Stephanie Bostic, Boston
Looking forward to it, and planning to talk about the experience on my blog, http://groundcherry.wordpress.com!

farmgal, canada

Maria, Florida

tuuli, New York
We'll make an exception for a weekend trip coming up next week, but otherwise I'm going for it! No more Cheerios!

Jeanne, California

Run DMT, Land O\\'Lakes, FL
I am going to give it a shot, but I have to be honest. My house is stocked with boxes of cereals, pasta and canned beans, all which have labels. I'm not sure I can do or if my family will survive, but we'll see. I'll try anything at least once.

sandra bidinger

Sandra Flood, Texas
I'll give it a try! I'd like to make it a lifestyle.

Caroline D., FL

April Kramer, Chico, CA
I have been asking my husband to do a farmer's market only week with me for a year or two now. This is a perfect substitution. Elated to be on board. Oh and, I will be eating Cheetos today as my own personal send off! ;0)

Jennifer Barborka, AUstin, TX
Very excited to do this. We're already mostly unprocessed, we just give in on lazy I don't want to cook days. This will help kick my butt into preparing meals when I want to cook for days I won't!

Judy Hayner
Excited to try this.

Matt Grace, Philadelphia
Lets do this!

Matt Grace, Philadelphia
Let' all do this!

Elizabeth K., Weimar, CA

Elizabeth Brennan, Auburn, AL
Can't wait to try! Will have to go through my panty first and donate some items because I'm hoping I won't ever go back to processed food!

(Name Withheld), Edmonton, AB
Great idea! Thanks!

Rachel S

Angela Reininger
My family (6) are on it!

Carrie G., Cedar Rapids, IA

Xan from Mahlzeit, Chicago
Second year! I'm dragging my friends from Not Dabbling in Normal in with me this year too!

Chrissy Spanoghe, Palo Alto, CA
Way to go to all who are participating!

Chris G., Cedar Rapids, IA

Kory Nepveu, San Diego, CA
Wow this is super exciting, Cheers everyone to a new way of learning and discovering a path of good health and Longevity!

Susie Petitti, Memphis, TN
I am hoping to get some friends on board…and will definately blog the experience with a link to you! Great idea!

Rene Lynch, Los Angeles
Thanks you for giving me a reason not to eat an entire bag of Snickers this Halloween…

(Name Withheld), Las Vegas, Nv
Eating unprocessed food is my number one goal for my family. I have found so many wonderfully, easy foods to feed my family. I love this challenge and I am committed to this for LIFE! I know at times it won't be as easy, but I want my family healthy! As for now we will take one day at a time and get better and better at it.


Canadian Doomer, Canada
We pretty much eat like that now. This is overlapping my own challenge for this winter, which is to avoid the stores entirely, living on our food storage.

Marilyn Holland
I love eating real foods that are uncontaminated with a long list of ingredies that I don't even recognize. In my grandparents day, that's all that we would eat, unprocessed food, and we felt so much better!

Dawn Martin, Sacramento, CA
Eating unprocessed is a GREAT idea for a challenge! It is such a simple way to eliminate unnecessary added ingredients, and get straight to the plentiful nutrients that whole foods offer.

Curt von Diest, St. Louis
I'm ready for the challenge!

Jenny, Bellevue, WA

Kathya, Mexico City
I'll try to do my best to get trough the month =) please share recipes, I'm not used to cook

Anneliesz @ lavieenroute, San Francisco
I'm taking the plunge… :)

Michael B, SF Bay Area
Let's Do This!!

Marc Gioglio, Maryland

I am looking forward to this challenge! :)

Rachel McElwain, Indianapolis

Jan, Montreal, Quebec
I don't eat much processed food, but I'd still like to support this "event." I'll definitely write up a post on Kitchen Heals Soul about the challenge :)

Rachel R, United States
We are starting this initiative for our family anyway so it will be nice to share the experience with others.

Heather, Texas

Susan, Alameda
This popped up at the PERFECT time for me. Thanks!

Natalie, Birmingham, AL
Sounds cool. I know my eating habits need to change.

Ashley, kirkland, wa
I am out of town from the 8-16th so that will be hard but I will do the best I can while I'm away. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time!

(Name Withheld), Virginia

Stephie, Michigan
I'm nervous but excited for the challenge!

jwlucasnc, raleigh, nc

Stephanie, British Columbia
My daughter told me about this — and just in time, too! Count me in. This sounds like just the nudge I need to get my eating to a healthier level. Thanks for a great website!

Leandra Rouse, San Francisco
Love this pledge, Andrew! I am a SF based Nutrition consultant and you have inspired me to get my own health community on board! People are committing to Unprocessed October on my Facebook page daily. Looking forward to sharing our progress. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tune-Up-SF/217866981556683

Annie B., Dallas, TX

Pam, Alberta, Canada

(Name Withheld), British Columbia, Canada

Kathi, Wisconsin

Sherry H, Columbia, CA
I am 49, obese, and unhappy about it. I am working towards my culinary degree and want to focus on local sustainable foods in my cooking. I am starting the month off by helping with a local potato harvest. Get two locavore meals and a sack of potatoes for the privilege! Wish me luck. I am going to do this!

Jinette O, Atlanta, GA

Amy VL, Berkeley, CA

Mandy Castle, Greensboro, NC

Alison Bane, Victoria, BC

Ashli Nixon, Columbus, OH

Marie Major, Vancouver, WA
been unprocessed for about 6 months now!

Cacau, Brazil, SC, Florianópolis
Man … A really wanna do this … just don't know for how long once I have this crazy journey includind classes in the morning, working all day long 'till 8pm and a hungry hubby to feed, but my goel is to go as "unprocessed" as possible.

Katy McCauley, Seattle, WA

Mandy, United States

Chloe Denny, BC – Canada
This is a great idea, it will help raise awareness of how much 'fake food' there is!

Katie Stanley, Guadelupe, B.C. Mexico
Looking forward to this!!

Marie Buck, Altadena, CA

Nicholas Hatch, Lexington, KY
Planning on getting a group together once a week to cook together and support each other in this endeavor!

(Name Withheld)
Great idea

Lindsay, Boston

Lauren, Atlanta

Greg Kujawa, Toledo,Oh
No more hotdogs lunchmeat or anything out of a box. This is going to be a toughy!

Laura Sohn, wringingoutmysponge.blogspot.com
I haven't eaten anything processed in over a year, so consider me fully committed!

Jasmine MB, Ottawa

Sherry K, Toronto, ON

Jacob Rolfe, Toronto, Ontario

Rebecca Garland, Seattle, WA
I'm in!

(Name Withheld), Carlisle, PA


(Name Withheld), seattle

Sarah M., Portland, ME

Rachel B, Northern CA

Nicky Payne, East Yorkshire
I think this is a fantastic idea,we'll do our best!!

(Name Withheld)

I'm keeping at it. Living a healthier life!

(Name Withheld)

Katie Gonzalez, Meridian, ID
Ok, so with a daycare and two small children this is going to be a challenge- a big plus is I am in the kitchen all the time!

Deneice Falconer, Jamaica, West Indies
I've been looking for help to eat less processed and more whole foods. Thanks!

Thayer, Hollywood
Great idea! If everyone was to eat like this all the time heart disease, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression… so many dis-eases would be greatly affected.

Ruann Donnelly

Miranda, sustainabletableforone.com
Here goes….I think this is great!!


(Name Withheld)

Barb Vahey, South Carolina

Robert Miller, Cambridge Ontario

(Name Withheld), California

Erin Wilson, Niagara, Canada
I've decided to do a vegan, mostly raw + gf cleanse for the month of October, so it seemed a no-brainer to sign up. I like it when the Universe conspires like this :)

Jennifer/Unearthing This Life, Michigan

Sandy C, NY
Looking forward to giving it a whirl :)

Tambryn, GA

Kat Alcaraz, Orange, CA
I'm so tired of all the "junk" in our foods. I have 2 kids and want the best for them. This is it!

(Name Withheld), Windsor, Ontario
OK. Here we go. Last day before October!

Deanna Surber, Knoxville, TN

Nikki Allen

Jaime, Walla Walla, WA
Game on! I'm probably at least 75% there normally and it will be interesting to work through the other 25ish percent.

Megan G
Great idea!

Jen the Ecoventurer, South Florida
Unprocessed is already a way of life for me and my family, but I would like to share your great challenge with the readers on my blog. With your permission I would like to post a link to your challenge on my blog at www.myecoventure.com.

Thanks for getting the word out about real food!

Derek and Laura, Guelph, Ontario
First time we're going to try this and we're both excited!


(Name Withheld), RI

Colleen K, Texas
I'm going to at least give it a try!!!

Abbie @ Farmer\'s Daughter, Connecticut

Melinda, VA

@HilaryFleming, www.hilaryfleming.com
Huzzah! A call to action. I love it. I will commit for the first 3 weeks (cuz I need some halloween candy at the end)

Bree DeMoss, Dallas, TX
What a great way to get everyone involved &amp; excited!

Ben, California
HFCS, no thank you.

Erin Irvin, Fl, USA
Excited about this!

katrin, hamburg – germany

AJ Aalto, Thorold, Ontario
Absolutely thrilled to take this challenge.

count me in! great idea.

Angelica Ortiz, Houston, TX

Katy, West Palm Beach, FL

vanessa van wormer, brockport, new york
Our organic store "Fountain of Youth Organics" is encouraging everyone to take part in this! Thanks for increasing awareness!

Katie, WA

Louise Shields, Tacoma

(Name Withheld), United States
I am a recent cancer survivor and have been trying to do this for about the last month…I am so happy to see this website! I know exactly what you mean…if it has "fractionized coconut" in the spaghetti sauce (amongst many other unrecognizable ingredients) I am not eating it!!

MunkeeMommi, Houston, TX

jill d, west chester pa

(Name Withheld)

Stephanie, cinci, Ohio
Maybe this will keep me from snacking on pretzel twists and give me a better reason to stay away from the neon-orange powdered cheese and noodles on top of the other halfs refrigerator…even though the craving for that is kinda big! Can't wait to do this!

Amanda Astrello, Houston, Tx
This is going to be a though one for Me because I travel for a living. None the less I'm going to give it my best and hope to learn a lot about the food choices I make!

Denise Morse
Taking the pledge for me, my husband and our 1 year old

Jennifer, Alabama
This is great! We do this already because of a child with multiple food allergies. we feel so much better since we dropped it all!

(Name Withheld), UK
Looking forward to giving this a go!

Axel Minet, Cambridge, UK
I'm in!

(Name Withheld), United States


(Name Withheld), Flordia
I am so excited about this!!!

jeferguson, Cleveland HIgh School

(Name Withheld), Boston
Great idea! I'll be participating and blogging about it on www.bostonfoodswap.com

Jeremy Robbins, California

Chris, MN
This will be a challenge.

(Name Withheld), CHICAGO
I LOVE this! I was planning on doing the Canyon Ranch 2 week detox program so this is perfect!

Amy, Puebla, Mexico
Although I try to not eat processed foods, I still need to tweek several things….this will be the perfect excuse!!

(Name Withheld), los angeles

Liz kormanyos, Ashland,Virginia

Jenna Carodiskey, Federal Way WA

Meredith, Albuquerque, NM

Tracy S, Japan
I am so looking to do this!

Britney M., Claremont, Ca
I'm telling myself that this is better than child birth. I compare most things to child birth to put life into perspective.

Sharon Hollingsworth, New York
So ready to challenge myself. Awesome!

Jessica Gregory, Jacksonville, FL
I will do my best. It will be a culinary adventure!

Mary Slattery, Middle Ridge, WI
Foy You, Leanie.

With LOVE,


(Name Withheld)
I eat pretty much this way always. It will be an interesting experiment. My guess is that I won't have to refrain from eating anything I normally would, but we shall see!

Laurie Wesp

Danielle Taylor

Tizril, Ontario, Canada

Should be interesting.

Laura, Indiana

Dominique E, Perth, Western Australi

Erin P., Minnesota
Excited to give it a go!

Amber, NJ
I have been wanting to cut back/eliminate processed foods for some time now. I am hoping if I can make it through October I can continue on indefinitly. As a working single mom of two it will be a challenge, but my son (3) potentially has crohns and all the chemicals and garbage he must eat scares me. Anyone with good recipes using whole grain flour please let me know…I have tried with little success with that.

Bob, Newark
I'm in. :)

dani, ny
Needed the push, thanks!

Lauren Anderson, Boulder, CO

Gena, Pacific Northwest
I'm scared….yikes! But very excited.

Jessica, Renton, Washington
This is very exciting! I have shared this idea with some of my friends and they too are now taking the challege. Thank you for organizing this wonderful experiment.

Nicole F, Nh
I'm ready!

Mary Jo Cochran, United States

Susan, Saint Petets, MO

Anne Lieb, Delaware
Wish me luck, I'll need it!

Jennifer Stevens, Nashville

Amy, Wilmington, DE

JK hufford, Kansas

Sasha, NY
Looks like fun!

Jillyin, Hampton, NH

Kelly Battaglia, Dallas, Texas
Great idea. I don't eat much processed food, but lately it's been more than I'd like. This will be a great goal, with accountability. I'll blog about it at www.healthyhappyeater.com Good luck all! Be well.

Katy S., Texas

Bryce, Harrisonburg, Virginia
This is so fantastic! Thanks for the great inspiration! I'll let you know how I feel after the month…

Nona, Gilbert, AZ
count me in, I've been eating 95% unprocessed food and I'm here to support this project.

Danielle barrick

Danielle B

Christopher C., Virginia

Becca Griffith, Minneapolis

CulinarySleuth, Niles, Michigan
Over the last two years I've made a conscientious choice to avoid HFCS, GMOs, and all rBGH products; which was a huge challenge for myself and my family. This will be the biggest challenge yet, but I accept and I'll share this challenge with others. Good luck to all who are trying!

Coppelia Acevedo, Houston,TX
I did this last year (for about a week or so), my hubby &amp; kids got on board and it was AMAZING! We lost weight and I even got relief from painful symptoms (IBS, endo). I'm excited to do it again, and try to make it more than a week…! Here we go!

Cami Hamilton, Los Angeles
we are living a plant-based lifestyle – no meat, no animal products (eggs, cheese, milk, butter) I think this challenge is a nice compliment to that choice.

Erin O., MN
Started this process recently for my own health and am excited to find this website and others of like mind!

Crystal D., Berkeley, CA
My normal diet is pretty unprocessed… looking forward to taking it to the next level… maybe doing a week where everything has to be from the Farmer's Market :)

(Name Withheld)

Lindsay, Albuquerque

Jacqui Johnson, Chattanooga

Sydney Loopy-Doop, State College Pa
Do or Die.

Heather Collins

Blake, Tampa, FL

Victoria Meetze, USA
My family may not like it, but their going with me

Kari, Denver

Sarah armstrong, australia

(Name Withheld), Hermosa Beach, CA
I am totally up for this challenge!

(Name Withheld)

Michelle Alemi, Philadelphia

Erica @ Contrary Darling, Mesa, AZ
Looking forward to having to make a conscious effort about what goes onto my family's plate… I have been gradually moving farther and farther away from prepackaged processed foods.

(Name Withheld)
will try this as best as I can.. been working toward this goal for 7 weeks!

Lina M, State College
Hell yeah!

Aaron, NYC
Wish me luck. :)

(Name Withheld), quizaira@gmail.com
I hope I make it. *crosses fingers*

Nick, EP

Sarah Wilson, Belair, SA
A great idea – im looking forward to baking more

Brooke Davis, Long Beach, CA
I love food, and I'm excited to eat food that loves me!

Sharon, Utah
Really looking forward to this. I know it won't be easy but I sure am motivated!!!

Bethany Bowen, Redding, CA

(Name Withheld), California

Jacquilyn Anderson
I am so excited for this!!! It will definitely be a challenge, but one that is worthwhile and rewarding.

Jade Aviles, United States
I just found this via Crazycountrymomma.com. What makes it funny is that I was going to start my own challenge. Now I will throw in with you all. Be Blessed!

paty m, Lebanon
Amazing idea! Totally support it~

Jill Conyers, Cincinnati
I have been clean eating for about 7 months and have never felt better. I'm joining the challenge to tackle the one thing that puts my clean eating to the test…what to eat after long runs when you're starving and your body is craving something (or many things) and you're not sure what.

When I first started researching unprocessed it was amazing to read so many different interpretations of what that means.

Taliah, Va
I'll give it a try. I don't usually do much cooking so it may be all fruit &amp; veggies for me.

g. patrick, white stone, virginia
i'm on board for the month of october. i'm investing in myself– win/win!

michelle, MA
what about wheat germ?

Emily S, Tucson AZ
Pura Vida

Robert-Louis Abrahamson, Cambridge

jill, ramsey, nj
i'm soooooo up for this! last month i started with removing ALL HFCS so this is totally the next step. perfect timing for me!!! thank you!

Maribeth, Oklahoma

Cynthia Lowrance, Boone NC

Cynthia Lowrance, Boone NC

(Name Withheld), NC

Rachel Ayers Waller, New York City
Signing up for me, my husband, and our 20-month-old daughter. Looking forward to embracing the challenge!

BouMama, Minnesota

Heather Lindloff, Stonington, ME

Emily Douglas, Chelsea, Michigan

Amy, Buffalo, NY

Laura, MA
Let's begin….

Audrey, Kansas City, MO

In…to try, and to blog while doing so!

Kate MacPhee, Halifax, NS
Sounds like a fantastic challenge!

Lilian, Memphis, TN

Stacy B., Iowa

Bridget, Austin TX

Amy Kitchen

Meredith, Dayton, ohio
Love it! I try, but with support i bet we could do better! Coffee is ok, right :)

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), CA
This should be pretty easy for my husband and my self, we already eat this way!

Jennifer Andrist, Bartlett, IL
This is fantastic!!! I am in and will try to make the whole month!!!

Ingrid Zeno, Houston,Tx
I am up for the challenge! I have my best friend and coworker doing this! We are pumped and excited!

Allison, St. Paul, MN

Patti skarwecki, denver

Christi Ware, Williamson, GA

Beth Randolph

Maggie Daniel, Fort Collins, CO
Can't wait to try this.. what a cool idea! :)

stephen wein, los angeles
my wife made me do this. i am not sure i can do it!

started cutting out processed food in June… going ALL out for October!!! :)

Joshua Wood, New York City
Thank you for doing this!!

(Name Withheld), Nashville

Lara Corbell, Carrboro, NC

Amanda Syler, Chicago IL

Josh Peters, Chicago IL

(Name Withheld), Chicago

Ashley Strand, Lawrence, KS
Shooting for the entire month, but Halloween candy will eventually win.

Hollie Moyer, Washington, DC
I always feel better when I avoid processed foods, the problem is how addictive they are.

(Name Withheld), Pasadena, CA
2nd year participant! Thanks for doing this again.

Nadya, New York
Love the challenge! Will share it with my friends and clients!

Ashley, United States
Love this! I'm going to try, although we will have to pretend the pasta I had today didn't happen, since I found it AFTER I ate. But from here on out, I'm going for it!

Carrie W, Oregon
Simply wonderful. I'm excited!

Lynn, Rocky Hill, CT

Holly, Abilene, KS
:) Looking forward to it! For us it will also mean no to very little grains and no refined sugar

(Name Withheld), So. California
This will provide the discipline to make the food choices changes I really want to make!

Elizabeth Kochor, United States
This is so right on…..love the vision and goals here…say hello to Fall and all the lovely root veggies!

Jen N, NJ
I've been trying this already for the month of Sept. The hardest part is getting my family on board with me. They love their boxed convenient foods.

sigrid o
Already eat like this, but I will enjoy increasing my awareness….how about you?

(Name Withheld), GA

Tami Moore, Pacific NorthWest

Elsa Mendez, Ft. Worth, TX
I just read this now… so I've had a couple of processed items this morning.. I will begin Monday morning, along with my new job! I'm excited!

Kasey, Denver, Co

nina, rochester hills, mi

Brooke I, Seattle, WA Area
What a great idea!

Jennifer, Powhatan, VA
SO excited to give this a go! I'm a 'real food' nut to begin with, but this will be an exceptional challenge for the corners I *do* cut on occasion. :)

joan pearlman

Melanie, Lexington, Ky

Ruth, Los Angeles

Monica Smith, Oregon

Ramona Kennon, Martinez, California
Sometimes we vegans fall into the processed food trap

Natasha, Houston

Garret Adkins, St. Louis
already mostly on this, most the time…but I'm happy to join and share the love.

Sarah Jackson, Portland OR
we try to do this anyway, but I think being conscious about it as we head into holiday eating (and candy time) will be just what we need.

Renee, Clarence ny

Jennifer Antonik, Harrington, DE

My first go at this … Looking forward to learning a lot!

Carly, Seattle & Portland
Excited to try this challenge! I'm going to try to eat only whole grains as well Even if you could technically refine flours in your home kitchen, I think it's better not to.

Stephanie R, Charleston, SC
Thanks for the challenge!

Joel and Harriet Last, San Antonio TX
We pledge to eat unprocessed foods when at home and whenever possible eating out.

Maureen, Chicago, Il.

Sharon McRae, Columbia MD

Ashley, Houston, TX

Michelle C., Albuquerque, NM
YAY! I am so doing this. Already started it today and I already feel better. After reading the deifinitions I already eat very low processed foods but now I will be able to see what is what. :) Thanks

Miriam Whitney, White Bear Lake, MN

(Name Withheld)

Hannah L.
I enjoy processed foods, but I am certainly willing to achieve this challenge

Sydney Schoonmaker, Denver

(Name Withheld), Livonia, MI

Micaela Scarpulla, San Francisco

Lizzie Larson, Minneapolis,MN

Nancy DV, Charlotte, NC, United States

Laura Burns, Ohio
I've been off the fresh wagon for far too long! Now is as good a time as any to jump back on!

(Name Withheld), spain

Tonya Arnold, St. Helens, OR
I am SOOOO in!

Gaylee Garroutte, United States

Margarita, Spain
90% on it.

Tiana V., Arizona
This will be my first year trying this, but I do love a challenge.


jen, Los Angeles
I am a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and this seems like a great way to challenge myself during my studies and toward meeting my goal of becoming healthier each year.

Jessica, nm
We are ready, the challenge will be when we eat out of the house.

(Name Withheld), Bremerton, Wa
Going Paleo all the way until Dec.

Wendi, Wake Forest, NC

Krista, By the sea

David, Austin
Doing the challenge and loving that others do as well

Beth Mickens, Virginia
I can do this! My family and I eat minimally processed to unprocessed foods, but it would be great to weed all processed foods out for an entire month! Looking forward to this challenge!

Susan, Halifax N.S.
I am really looking forward to this challenge!

Dollie arnold
I pledge onto buy any processed food during the month of october. We are making the transition to whole foods but believe that we should use up most of the processed food that is in our pantry. Other than those items, though, we are going unprocessed.

MaryAnn Donahue, NYS
Does this also mean no whole grain oatmeal?

Amanda F., Leesburg, VA

Jennalee, Colorado

Angie, MO
I am a long, long way from the clean eating lifestyle that I aspire to, so I'm pledging to really working toward better, more conscious choices in October. It may be as much increase of awareness as change, but it's a change I do want to work toward. I was planning to work on "cleaning up" in October anyway!

Christen Miller, Minneapolis

Tiffany R., San Diego
Excited to share recipes, ideas, and success stories! :) Follow me @TidbitsAtTiffs! :)

Lou Pereyra, Illinois

Sara Bause Mason, Brooklyn, NY

Sadie Whitley, Seattle
Eat local and seasonal! Visit your local Markets, butchers, fish mongers, and avoid grocery stores.

Karen Deitrick, Canton, Ohio

Janice, Miami

Elana Pessin, NYC

Mollie Keane, Delaware

Glasgow Foodie
Going to give it a try, publicised on Food and Drink Glasgow website too.

Cailin O\'Connor, Pompton Lakes, NJ
Great idea!

Carolyn Anderson, Mt.Pleasant ,SC

Sarah C., Dallas, TX
I'm really looking forward to finishing this!

Sugar Jeffcoat, SC

Curtis Garrett, Columbus, OH

Erika E

Kelli Fleming, Colorado

Lisa H, Milwaukee, WI
Yay good food.

Leah-Rae bee, miles city,MT
UnProssessed Foods!.One Month!.Lets Do This :)

Denise Dicks, Richmond,VA

Kacey, Hanford, CA
I started today, can't wait to keep it up!

Sara Romito, Denver

Alison Fischer, Montreal, Canada
Will do my best to feed my family only unprocessed foods this month. Should be fun challenge!

(Name Withheld)

Jamey Bennett

Shari-Tickled Red, Coastal NC

Carrie Vitt @ Deliciously Organic, S. California

Lucy, Oregon
I will start with a week trial. I SO want to do the life better for my kids.

(Name Withheld), Tygh Valley, OR

Mommeefit, Phoenix
This is perfect! I always cleanse during the fall, so this will work me right into my 7 da fast and 30 day internal cleanse from Blessed Herbs

Joanna Amos, United States
I'm in! Except for the sugar-laden cake I'm going to eat on my birthday 😀

Jenny, Land O\\' Lakes, FL

(Name Withheld)

TreeFarmGirl, Caldwell, ID
Excited for the challenge…

WellBeingMD, LTD, Palos Heights, Illinois
Applying the Pollan Rules: Eat only real food, eat mostly plants, eat less of it! Congratulations on your project!

(Name Withheld), Chicago, IL

(Name Withheld)

Heather P., London, Canada
Whee! Let the learning begin!

brad, ayer, ma
let's do this –

(Name Withheld), Texas

Bridge D\'Urso, Portland, OR


Sam+Toi, Pasadena, CA
Forgot to sign this earlier, but have begun! Thanks for the encouragement. EATING RULES!!!

Emily G., California
I've been wanting to do something like this for a while – my Clif bar addiction is getting pretty bad. Here's hoping I can stick this through to the end!

Amber D., Albuquerque

Janette, Fresno, California
Great idea!

Kristian, EL Paso Tx

(Name Withheld), New Jersey


Curtis Reisinger, Richmond, VA

Nikita, United States

(Name Withheld), Montreal , Quebec Canada

(Name Withheld), Liverpool

Jessica Yazdani, Ottawa, Ontario
Great idea, thank you!

Liz, Oxfordshire, UK
I'm in!


susana, portugal


Stephanie, Berlin, Germany
We avoid processed food already, but I think taking the challenge will help us identify "hidden" culprits in our diets!

Christine, South Africa
Love this idea!

emmanuel derville, Miami
Well I will spray the word as I do every other months

Amy B, NY

Karen, Liberty, MO
I'm excited to challenge myself and to actually think about everything I am eating.

Jocelyn, Ohio

Bill Godfrey

Andrea Merrigan, Fort Rucker, AL
This is such a great idea! The majority of the food we eat is unprocessed, but there are a few weaknesses I have that are definitely processed! This is a great month for me to remove those items from my diet….like candycorn!

EJ Rosenblum, Middletown, NY
I think I have been eating this way for a while, so now I will really see.

Deneice Scott, Plano, Texas
I LOVE this idea. This will help me reach my health goals for this year!!

Theresa and Bertrand Sondjo, Washington, DC
We're signing up for the entire month! With the caveat that we're also eating down our freezer and pantry, so there may be a few processed odds and ends as we clean house.

Katherine LaRochelle, Antibes, FR
I moved to the South of France with my husband and then-11-Month-old daughter about 6 months ago from Arizona. To say the change in our eating habits case easy is in understatement! We had committed about 5 months earlier to start eating as much locally grown and organic foods as possible, mostly for our daughter's sake. Since moving here we rarely eat ANYTHING processed…my daughter has never had Mac&amp;Cheese, chicken nuggets or any fast food from anywhere…and I'm incredibly happy about that!

Michelle, Omaha, NE
This seems like a natural progression from my soy and dairy-free diet. I'm excited to give this a try!

(Name Withheld)

Kelly, San Diego

jennifer simpson

Katie St.Clair, Charleston

Aldana Oppizzi, New York, NY

Lee Ann, South Carolina

A Wray, Richmond VA
Upon finishing my ayurvedic cleanse on Oct 3, I am commiting to this *great* idea!

(Name Withheld), Kansas city
Love the idea !!

Julia Croyden, London, UK

jen, boston
so, i went to a fair yesterday. aside from the usual mega-junk food, there was a stand selling fried kool-aid balls! perhaps you could set up a stand to help prevent a lot of stokes! yikes…


Jennifer Fowler, Temple, TX

Kathy Kennedy, Portland, OR

Lauren D\'Auria, austin, texas

Claudia, Brazil
I will give it a try – going to be hard though.

Karen Michelle Bayard, Salt Lake City
This is awesome! I am going to invite my high school &amp; college students to participate!

Peggy, Texas
I started in September and it has been easy, plus I'm learning alot about cooking with herbs.

Nance, Nevada
Following the primal blueprint

Bethany Wolfson, USA
This is a great opportunity to re-commit to how I know is a healthier way to eat. What a great idea!

(Name Withheld), Florida
We started eating mostly from scratch unprocessed food earlier this year, after my husband had heart surgery. It's been a revelation, for sure!

Jen Gwin, Portland, OR
Last year we tried not to make any trash so I started making all my own crackers and cookies at home. It's been a fun adventure that's resulted in new recipes I've created.

Patricia, Utah

Chermelle Edwards
A friend suggested it and I'm going for it!

Laura Wilson, Nantucket, MA
hi guys. xoxo

Abby, Minneapolis, MN

Page, Baltimore, MD

Earth Hasassri, San Diego
This seems to be the ingredients to successful eating!

Deb G, United States
going to try this

Aisling Mulhern, Dublin, Ireland
Fantastic Idea!

Marion Chaloux, Washington D.C.

(Name Withheld), Oklahoma
I will be starting tomorrow!

I am already into.. and never regret being a fan of not processed foods.

Tammi Pederson, San Diego, CA

Amy, Dallas

JoAnne Heim

Tracy Nault, Davisboro, GA
This is just what I need to bring my healthy eating commitment closer to becoming habit.

Ruth Sias, Folsom, CA
this is a pleasure for me! I eat organic anyway, but this is a great opportunity to spread the word and get friends involved!

Caity Engler, West LA
Oh boy, middle of football season, but I'm in!

Walter, San diego

Rowen Holland, Santa Cruz

Amaris, Putnam, Connecticut

Kelly Tally, Dallas, TX

(Name Withheld)

Annie Kirk
All real food for the rest of October!

Trisha, auburn, ca

(Name Withheld), Maine

Jen Zordan, CT
Woohoo!! I'm IN!

Stacy Hu, Boston, MA
I'll only be doing this 3x a week, but I can't wait to see how far I'll go! It'll be hard as a student, but I'm going to try :)

(Name Withheld), PA

Staci, Chicago, Il

Vanessa, MN

Susan Stewart, Koreatown
What a great idea, more of a challenge as I am driving to Cincinnati.

Amanda, Centerton
Devoted and nervous!

Natalie Stephens, Bloomington, IL
YES!!!! I do this most of the time anyway, but to make a conscious effort feels awesome!

Laura Wilson, Reno, NV

Deb B, NM
This online community's tips &amp; recipes will be a very welcome treat for me. Whole or nonprocessed food makes sense; it's the way the Creator intended. My friends ask me to keep track of recipes, but just about any combition of good ingredients makes a great dish, meal, or snack; and makes me an organic-gourmet-in-training.

Sara, Philadelphia, PA
What a fabulous month this will be!

Roxie, Albany, NY
Yum yum yum

(Name Withheld), toronto
It actually started for us in 2006 when we decided to make everything we eat from scratch. We have some cheats but even they are not refined sugar based or corn based and have as few ingredients as possible. We grow our own vegetables in the front of our house which has improved our community and their and our connection to our food. We must say that we got started after reading Michael Pollan's book Omnivore's Dilemma.

(Name Withheld), Dallas, Texas

Jennifer L., United States
Excited to take the challenge!!!

(Name Withheld), Manchester, NH
I'm on the board of directors to bring a food co-op to Manchester, NH. This is a fabulous idea and we'll get our community involved in participating!

Pam, South Carolina
I'm mostly going to pledge to pay attention. I don't know how much processed food I eat. Not a lot, but probably more than I realize

Lucy Lean, Los Angeles
I am

Pledging to eat unprocessed for Oct unless I HAVE to eat out for work – and then I'll make wide choices

Linda Colby

Coco, Asheville, NC

This could save some local farms. Brilliant!

Loren, Indiana

(Name Withheld), San Francisco


Anthony Fontalvo, Miami, Fl
This sounds like an awesome idea!

Jenna, Denver
The whole month!

Stacey, Oregon

Stephanie, Orange County, CA

Jacqui F., Wisconsin

Kimi Riegel, United States
This should be easy?

(Name Withheld), KS

Nicole Carr, KC
I'll give it a shot, should be interesting!

christine, Washington DC

Janeen Breyman, Napa, CA
We won't claim perfection, but we will make a difference.

Chris B, United States

Jennifer Decker, Minneapolis, MN

Molly, Syracuse, NY
I started yesterday and am already struggling not being able to eat my usual cereal and veggie meat products. Excited to see where this takes me!

Heidi Williams, Clemson, SC
If I can do it for a day, I can do it for a week. And if I can do it for a week, surely I can do it for a month! Thanks for the challenge!

Rachel, Chicago

Casey, Tasmania
Looking forward to feeling super!

Debbie M.

Kacie, Northern california
Let's do it!!

Rachel Dreibelbis, West Chester, PA

Brittany Silvestrini

Jennifer Smith, VA

Mike silvestrini

Mary Schonfeld

Emma, United States


I started doing this 3 weeks ago to help decrease pain and fatigue I have from an auto-immune disease. I have one week to go! I can tell you that it is possible and I feel great. I have only been eating fruit, veggies, and meat.

marylou kraemer, new mexico

Helene, Boulder.

Laura, Colorado
Pregnant with baby #7! This is always my goal, but I know I don't always make it– so to push myself a bit more will be great.

Eileen V., Chicago
Just bought great groceries (albeit expensive, hahah) and baked two dozen whole wheat english muffins in preparation for the month.

Hannah Kunde

devorah brous, LALA land.
I'm two days late to October Unprocessed 2011. Let my tardiness not reflect my lack of enthusiasm! I'll tack on two days in November. Is that legal?

(Name Withheld)
This won't be so difficult, as I have been stopped eating processed food for over a year now!

Katie Mollica, Venice, CA
so glad I found this! Hitting the Farmers Market every week this month!

Sara, Washington
Impossible… but maybe not… we'll see!!!

Laura, SF Bay area

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), Wollongong

tami, columbia falls MT

(Name Withheld), Gainesville, FL

Diana, Longview, WA

Susan, PDX, OR

Scarlett, Bowie, Maryland

(Name Withheld), WV

Debbie Berry
This is wonderful ! My husband and I made this commitment over a year ago~we also have made the commitment to not purchase anything from grocery stores. We buy local from our neighbor health food store and farmers market. Love it :)

(Name Withheld), United States

Dawn Rice
Been doing this for a ouple years but with stress and such fell off the wagon for a couple months, time to get back on the wagon!

Mia Ross-Dorsey, St. Albans, WV
Sounds like a fun challenge! We could all stand to eat better

Ashley Tucci, Portland, Maine

Kerri-Lynn, Brampton,Ontario Canada

Mary, Indianapolis
We've been whole foods oriented in our house for a few years now. I just peeked inside our refrigerator to see how much we may have sneaked fake foods into our diets. I found a package of packaged salami and some American cheese, both of which are lunch items my husband refuses to go without. Not bad though. I'm looking forward to spending the month with others who are going "real food" this month to share ideas and recipes and just watch the light come on for others.

Kristie, California

Melissa, Madison, WI

Kristin Schwab, Urban Nutrition Initiative, West Philadelphia

Kristen, Kansas City
I LOVE that you are doing this. I have been thinking about doing it for a long time and this is just the push I needed to commit. Thanks.

Andrea Boyer, United States
I've had my toe in this pond for quite awhile, time to take the plunge!

Alyse Griffin, Tampa, FL

Jorge, Tampa
This feels right. :)

Elizabeth Fraser, Girl Gone Raw, Portland, ME
As a raw foodie, I know how it feels to eliminate processed foods from my world &amp; I won't ever look back. The sense of awareness around what you put in &amp; on your body is huge &amp; so valuable. Thanks for the challenge, I have shared it with others! :-)

Karen, New Jersey

Kristen saucedo, Texas
Would love new recipe ideas!

Rachel Winder, United States

Lindsay Beeson, Virginia
My special challenges: to find a replacement for the bagged tortilla chips my husband and I eat almost every day; and to make our own pasta and jam!

Melissa, Arlington, VA
Looking forward to this! I've tried for the last three months to eat as unprocessed as possible but this will be the additional push I need.

Julie Negrin, New York

Becca, Minneapolis, MN
Sounds like what I want anyway, but will get me closer! And October's a perfect time, great produce, change of seasons. Cool!

Ashley Bell, Dallas, TX

Rebecca Cresswell, United States

Melissa H, Denver, CO

Shayla, Vancouver, BC
Signed up and hope my clients sign up too!

Meghan Plichta, Cincinnati, OH
Does chocolate count? 😉


Pat Eskins, WV
I'm excited!

(Name Withheld), Boston
I am ready for this challenge, no matter how busy I am this month!

Heidi, Portland, Oregon
My husband and I will be taking the challenge. Our kids… not so much.

mimi, new braunfels,texas
I commit to no processed foods for October.

(Name Withheld)

Natalie, Vermont
I'll pledge to one week and maybe have the momentum to go the rest of the month. This is a great idea!

tara pittman

Amy Dietrich Mark, NY

(Name Withheld), Seattle
I think that I generally eat unprocessed foods, but I'm excited to see how my eating changes when I am fully conscious about it!

Kathy, Chicago
OK, let's do this!

Kim Woods, Hawaii
I look forward to any challenge, this will definitely be worth the try for my family of 5! Thank you!

Briana Shaw, Powder Springs, GA
Lets see how this goes!

(Name Withheld), england

Rivka, Washington, DC
YES! Very excited about this.

Penny, Puyallup, WA

Laurie Rogers, Tempe, Arizona

Jesse, NC
already mostly there in the way we eat but there are occasional times processed foods sneak in so I'm excited about the challenge. This will help keeps those times in check.

Alyssa, SD

Megan, Denver

Ann F., New Haven, CT
Looking forward to it!!

Angie, Portland, OR

cherie m, niagara falls, ontario, canada
this is an easy one! i love cooking and eating non-processed foods. people look at me like i'm crazy when i tell them i make my own baby food and love cooking from SCRATCH, but it's a passion, and the food is SO much better. All the best everyone!

Jessica S., Bay Area California
This can only enhance my new goal to be vegan. So many good whole foods, so little time :)

Jessica S., Bay Area California
This can only enhance my new goal to be vegan. So many good whole foods, so little time :)

Jillian, Canada

Charles B, Raleigh, NC
I have been working to minimize processed food in my diet for the past couple weeks. Pure abstinence is not my goal, but food awareness very much is.

Tammie Thomas, Cornelius, NC
Yes, others need to understand where we are going with our diets. So glad to see so many joining in the pledge

Alissa, New Zealand
Great idea, looking forward to trying this out! Unfortunately since i'm insanely busy, I can't commit to a whole month but will definitely join the club!!

ana maria ciolacu, Bologna
I just can't wait to begin !

Kristy DeVaney, Sacramento, CA


Jessica, Michigan
I have started the whole no processed foods thing; this is just a great way for me to continue and get better. I think it is a great way to make your body healthier and happier again.

(Name Withheld), Linden
REAL food…yeah!!!

Georgia Wild, Montana
I need this! Knowing I'm not in it alone will be helpful and encouraging! If I can do it for a month, I can do it for a lifetime.

Melanie L, PDX OR
I am doing www.jointhereboot.com from the movie fat sick and nearly dead. I lost 13 pounds by doing my first reboot. The first three days were the toughest.

Gillian Estes, California
Looking forward to this challenge!

Randy L., New Haven
Bring it on!

(Name Withheld), Austin, TX
The way I usually eat, but this recommits me to it!

Ben Jamin, penn state

Trina, Seattle
Great idea!

(Name Withheld), Raleigh, NC

Christine, Washington State
Loving this.


caitlin, brooklyn

Frosty Duncan, B\\'Town
Bring it

Kim, San Diego, CA
Since I already eat pretty unprocessed, my challenge will be to not eat out or make different choices if I must go out, and to reduce use of any questionable items.

(Name Withheld)
I am eleven and my science teacher suggested to pledge!

Sara, Hamilton, ON
Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, but will do my best!!!

Erin Brighton, Charlotte, NC
Yay! Love this challenge. I plan to post nothing but unprocessed recipes on my gluten-free cooking blog this month as well! www.cookingwitherin.com

(Name Withheld), Wilmington, Delaware

Beth Mershon, Austin, Tx
I love this! Is a recipe book next?

matt spohn, United States

Sarah, United States
Sounds like my regular diet, anyway. :) Way to go!

Paula Perez, Edmonds, WA
This has been my way of eating for the last few months, but this makes it official!

Amy, Helena, MT
This gets especially tough as the colder weather sets in but all that much sweeter in the end!

Jen Gaiavegan, South Africa
I'm in! :-)

Ada L

(Name Withheld), south australi

(Name Withheld), Utah
Wow, if we could get our schools to buy in to this and get good food into our children even when they aren't being influenced by home.

(Name Withheld), France
As a student, let's see how far I can handle this ! 😀 Thanks for launching this awesome experience 😀

Jenny G., Portland, OR
So I'm a little late in the game, but I'm doing it!


Catherine Wigley, UK
Going to start with a meal and go from there!

Margaret Albaugh, England
We already try to avoid processed and we are vegan… but this will keep me focused and accountable!

Kristen, Okinawa, Japan
Love this idea! I ate no processed sugar over the summer so this is right up my alley :)

Jeanne, Cape Town, South Africa
Not clear on your definition of processed. All milk, even soy, seems to me to be processed. So the only way I could do this (and plan to) is to only eat raw fruit and veg. Even nuts are processed in a certain sense.

Justine, Houston
This is similar to. Daniel Fast that I do at the beginning of the year.

Susan Broe, Dublin
Just posted your link on our Facebook page, lets see if anyone of our friends will try it! www.facebook.com/Dublin.Meat.Company

(Name Withheld), Dublin

Paula, NH
Several friends are trying, we are finding it a real eye opener!

Margie, Navan, Ireland

sinead o brien, donaghmede

Ariana, Detroit, MI
I'm spreading the word. This is so great!!

Veggie Val, United States
Looking forward to another year of this fun challenge, Andrew… and to see the creative ways you handle the volume!

Christine Yaeger, Clarkson, NY
I'm happy to have this as a reminder to eat healthy. I'm going to try really hard to stick to this for the whole month!

Christina Giatropoulos, New Jersey
This is a life changing and much needed change for most Americans. We have been brain washed into thinking factories make food!

(Name Withheld), Sequim, WA

Samantha Weiss, Austin, TX

Shelby Manford, Austin TX
I am doing this for my sustainable food portfolio in my class, Sustaining A Planet.

Dawn H.R. Frederick, New York, New York
This will force me to get into the kitchen more and out of the restaurants! I may save a buck or two.

(Name Withheld), Boston, MA

AuroRa, RVA
~Change The World~ &lt;3

(Name Withheld), NJ
Me, my husband and four-year old twins will be going unprocessed in October – will be writing on my blog – www.thislittlepiggywenttothefarmersmarket.com

Kathie Parker, Oklahoma City, OK

(Name Withheld), Montreal
Can't wait!

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), Columbus, OH

(Name Withheld), Montreal
No short cut for this month

John Fraiser, Louisville, KY
Vegan (mostly)

Xin-min Lai, United States
This will be rough, but I always feel better after going unprocessed for a while.

Terri Myers, Mustang Oklahoma

Arja, Toronto

(Name Withheld), CA
I feel like a cheater since I can't think of anything I'll have to give up…but I'm sure I will find something and be better off for trying out not having it.

Karly, Schenectady, NY
First time doing this. On day 4 and loving it!

(Name Withheld), Florida

Chandra Hubbard, Milpitas CA

Daniel, Montreal, Québec

Charlotte Coburn, Mesa, AZ
I'm now 30 days clean from a horrible sugary beverage addiction (soda, fruit juice, iced tea, etc.) am on a weightloss venture and am eliminating wheat from my diet, why not throw something else into the mix!?

Joan, Quebec, Canada
I'm in and it will be easy for me to do but for my husband it will be a challenge.

Stephanie @ The Brunette Foodie, Atlanta suburbs
I'm going to try to do it for the whole month. We're not big on processed foods anyway so hopefully this won't be too hard!

Alyssa Neumann, Mays Landing, NJ
Never done anything like this before but I'm excited to do something new for myself!

Julia, Lafayette, CA
Okay, starting now. Better late than never.

Nell, EHT NJ

(Name Withheld), Madison,Wisconsin

Danielle Ranallo, Spokane, WA

Kelly, Vail, AZ
Ok, so I'm late, but I'll try for the rest of the month!

Crystal C., California

Nancy, Key West, FL
I'm in!


(Name Withheld)

Amy Podobnik
I think this is the way we all should be eating, ecspecially our children!! Our society doesn't promote this healthy life style at all!!

Aden W., 417 Land
How about this: Unprocessed and Local! Off to pick up my CSA share!

Mahogany, Maryland

Amy Ring, Maryland
Going to shoot for doing it the whole month!

Allison Pelot, Atlanta, GA

Danne Ruby, Baltimore, MD
1 1/2 years s/p Gastric Bypass and need a "kick start" to further weight loss.

Tim, Columbus, OH
Great challenge!

Amy Thompto, Milwaukee, WI

Paula W., Chicago

Harlin Savage, Colorado

melanie, WY

Tiffany Holley, Biloxi, MS
I don't think we can go cold turkey for a month with where our life is right now, but I am 100% supporting this!

Caroline, NYC

Matt, La Jolla, CA
No problem. This should be an ongoing commitment for all!

Moonbeams Pinkkayaker, Nashville, TN
I am already trying hard to reduce my processed food. I am going to make an even more concerted effort now.

Lindsay Holum, Saratoga, WY
I hope I can make this work! I live in a very small town, and the selection at my grocery store is often very limited!

Tamara, California
Every step of the way is the way!

(Name Withheld), GA

(Name Withheld), nyc

Christy, Round O, SC

(Name Withheld)

Carole, MD
This is perfect! This will be fun…I've done this before, but not with a "commitment"!

tonya parham, United States

(Name Withheld)

Pam S., Anaheim, CA
I started doing this on my own 2 weeks ago before I even saw this web site! I'm going to keep it going!

Amy Beth D, Memphis, TN
What a fantastic idea. I'm not prepared for the whole month but I can surely do a few days.

Mat Shalenko, Louisville, Ky

Jamie P., Pgh, PA
I have to eat this way anyway due to allergies, but I am excited to join in and find other recipes to come up with and pocket-friendly ways to eat!

Kate, Santa Maria, CA
What a great way to jump start a clean eating lifestylf!

Naomi, Santa Monica
I already do this for the vast majority of my food choices, so it is just making it public!

Josie, Washington, DC

Kelly Burgess, Colorado

Kelly, Michigan

Mrs. G, Texas
I found you through Slow Food's Facebook page, and I'm glad I did!

Susan, Nashville, TN

Meg Cornett, Washington, DC
I want to believe that I already have great habits and this won't interfere one bit with my regular diet. We'll see about that!

Sarah, Seattle, WA

Tiffany Seale, Fort Wainwright, AK

Sandra Castro, chicago
I'm going to try this for 7 days and then go from there. I have a feeling I'm going to be hooked!

michelle, kenai, ak
love this idea.

sarahsarah, New York

Vickie, Seattle

Laura Spink, Virginia
You had me at, "I didn't crave those salty snacks"!


Wendy Leibel, Pine City, MN
I started "clean eating" in May 2011 and have felt amazing since. I am totally in this challenge, thanks for encouraging us!


Alysse Gear, Milwaukee, WI

Erin, Seattle, WA
Hoping to make it through the whole month (vacation and Halloween included!)

Alex Newell, Southwest Harbor, Maine/Santa Monica, CA
I have A LOT of traveling to do this month, so this challenge is just what I need to keep me on track! Thanks!

Lora, Florida

Jessica, Flagstaff, AZ

Angela Rosoff, San Francisco
A little late, but I am in!

Fernando, Honduras
I'm in! There will be lots of cooking at home this month!

MaryEllenKlinke, Godfrey
I am committing to one day,and have faith it will extend for as long as possible,because I won't let my husband starve. It will begin as what I call my crazy big salad meals. I love those now and then;he won't have anything else to eat,and he will like it,because he will be hungry!

Brent Ramey Hepner, Norfolk, VA.
I eat this way all the time :)

Rachel, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Sounds like fun – am looking forward to the rest of the month!

Marge Gianelli, El Paso, Texas
My husband and I cook from scratch, but I'm sure there is room for improvement. I look forward to this month.

Dick Reiss
It won't be hard. This is about my 3rd unprocessed month already.

Litina Carnes

Kelly O\'Mahony, Nazareth, KY

Walker Everette, NYC

lesa landfried, Axtell, Texas

Rebecca Finkel, Ann Arbor, MI
I strive to live this way every day. Thanks for the extra reminder and encouragement!

(Name Withheld)

Deborah Goodnight, Texas
With travel and little time to cook, this is going to be a hard task but one that is worth it for the health benefits!


(Name Withheld)

Melissa Lippincott, Missouri

Latichia Miller
I already started my change of eating habits because meat and processed foods made me feel so sluggish. I have already been eating whole foods for about a week now and already I feel more energy than I have in a while now. I can't wait until the cravings stop so I can move full speed ahead and accomplish my goals of eating healthy on a daily basis, have tons of energy to keep up with my kids, be free from chronic illness and last but not least, look fabulous in my clothes and gain more confidence. So with that being said, "Let's get this show on the road."

(Name Withheld), Albuquerque, NM

Jo Kleinschmidt, Beardstown
Going to give this my best shot!!! Postive thinking, that the key!

Shad Boyd
This ought to be fun.

Cynthia Hightower, Texas
This we mentioned at work. Something I think America needs to get back to . Chemicals and perservative and artificial sweetners are being linked to too many health issues. We have created type II diabetes.

Cathryn Wellner, Canada
Terrific project – thanks for all the work you're doing to encourage healthy eating.

Libby, Dubuque, IA

Peggy, Indiana

Penny Clippinger, Ohio

Gayle, Denver
I'm in! It'll be good for me, the baby in my belly and the rest of my family!

Lisa Blair

(Name Withheld), Pompano Beach, Fl

Hannah Cordes, Seattle, WA
I love this challenge!

Tanya Witman, Tucson AZ

Courtney Bliss, Ohio
I keep trying to go unprocessed. But when you're married to someone who prefers the easy way, it's hard. In the very least my breakfasts and lunches will be unprocessed starting Saturday. I'm looking forward to it! I'll be posting on my own blog (thegreengeek09.wordpress.com) as I go!

(Name Withheld), Texas

This is the first time ive heard of this pledge!im exited to get started!

Lynsey, Chicago

Amy Marquardt, Lindenhurst, IL

(Name Withheld), Los Angeles, CA

Tracy, Oklahoma City

Francine Blumin, United States

Katherine Viola, New York, NY

Debbie Thomas
I've been avoiding processed foods for a long time now, so this should be easy.

Aphrodite, WI

Lauren Sanders, Los Angeles
I've been trying to do this and now I finally have a supportive group and place to help me achieve this! :)

Elizabeth, Ontario, Canada

Kim, Naperville, IL
WE're going to try!

Emilia Wollheim, London
I pretty much do this anyway – but I'm SO up for making it 100%

Deborah Fischer, Afton, Wyoming
This is the way to eat, always!

Magda Perri, London, ON
Great Idea!

Nadia Negro Mueller, Colorado
Love the idea! We pretty much always eat like that but wanted to show my support!

Patty Bucy, central part of indiana
I have been doing this about 70% of the time this summer and feel soooo much better. Going 100% with no process food will be a challenge but an intersting one. Good Luck everybody!

(Name Withheld), Los angeles

Kristen Balhoff, North Carolina
I'm on day 5 of "100 Days of Real Food" 10-day pledge. I'm so glad I found your pledge too! Your list of contributing guest bloggers is amazing. Thanks for doing this!

Nicole Quaranta, NJ
I got started a day or two late, but i'm all in! so far so good.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark, Oregon
this will be fun. :)

Lynn Crandall

Charlie Parkinson
Not sure what I'll do for supper without my trader joe's rye bread, but I guess we'll see…I really hope tofu is considered unprocessed??

(Name Withheld)

Steve Jones, San Diego

Shelly Richardson

Amber R., Brooklyn, NY

Lazy boy
I'm glad that I've found this www.eatingrules.com site. Oh, this was a really quality post. In theory I'd like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

Rebecca Krisman, Walnut Creek
I've been off of processed foods for over three months. It was so hard at first, but now I feel fabulous about my choice. I am, however, more horrified than ever about all the unhealthy food surrounding us.

Jana, Frankfurt
I will try it one day at least. But not now, because we've got holidays today, bit monday in two weeks or another day in the week, I will take part!

Bumble Lush, http://www.bumblelush.blogspot.com/
I meant to sign this earlier in the week. This will definitely be a challenge, but it's also the kick I need to make healthier food choices.

Nancy Baeder, GA
I have been working on this for the last year. I can't believe how little I now spend on food made by companies. I am in and out of the grocery store in minutes!

Cynthia Taylor, Norcross, GA
I don't guess it really counts since we have been eating totally "unprocessed" for 3 years now…but what a great awareness tool!!!

Mo Young, Philly

Meg Rothstein, Madison
Joining the official challenge late but well on my way! This community will surely give me extra information, motivation and fun!

Sophie, Canada

arlene armbrecht, brick, new jersey

Leah, United States

Lee, Canada
I am forced to this all the time by severe allergies to chemicals used in food processing.

(Name Withheld)
I've slipped once with Trader Joe's cookies, but am pledging for the rest of the month!

Melissa Schlegelmilch, Chicago

Geraldine, Brighton (UK)
That is an interesting challenge and I am happily taking it.I am 7 days late but it turns out that I have eaten mostly unprocessed food last week so I am on the right path.

Julie Cason, Carmel Valley, CA
We've been doing this ever since reading Michael Pollan's book in 2009, but are recommitting to vigilance!

Cynthia Escobar, Abilene, TX

Teresa, Ventura, CA
Love it, and will give it my best go!

Catherine, Mumbai, India

Erin M., Houston, TX

Erica Hayes, Olympia, WA
Love this idea.

Alli, Philadelphia
I run a blog called http://www.throwawaynation.org dedicated to kicking the single use disposable habit. I've been avoiding single use disposables (including food packaging) and have found that reducing unnecessary packaging goes hand in hand with eating healthier and living better! Good for the planet and for the body (and soul)! Love this idea!

Iris Harleman, California
The only way to eat really…:)

Dana Lubow, Monrovia, CA
Been doing this since I saw Food Inc. two years ago but it's nice to have company.

Karen Anderson, Chicago
What a great way to support our CSAs (vegetable &amp; meat) and Farmers Markets.

amish, mumbai

(Name Withheld), NW Washington

Abigail Hodge, Grand Rapids, Michigan

-the redhead-, Boulder, CO
I love this challenge! I've shared it on my blog.

-the redhead-

Margaret, Kentucky
We try to do this all year long.

Jolyn Eggart, Helena, MT
I'm looking forward to the challenge. I am a vegetarian so please consider posting veggie recipes too.

Lea C

Joy H., PA
Been eating like this for years. It gets easier, don't worry!

Susanna Fuller, Nova Scotia Canada
I already do this all the time. It isn't hard if you shop at farmers markets.

lydia stench

Ivy Dickinson, Moscow, ID
Woohoo! October is such a fun month to celebrate "real" food.

Marie, Los Angeles
As soon as I saw your post on kale pesto — brilliant! Of course, I'll do this — what a great idea!

Meghan Klasic, Alexandria, VA
Great idea and excited to see so many others interested!

Vera, east TX
I cannot live w/o tortillas and refuse to make them (unless I find you have an easy recipe). . . I'm also vegan so this ought to be fun. I will loathe giving up my Garden of Eatin' Everything chips. . . . but I can this!

(Name Withheld), Byron Bay Australia
Love this. Thanks for the motivation. I'm an organic chef and tthis will inspire so many of my peeps.

(Name Withheld), southern mn

Tiffany Villarreal

(Name Withheld), Des Moines, IA

Ara McLeod, Central Florida

Anna, NYC

Heather VH, Minneapolis
Looking forward to cleaning out my kitchen and body :)

Shannon Welch, Reston, VA
Great idea! In fact, I have a fantastic butternut and sage risotto that I am making for dinner tonight! Butternut squash from my farm share and sage from my garden! Yummy! I will share the recipe and thoughts later.

Faun B, Phoenix, AZ
Looking forward to getting back to Clean Eating, and this will provide a great jump start!

Aletha Wilson

Christine, Broomfield Colorado
Love it!!! Great idea!! Thanks for sharing and getting me started!

Angie Biehl, Kalamazoo, MI

(Name Withheld), Virginia

Alexis at www.fromfarm2table.blogspot.com, Marin County, California
I'm so excited! Let's doooooooo this!

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), United States
On Day 8! And we cut out animal products too.

db franzen, iowa

Courtney, DFW
If nothing else, it'll offset the Haloween candy binge.

(Name Withheld), ohio

Larissa, Maryland
Just found this – Oct. 7 – but I love it! I've been on a quest to reduce processed foods, and this is just the push I need. Thanks!

Kristy S., Greenville, SC
Great idea! Looking forward to it!

Alicia, Los Angeles, CA

Olga Sorzano, downingtown, PA
Great way to celebrate October!!

Alicia, Virginia
Love this!

Shiva Steve Ordog, Raleigh, NC
Sounds great to me! I will blog about my progress at http//www.shivasteveordog.wordpress.com

Serena Pualei, Hawaii

Marie, Argentina

Julie Sisson, Cascadia
Except for my stupid diet soda, this will be pretty easy for my family. Two years ago it would have been a complete shock, but I've been working hard at eating "food that is processed by my body not a factory".

Leah, United States

Amanda Stender, San Mateo, CA

Nicole Jergovic, Portland OR

Tara, Louisville, KY


Betsy, Florida
This is a way of life for me, not just for a month, but have been doing this for over a year. I've increased by adding new recipes into my repertoire every week, like refried beans from scratch, homemade whole wheat tortillas, rosemary potato slices. This IS the way to live! Awesome inspiration!

susan, marina del rey
awesome! love this idea right before the holidays.

Melanie Abecassis, Honolulu, HI

Michelle Parker, Vancouver Wa
Love the idea! Our family has been trying to go green and un-processed for a while now. It's a big challange to break out of the box (literally sometimes) especially with a family of six. I have 4 young children that are definatly getting a education on what heathly food really is. I am going to take the challange! :) Good luck! Btw… All of you how are raising your food awareness shold watch Food Inc and Forks over Knives. Definatly Food for thought!

Pamela P O\'Hearn, Idaho
I hope I can do this, and get hubby on board! gonna be a tough one, hopefully it will trigger some lasting changes in our eating habits!

Shannon, Houston

Michelle Parent, St. Louis, MO
I like to think I'm already pretty good at this but I bet I'll find out otherwise!

Rose, Lexington, KY
I am all about this – count my family in!

Meg Reynard

Jeanette Ernst, United States

Yesenia Andraca, San Diego CA
Im actually currently doing a veggie cleanse so this helps staying concistent and committed to my plan.

Ally Ede

Elise, Hawaii
I'm in! Though I'll make an exception for food that is already in my house and will go bad if I don't eat it before the end of the month.

Marissa O., Pocatello, ID

Christine, Sacramento/Fargo
I have been eating unprocessed food alreay for a month, so another month will be a good way to continue. Bonus, weight loss and cheaper food budget. Most of my food comes from the bulk food section and the produce department now.

Deborah Peterson, United States
I will still take the pledge, but I had already given up processed foods many years before, right after my first child was born. I have always advocated "made from scratch" back then(even with a full time medical career &amp; raising 4 daughters) &amp; still do. Now my daughters are all grown &amp; I personally do raw foods &amp; vegan foods for my diet.

Nina, Loveland, CO

Erin, Beaverdale
What a great idea! This got me thinking hard enough to inspire a blog post about our experiences with processed foods: http://www.beaverdalehomestead.com/2011/10/month-without-processed-foods.html

(Name Withheld)

Sarah, Anchorage, AK
I'm in!

Jennifer Gresham, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Sharing this on FB. Going to give it a try!

Vanessa, Melbourne, Australia

Paula Bauman, Albuquerque, NM
Jumping on the wagon a little late, but am totally looking forward to the challenge and soulful results! Good luck all!

Keisha, Philadelphia

(Name Withheld), Sydney

Lynnie Phair, Maine
first timer, scared shitless, going for it anyway!

Diana Bogan, Florida

Laurel Kaufman, United States
woot! I'm in!

Paula, Virginia
We have been heading in this direction…plan to keep track this month and see how well we do!

Jenniffer White, NW Georgia

Georgi Paech, Adelaide, Australia

Amber W, Norman, OK
This will be a challenge being a college student, but I think this is a good chance to try.

Chris, Anna Maria
Awesome. Let's go!

Juanita Cano, Fallon,Nv

Nina Sparling, New York, NY


(Name Withheld)

Jaenell, Grand Rapids, MI
Awesome! I'm excited to see the new recipes I'll try and how my body feels after this "cleanse".

Nick Norton, Santa Monica, CA
Starting small, with just a few categories of food, and working my way up…but let's do this thing!

(Name Withheld), Oregon
I have been trying to do tis for the last year

Melissa Bushway, Petaluma, CA

I started this in October on my own. Ironically saw this post on my first day of "cheating," with a store frozen meal and will get back on track. Awesome Idea!!

Angela Abrusci, Orlando

Ashley Loneman, Pittsburgh

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld)
Perfect timing. Harvest season.

Anne, Richmond, VA

Hillary Pehling
I think this is such a great idea. Thank you for encouraging us &amp; all the great ideas you have give &amp; will give us.

Janet Allen, Florida
I try to eat unprocessed all the time. I feel much better when I do.

(Name Withheld)

Carol Mannarino, NH
I'm pretty sure I never use processed food, but now you've got me thinking!

Peter Richardson, Portland , ME
This is fun and remarkably easy.

Beth Richardson, Portland, Maine

oh, lacausa
Let's do this!

(Minus the food currently in the fridge that may go bad.)

(Name Withheld), Nashville

Kevin Songer, Jacksonville
Taking the pledge, starting tonight!

(Name Withheld), Australia

Hope, Ohio
I'm going to commit to a week (due to my schedule) starting 10/15.

Carla W, Illinois
Great idea!

amanda, north las vegas

Rita Ladany, United States
I fund if you don`t look at coupons which r all processed foods that helps.

(Name Withheld), United States


Gloria Green, Chicago
Great idea! Yea, for REAL food…….

Rachel Cantore, Burr Ridge, Illinois

Kelly anne

Sylvia Avey, Studio City, CA

Stacey B., Austin, TX
I am 30 days in to a juice fast and have another 30 to go, but could definatly use the recipes for when I am done in November :)

Andee Anderson-Dunn, United States
Looking forward to doing this – even if starting a week late!

Kara Errickson, Asheville, NC

Rochelle, Ahwatukee, AZ
I'm so glad that people are willing to increase their awareness of what they are putting in their bodies! Can't wait to take part in this!

Sierra Warren, Eugene, OR
So excited about being a part of this movement!

Marlies Ozias

Catherine Danford
I do this every day :)

Michelle Cherry, Perth
We eat like this everyday, so I'm more than happy to take on the challenge :-)

Amy Alba, San Diego
Excited to start this eye opening experience :]

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson, Swea City Iowa

June K, Greentown PA
Out with the Bad, In with the Good! Good Luck everyone!

Jane Shey, Annapolis

Kristen Billingsley, Midwest

(Name Withheld), Upstate, NY
I keep trying to go more and more local which makes this a great addition. I'm in!

monika, aberdeen
let's see if it works!


Marian SchultZ, Chicago

Steve Grant, Seattle
Brilliant idea!

terri davis, petaluma, ca
this is wonderful!

(Name Withheld), Pa

(Name Withheld), Steamboat Springs, CO

Nancy B, Staten Island, NY
This is a great idea!

Sandra Scarr, Hawaii
I am not sure that Ben &amp; Jerry's ice cream qualifies? Do I have to give up premium ice cream?

Kara Hudson, Atlanta, GA


John and Janet, Syracuse, NY
I don't expect this will be hard since we cook virtually all of our own food. It will be interesting to see if there are things we've overlooked, though.

Kristine, Alpharetta, Georgia
So excited to try this!

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), WI

lindsey, lafayette, la

megan, Melbourne AUS
annoyed to only discover october unprocessed on the 9th of october!! but can't wait to get my little family started

Jessica, Boston, MA
This challenge is exactly what I need! My current eating habits aren't the best, and that needs to change. I hope this challenge helps raise my energy level:-).

Sara stout, West palm beach Florida
Great movement!

(Name Withheld), Adelaide, Australia
I have been on a raw diet for the last 7 days, will be adding meat back into my diet tomorrow.

I love this idea, there is way too many additives in our foods these days. the more natural the better.

Christine C., NYC
I don't eat much processed food to begin with, but I know I can always do better. Thanks for the challenge.

Rootie, FL

Karen, Canberra

Laura @ Cubit\'s Organic Living, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tiffanie Wight, Toronto

Jeannie Van Popta, Canada

(Name Withheld), Cherry Hill, NJ


Mandii, Melbourne, Australia
Looking forward to the challenge

Michelle, Cincinnati
I'm going to miss my convenient protein shakes!

Tennille Marie, Grand Rapids, MI

Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama, http://hybridrastamama.blogspot.com

(Name Withheld), Toronto

Stacy Judy, Hawaii

(Name Withheld), Glasgow, KY
Actually, we're already doing it for the most part – but will commit to making my own pasta &amp; breads now too!

This is so great! I am thrilled to have stumbled onto your blog. While don't think this won't be a huge change, I am sure I will be surprised at how much junk I do eat. Thanks for the info!


Ashley Coleman, Baltimore, Maryland

Jennifer, Boise, ID
This is a great month for eating fresh, whole foods with the garden's wealth of produce still hanging in there!

(Name Withheld), Torrance CA
Just found your site and the timing on this couldn't be better as I have to wash dishes, clean the kitchen, then go to the market today.

Joanne Rigutto, Mulino, Oregon
I can do that. It's how I eat anyway.

I'm going to practice eating unprocessed foods for the next 3 weeks … October 10th through October 31st. I hope to find it an education journey!

(Name Withheld), Chicago/Wisconsin
This is what http://theback40.org is all about. Glad to join in.

Alethia, Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Kardiak, United States

Jules, Boston, MA
Great idea! Though I don't plant to worry about iodized salt or foods like milk that have vitamins added (I'm generally in favor of the basic core micronutrient fortified foods, which have played an important role in fighting quite a few nutritional deficiency diseases in the developed world.) However, over all, processed foods are bad, and it is key to remember that adding vitamins and antioxidants won't make a complicated processed food healthy.

(Name Withheld)

Tressa, WA

Caroline, Boston
Going to do what I can while surviving on my college meal plan.

Kris Slyman, Laramie WY

Baretta Schmeissner, Northeast Kansas
Eating unprocessed foods can be challenging at times, but so very rewarding.

Katherine Mills, United States

Wren, Denver, CO

Kyrina, Blue Ridge, VA
Love this…need to make another move towards completely unprocessed!

The Goat Cheese Lady, Colorado Springs, CO
A friend told me about this, so I started October 1! Just now am seeing the website and signing the pledge! Awesome!

Paula Fallon, Charlottesville
Easy Peasy

Jennifer, Birmingham, Alabama

Diane M., Brooklyn, NY
I'm a bit late to the unprocessed party but I'm really excited to take on the challenge for the rest of October!

Julie, Houston, TX

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld), New Hampshire
Getting started a little late but willing to try for a few weeks.

Patti H, United States

(Name Withheld), Little Rock, AR

(Name Withheld), WA State
Thank you for starting this!!

Emily Ellingson, San Francisco

Aimee, Des Moines

(Name Withheld)

Ryan Daly, Ann Arbor, MI

Leah Willis, Cleveland Heights,Oh

Potts Family, Saginaw, MI
We're here in Solidarity- all our months are unprocessed :)

Lynn Ravazzini, Santa Rosa, CA

Kylie Sauermann, Australia

Lesley, Cape Town
I'm definitely pro un-processed food. Check out my blog for recipes and information: http://thegoodstuffproject.wordpress.com/

Anita, Belgium
Let's do it!!!

Jennifer M., Wayland, NY
Our family meals are 100% whole foods now, so I'm up for the challenge to expand the initiative to snack foods!

(Name Withheld), United States

George Prine, Minneapolis
Farmer's here I come!

Elizabeth Verser, Richmond, VA
Going to do my best!

(Name Withheld), Normal, IL

(Name Withheld), Lutz, Florida
any menu's welcomed

Wynne Tegyn, Portland, OR
I try to do this all the time.

Bethany Johnson, Mount Gilead, OH
My husband and I are embarking on a completely raw diet, which includes no processed food, additives, or pesticides. We are doing this to improve our health and already feel better after one week. I intend to go the whole month of October!

Floyd Bunch, Utah
We are so excited to try this!

Teal Hutton, New York
Unprocessed since April!

Renee Goldsberry, Hobart, IN
I've been working my way toward unprocessing my family. This will be an excellent start way to really dig in.

Chris D., Indianapolis, IN

Ashley Bairos, Los Angeles, CA
Im going to definitely need some help but lets do it!

Courtney and Aaron B., Illinois
www.onetimes100.com we're in!!!

(Name Withheld), Sarasota, FL

Bree H, San Francisco

(Name Withheld), Canada
This won't be too hard since I already read labels and try to eat organic anyway (but this pledge will make it easier to not stray towards the candy section – especially with all the sweet treat displays for halloween right now :)

Christa, Minnesota

Mary Nelen, Easthampton MA
I already do this but want company!

Sandra Sofia, United States
Challenge accepted!

Chris muehl, Michigan
Slowly started 2 years ago..am 90 % whole foods and will NEVER turn back.

Lise Wandscher, swanton, OH
Great idea. Although we may think we are eating healty, this makes it easier to actually think about what we are eating. I grow my own organic vegetables and herbs and eat mostly from that, but I feel I can still always take it one step further and eat better still.

Tom Haley, Vermont

Staraya McKinstry, Indianapolis
I pretty much do this anyways, but I am always excited to see more and more people get on board. Plus, I love finding new recipes that people have tried!!!!!

Amanda Shauck, Clinton, WA
I am so excited about eating simply prepared whole foods. I've got my husband and two children on board. In the past week I have already had many new cooking experiences and I can't wait for what's next.

Becky kruger, Minnesota
Great challenge! One I hope to continue with.

Tabitha, PA
Ready…Set….Let's go!!!

Dominique Cortara, Forestville, CA
yay! I'm realizing that there is a whole generation and a half of people who do not know how to cook and would not even consider cooking for themselves. So… I've started thinking about home-ec. it sounds so '70s, but food movements have become so glam and expensive. what about when we automatically ate what we cooked and something processed or purchased from a restaurant was the exception?

(Name Withheld), québec

Jean Callaghan

Jane Alger, Aiken, SC

Linden, East TN
Whole plant foods eaten whole, daily exercise. Just had an IMT ultrasound. Plaque WAKE UP call!!!

Savannah, Atlanta, GA
I want to try to do this!! I know I'll feel better for it!

Breanne Byer-Darnley, FL
I wish I knew this at the beginning of the month! No worries, though as I plan to make this a permanent switch. I'm looking forward to this!

Danielle, Illinois
I hope to make this a life long commitment!

Sarah, Delhi, CA
There is plenty of support to do this. I'm starting a bit late…but I'll make up for it in Nov :)

Stefanie, New Mexico

Nervous — and a little late — but excited to try!

Karlie Blackmore, New mexico
I have been eating like this for years. A month is no problem :)

rach d, Portland, OR
I'm already a gluten and dairy free vegetarian and choose organics, so I'll watch my labels more carefully this month!

(Name Withheld), Brooklyn, NY
I was planning on doing this on a more permanent basis. Happy to join others for this month.

Allea Martin, Portland, OR

Mary M, Arlington, VA
Thanks for getting such a great community of people together for this worthy venture!

Lori, Ohio

Debra, Sacramento, CA
Our exceptions will include soy milk, and possibly tofu, as well as whole grain flour &amp; baking ingredients like baking powder. Not sure about coffee or tea, neither of which could we prepare by hand at home without imported &amp; technically "processed" beans &amp; leaves.


Julia Bock, Seattle
This will be easy for me! I've been off processed food for at least 6 months! Not going back!!

diane meyer, minnesota

(Name Withheld), Local Foodies Unite!

the Wohlers Family, United States

Julie, Pittsburgh

Luci, Eatonville, wa

(Name Withheld)

Alyssa Rooks, Meadville, PA

Kelly, Charlotte, NC

Edward Little Hawk, Skowhegan, ME.
This is the best way of life since my people were free to choose what and how to live, aho.

I like this idea:"non processed food"

Jessica Jansen, the Netherlands
let's see how this gets me thinking and tasting!!

Ronni Gee, UK
Being a vegetarian, I'm thinking this will be a step in the right direction.

Ann, Boulder CO
No more chocolate kisses??!

Christie Mandeville, Washington, DC
I am a little late to the game- i need to prepare and then will start the weekend of Oct. 15th and go for 1 month!

Lisa Mazzola
I'm vegan so it's a little easier to stay away from processed foods since meat and dairy products are the most processed foods you can eat. However, I know so many plant-based foods are chemically treated, as well, so it is a challange, but worthwhile.


ken Lucas, Gibraltar
Willing to give it a good try.

Michael Mersman, Santa Cruz, CA
I'm in. Great idea.

Kristen Smith
http://www.whiteglovesoptional.blogspot.com &lt;–will be blogging!

Alexandra W. Sipiora

Zoe sage
Easy, peasy. You want to *really* clean up your eating, try GAPS protocol! It will bring you back to

Iife. Many thanks to October Unprocessed for bringing folks to a great starting point!

Valerie Hildebrand, Manitoba,Canada
already doing it…thanks!

Robin Sherman, Fort Lauderdale
I'm starting a bit late but looking forward to learning how.

Elizabeth Patten
This is great, more people should come along and eat better.

Krissi, Wichita Falls, TX

(Name Withheld), Larkspur, Ca

Debbie, Monterey CA
How fun is this!!

Danae Inman, ND
Our family of 5 is on board!

Colleen Stalnaker, St. Louis, MO
I stongly believe that processed foods are the cause of many chronic medical conditions in the developed world. We need to break away from this cycle before it's too late.

Francisco Rubianes, Quito, Ecuador

Amy, Alabama
I'm living in a college dorm and so this will be extra tricky, but I'm all for it!

(Name Withheld), Canada
I just moved but will try for a few days..

(Name Withheld), USA
may be for 1 day

Diana Urlaub, Lombard, IL

Lindsay S, Houston

mac, Portland

Amelia, Portland, OR
We're taking the pledge at Fork in the Road Market!

Becky Payton, Kentucky
I've been working on a 75% raw diet plan for a couple weeks. I'll take the challenge.

Stella W, South Africa
Let's do it, JOIN and at least have a go at it – you might just surprise yourself!!

Judy Whitehouse, Phoenix, AZ
I've been doing it all the time, so 30 days is not a challenge. Join Community Supported Agriculture near you!

Adina, Redondo Beach
Great idea,Can't wait!

S Carroll, Bedfordshire,UK
no harm in trying 😉 xx

Obiora Embry, Lexington, KY
In 1999, I made a conscious choice to reduce the amount of heavily processed, refined, synthetic, and artificial foods that I consumed. This still continues today and is easier for me to do, since I started to garden again in 2005 and can consume large amounts of fresh and raw foods during my growing season.

Esmee Woolcomb, UK
Already eat mostly fresh unprocessed food but will now endeavour to not use any processed at all.

Denise, Canada

Rebekah langrill, Huntsville, AL
A little late to the party … But excited all the same!:-)

Angela Kimpel, Wisconsin

Candace, Baja CA. MX
This goes right along with the B&amp;B I'm opening next August in Todos Santos. It will ALL be natural organic…YAHOO

(Name Withheld)

Jenn Brundage, Boston, MA
This is a wonderful idea. College life never tasted so wholesome!

Anne Thiel, Portland, OR
Eating unprocessed foods leads to more energy and feeling great!

Sally Anne March, Hounslow, UK
I think we mostly do this anyway although I do buy "ready-made" as I am disabled and cannot do too much food prep – I will check labels and make sure any ready-mades do not contain processed stuff!

lindsay, helena, mt

Amy P., Waukesha, WI
I'll be doing this in November with my friend Allison we're both really excited and are preparing right now! :DD I've already been looking at labels and trying to eat my fruits and veggies.

(Name Withheld), Lincoln, NE
I want to create healthy habits for myself and my family.

Clarisse, Massachusetts
Great idea! I live this way all the time (for health reasons), and I have for 2.5 years. I'm a pretty average 29-year-old, except that I only ingest fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, fish, herbs, spices, olive oil, vinegar, and honey. So that means no grains, dairy, soy, sugar, chocolate, coffee–or corn or starch products, for that matter.

I have a large vegetable garden and, what I don't grow myself, I try to buy locally during the growing season. The latter has been a wonderful way to deepen my connection to my community and its local farms. I have also become a heck of a cook. AND, I no longer get colds or other illnesses.

Kudos to you for spreading the gospel of good eating.

Jaime, Boulder, CO
Go raw!

Zarah Levy, Denver, CO
I can't wait! A few days late, but I'm ready to go.

(Name Withheld), Portland, OR

Anna Beech, Hong Kong

(Name Withheld), Missouri

Although I will sign the pledge,this will not be a challenge as I always cook my own meals and usually from scratch with produce, preferably locally grown, organic rice or pasta and a salad. But I think that it is a good idea and healthy.

Bethany, Seattle
My crew of three boys + husband will not be thrilled, but I'm not pledging for them. :) I'm sure I'll cook better for everyone though! We are already dairy-free and mostly whole-grain and very little sugar, so there's a head start. Thanks for the motivation.

Lisa, Georgia

Isabel, London, UK

Jenny Gillespie, Kingsport, TN
I'm happily in! Have been eating this way for the past two months due to health issues — it has not been easy. Good to have company! Thank you!

parrish rhodes, asheville nc
Hope its easier for us 'oldies' who are used to cooking from scratch! Yum!

ana mustafa, Northglenn, CO

Cody Meinhardt, Denver, CO
Hoping to spread awareness that this isn't a month-long gimmick — it should be a lifetime pledge.

Here's to healthy eating!

Ellie Landau, Boulder

Michelle Hovy

Krista Norton, Omaha, NE
I'm a little late to the game and completely unprepared, so I'm pledging 1 week and I'll see where it takes me.

(Name Withheld), Westminster, CO

Andi Houston, Gainesville, FL
Joining late but excited! greenbasket.wordpress.com

David Livingstone, Hudson Valley, NY
I've been managing Crohn's Disease, asthma and allergies partially by eliminating or consuming a minimal amount of processed foods. Been at it for a few years now. It makes a huge difference. Not only with the above but overall health.

Taji, Los Angeles

Rachel White, Newton, MA
This is a great project. It will be challenging with kids, who despite my best efforts seem to need regular doses of processed food…

(Name Withheld)

andrea, new jersey
this is a change in the way i eat that i have been starting to do on my own and I was very excited to find your site.

jessica leggett, summerdale, al
This is exciting!!!!!!

Beth Wright, Loretto, MN
OK, I know its already mid-month. No time like the Now to start a project.

Bryan Jordan, Akron, OH

Margaret Prophet, Ontario, Canada

Cayla, Toronto
I had a very similar bet with my kids in Sept. I ended up breaking it…since then I went back to my old ways and feel crappy. This is the proverbial kick in the butt I need. I'm taking this thing one meal at a time…


Susan Cobb, Belfast, ME
I'm traveling a bit in October, and visiting my parents, dedicated processed food eaters, but I will see what creative approaches I can take on the way!

Nicole Taylor, Denver, CO
Thanks for starting this challenge!

Carrie Farrar, Portland, OR
I'm doing this to coincide with my EcoChallenge with the Northwest Earth Institute. Thank you for the inspiration, recipes and information to help me meet my challenge of going UNPROCESSED. I find it very hard so far, and I think I need a complete kitchen make-over to do away with naughty temptations!

All the best,

Carrie Farrar

Portland, OR

Katie Michels, Missoula, mt

Caroline, Planet Earth
Does coffee count? I'm not sure I could go without that. But I'll try if I must.

Jennifer V., Houston, TX
I'm in! Been doing this for a week now and feeling great!

(Name Withheld), United States

emiglia, Paris

Kathy K, Memphis, TN

Kellie H., Southwest Florida
I'm going to try for a week to start off :)

Phaedra Ford, Gainesville

Emily K., Nashville, TN
I'm halfway through a month of Unprocessed weekdays! Great idea.

Cat Gray, manhattan beach

Sue, Minnesota

Katy, Maryland
I just returned from a 6-day hiking/canoe trip. Though we ate plenty of processed foods, having to live out in the woods for a week made me very aware of how food and the way I feel are so closely related. I made a mental pledge to try to "go unprocessed" when I returned home, and I found this site. I am looking forward to the challenge!

Ethan G., Western MA
I know I'm starting a couple weeks late, but I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea. Our country has become too processed and unhealthy. I don't want that.

(Name Withheld)

(Name Withheld)

Cate W., San Francisco

Karen B., Wilmington, DE

(Name Withheld), Joshua Tree CA

Megan K, Tucson, Arizona
I'm un-processing for 10 days. Ready…go!

Diane Savahge, redondo beach

diana cohn
Andrew–it was great to meet you in san francisco and happy to join this community!

Jennifer P., Camas, WA
I'm ready to try this!

Jeanne S., Seattle
Just found this site on the 17th of Oct. Looking forward to de-puffing!

Brandi Bhamani, Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Chris Bodnar, Cincinnati, OH
Does brewing yeast count as processed? I can't make it but I can't go a month without homebrew!

jen veak, des moines, iowa
I'm recommitting the rest of the month!!! woo hoo!!!

Becca S
joining late in the month, but better late than never!

Cindy Rowland, Connecticut

Colette, Upstate NY

Bruce Stopher, San Antonio, TX

Sara H., Denver, CO
I have this pledge every month, so why not October.

liannallama, Huntington Beach, CA
I will be following along from the 11th to the 31st!

Kalia Takabayashi, United States
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Thomas Austin, Las Vegas, NV

i think it would be a good idea to stop eating processed foods for a while

Andrea Lattanzi, Connecticut

Becky K, United States

Daisy, california

Jen V., Portland, OR
We do a pretty good job of this already — or so I think. Ready to take it to the next level!

Sari Signorelli, United States


Peggy Grimes, Arizona
Too late in October for that be the month, so doing November.

Nicole, BC Canada
Love this idea and realize it could change my whole outlook on what I eat and my family eats.

Julie Lynn, Arizona
I eat unprocessed 99% of the time. So excited to join a community of folks who are determined to take control of their food options.

Annie, Robbinsdale, MN
When I made ketchup last week I know I was totally unprocessed. So I'm making it official by signing the pledge.

(Name Withheld), NYC

Janet, Framingham, MA
I always try to eat unprocessed food!

NancyLee, Maine
Here is the bonus: its actually A LOT less expensive!

Carrie Oliver, Toronto
Love this challenge. It's relatively easy for me at home as we like to cook with fresh ingredients but on the road, it's hard. I made it 10 days without eating anything I couldn't have and probably have made at home.

brittney mccormack
Wish I would have found this sooner. Awesome concept.

Karen Le Billon, Vancouver
karenlebillon.com Love this idea…and think your notion of 'eating rules' is great too. Let's focus on kids for the next #unprocessed event!

Brittney, Salt Lake City
this is gonna be hard

(Name Withheld), Folsom

Elizabeth O\'Halloran, United Kingdom

(Name Withheld), NY


Megan Blumenshine, Chicago

Dulce, Mission, Tx

(Name Withheld), Scottsdale,AZ

April Lencioni, Clovis, CA
I was hesitant to sign the pledge because I knew I couldn't commit fully (not this year atleast) but the truth is, I've read your blog daily, tried a number of recipes, picked up some of the books your posters have suggested, switched a number of items out in my pantry and we have plans to join a CSA for our produce. So, I'm signing the pledge- thanks andrew!

Catherine Moede, Des Moines
Wish I would have known about this earlier in the month but this is a pledge I would love to take for an extended period of time – more than a month

Amber S., Ventura, CA, USA/Sydney, NSW, AU
Going on 5 months (since June '11). My only complaint is that I wish restaurants would take on this challenge.

Eilee, Nebraska
Sorry I saw this soooo late but we try to do this every day so I'm in!

Pam, Pennsylvania
Just found this today and want to show my support! We've been eating unprocessed foods for 101 days now. It's a lot of hard work, but the payoff has been great!

Kelsey, Vancouver Island, Canada

(Name Withheld)

Regina, Alaska
Ever since I read Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions and subscribed to drmercola.com (almost a year now)I have not bought processed food for my family. It's time consuming but it's worth every minute I put into it.

lynn, NH
I am a personal trainer and a firm believer in food being our medicine! I love the unprocessed food challenge and live it 80% – 90% of the time!

Amy, Boulder, CO
I'm bummed I didn't hear about this until the last few days of October, so I'm going to have an unprocessed November :)

Diane Rocha, San Diego, California
With only two more days left in October, and my just now finding out about this, how about an unprocessed November? I'd like to give it a try and see just how unprocessed I can go.

Heather, Texas
Instead of doing a month of unprocessed, I am going to commit to slowly integrating this into my lifestyle and eating habits. This is really such an inspiring challenge! Thank you for all of the great recipes and information!

Leah LoChiano, United States
I wish I had found this 31 days ago . . . I love this! Will you keep it going into November?

Andrea D., New Orleans, LA
Ok, so I just discovered your site on the last day of the October Unprocessed challenge, but I've been trying to incorporate healthier eating habits for my family for several months. This is just the kind of thing I needed to spur me on. We're doing November: Unprocessed. Thanks!!

Vicki, NSW Australia
I know it s the 1st November but think this is great and will be trying to adopt this as a new way of eating for the family.

Samar Shraim, Philadelphia, PA
I found out about this in late October, so now I'm going to do it in November! Thank you all for the inspiration!!!

Chillindamos, San Diego, CA

Michele Mullins, Jacksonville, Fl
I know it's November but I started going unprocessed back in September. Not only unprocessed but I started buying eggs and milk and veggies directly from local farmers. I'm very happy with the results and would recommend this to everyone, just takes a little effort and extra time but I started thinking of the time I spend on things that don't really matter and just moved that time over to the food gathering and making time.

AMY ARGUELLES, United States
i have been doing this for about a yr so im in

Casie, Fort Worth, TX
"No Processed November" since I missed the October pledge!

Suzanne, Oxford Fl
Just started a 30 day challenge at work…thanks for such a great resource!

Rachel Sameni, MN
I know october's over but I love this idea–and wanna try it for at LEAST a month!

I'm doing No processed November mostly :)

Laura Harmondale, Nashville, TN
I am all about it! This is THE only way to save our health and our environment! Everyone should do it!

Lina, UK
I believe that being raw is the ultimate lifestyle and I pledge to be 100% raw, even if it's not October anymore 😀

(Name Withheld), South Carolina
I am starting Jan. 2, 2012 at eat totally non-processed foods. I need help!


276 Responses to October Unprocessed 2011

  1. Annie February 21, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    I’m giving up processed food for Lent!

  2. Krysalea Burns March 3, 2012 at 11:03 am #

    I’m in!

  3. Kamer April 11, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    This is the coolest challenge. Simply because it is too hard in this “supermarkets rule” century.

    I could not eliminated processed foods from my diet completely. But since 2009 I only eat processed foods only couple of times a month. What has been changed? I was on drugs because of an autoimmune disorder between 2005-2009. 9 months after I changed my diet (to no-no to processed foods, plus eating raw and one type of food at once), I became drug free.

  4. Polly April 23, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    I love this idea – as a veggie i tend to eat relatively healthy, but i am tempted by those yummy chocolate bars, cakes, sweets etc a bit too often.
    I have also wondered what actually goes into these foods – surely all those ingredients with 50 character names cant be good for me..!??

    So (although its monday today) I’m going to try it for this week – i’m a student on a budget…but fingers crossed this will work! I just dont know what im gonna do without chocolate, chew on naw coco? hmmm…..

    • Andrew April 24, 2012 at 9:23 am #

      Hi Polly — So glad you’re giving this a try! (and we’ll be doing the challenge as a group again this October, so I hope you’ll stick around and join in then, too!). As for Chocolate, there are some options out there… Most — but not all — commercial chocolate has soy lecithin, which doesn’t pass the Kitchen Test. But there are ones out there that don’t have it. And then, depending on where you draw the line for “sugar,” you’ll just need to find a bar that has an acceptable sweetener. Check out http://www.gnosischocolate.com/…. Yum!

    • Andrew April 24, 2012 at 9:23 am #

      Hi Polly — So glad you’re giving this a try! (and we’ll be doing the challenge as a group again this October, so I hope you’ll stick around and join in then, too!). As for Chocolate, there are some options out there… Most — but not all — commercial chocolate has soy lecithin, which doesn’t pass the Kitchen Test. But there are ones out there that don’t have it. And then, depending on where you draw the line for “sugar,” you’ll just need to find a bar that has an acceptable sweetener. Check out http://www.gnosischocolate.com/ …. Yum!

  5. Mitch July 2, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

    My main exception last October was marathon training “fuel” for long runs. These mostly consisted of GUs, gels, beans, and gatorade. Since the race was in November, I didn’t want to try anything new on my runs that close to the race. So this year (with the expectation that there will be an October Unprocessed 2012), I am starting to explore alternatives earlier. I’ve heard a bunch about chia seeds for endurance. Anyone know anything about it, and how to consume them during long exercise blocks (I know about eating them before on oatmeal, in beverages, etc.)?

  6. Mary Birman July 6, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    I love this idea and can’t wait for October 2012. I’m glad I found your blog!



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